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Sometimes it's to ask what it takes to that Google ranks us on the first page... :-) Here is an article that will give us more information on this subject. [note Martin Gysler]


Your blog is a good read. Everyone says so.


Although “everyone” is really just people you already know. Like your Mum.


So why isn’t your blog being found by other people? The millions and millions of people hungrily consuming blog content out there in the global online space we call the Internet?


The cold, hard truth is that Google hates your blog. And it’s nothing personal. You just don’t have anything that Google wants.


Creating high-quality, relevant content is a must if you want your blog to be noticed by search engines but it’s only part of the picture. If you’re not sure if Google really hates your blog, or whether it’s just ambivalent, then step through these warning signs.


1. You don’t know which keywords your readers are using


The very heart of search engine optimization is understanding what people are searching for online and aligning your own content to those searches. 


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Via Martin Gysler