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On November 24th an extra special Fullmooners is taking place. As the full moon rises through the midnight sky, a very special ‘Moontacular’ will begin in a Victorian theatre within Alexandra Palace – the first time the theatre has been used in over 65 years.


The theatre was opened in 1875 with a capacity of around 2,000 but has been closed since 1936 and has since fallen semi-derelict, having been used to store BBC scenery, props and equipment. However, a campaign has begun to restore the theatre to its former glory. The theatre was known for its grand Victorian pantomimes which used its extraordinary stage machinery to create dramatic visual effects. The survival of this system of trapdoors and flys, operated by wheels and counterweights is now almost certainly unique in a public theatre in Europe. One of the main aims is to restore the stage to working order, for heritage and educational purposes but also as an opportunity to reproduce some spectacular Victorian productions.