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Rescooped by Laura Brown from The audience left 20 years ago
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Old Manor House

Old Manor House | Exploration: Urban, Rural and Industrial | Scoop.it

A flock of birds flies across the sky in this painting, while the wallpaper around it peels away. The decay from damp and neglect is obvious, yet considering the fact that the house has been empty for the past 25 years, much of it still looks in pretty good condition.


Via Larkworthy Antfarm
Larkworthy Antfarm's curator insight, May 25, 2013 1:10 PM

This photograph in the abandoned house on the site where John Milton once lived drew my eye with its dynamic energy.  Time is literally flying here.  One can feel the wind from the feathers brushing one's cheeks.

Exploration: Urban, Rural and Industrial
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Curated by Laura Brown