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The Foodies’ Guide to Italy 2014, launched by Gambero Rosso 4 years ago, has been just released. Rather than a mere list of gourmet and starred restaurants the guide is a baedeker that shows readers where to find the best bakeries, cheese specialists, wine merchants, chocolate stores, gourmet deli, farmers markets, and a lot more.
The guide discover the many faces of Italian food together with its best kept secrets. The guide appeals to Italian foodies, a large population of foods and drinks aficionados that has impressively grown in the last few years (they are estimated at 4 million). Foodies have a deep interest in food not only for consumption, but also for study, preparation, and news. They find the Internet and word-of-mouth far more reliable sources of information than TV and traditional gourmet guides, therefore far more influential in their choice of a restaurant. This is what distinguishes a foodie from a gourmet.
The guide reviews also the region Marche which has been also introduced by public figures journalists, actors, a film directors, or entrepreneurs, etc. who also lets slip his/her favourite places. Inside the 1.200 addresses listed in all Italy, the most voted receive stars. The Region Marche is presents in the guide with 3 starred activities: one Pizzeria-Restaurant, a restaurant in the countryside, and a pastry shop.


La Tavola del Carmine (Restaurant) Ancona http://www.latavoladelcarmine.com/ Mamma Rosa (Pizzeria-Restaurant) Ortezzano (FM) http://www.pizzeriamammarosa.it/ 180°; (pastry shop) Fermo http://www.180gradi.it/ ;


Via Mariano Pallottini