Logic+Emotion: How To Think And Communicate Visually | omnia mea mecum fero | Scoop.it

"As someone who thinks visually, I want to share five tips that I believe will work for anyone who is looking to communicate and influence through a medium that transcends the written word:"


If we want to bring visual imagery into our stories as we share them, or share our stories using visual images only, then this article is for you.


Basically, the article is all about how to think visually.  And we can all do it. Thinking visually is the first step to being able to share our stories in visual formats.


It is easy to say, "Create a visual story!" Harder to do, though.


So here's your article with 5 steps on how to get better at visual thinking so you can move your text or audio stories into visual pieces.  

Via Karen Dietz, JoelleYalin