9 Ways to Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio on Twitter - Brian Solis | omnia mea mecum fero | Scoop.it

Yes it's a fact... we live in an overloaded information stream! Brian Solis gives us an interesting point of view about this matter. [note mg]


Even at 250 million Tweets per day in addition to the updates across Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and every other feed that we willfully subscribe to, information overload is in of itself a fallacy. But the feeling the overload of information is very real and a reflection of our inability to pull the levers necessary to decrease noise and improve signal. Doing so, requires some very blatant actions that don’t simply reduce the volume of the information we don’t care to see as often, it requires disconnecting from human beings. Whether we’re severing ties with individuals or those representing an organization we once supported, it’s emotional. It’s an action that carries an element of guilt knowing that at some point, our action will cause an incremental blow to the psyche of the individual we’re unfollowing.


I know…so what right?


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