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Six Ways to Become Re-Inspired

From www.melanieduncan.com

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Nothing seems to really inspire you and you just feel kind of "blah" about everything?

"If you answered “YES!” You are not alone. Many of us suffer from burn-out. Because of the incessant stream of stimulation and information it is easy to find yourself exhausted and zapped. But have no fear, I’ve put together a list of simple things that you can do right away that will have you back in action in no time."

craig daniels:

Unplugging can be a wonderful way to find inspiration for any project you are working on, even inspiration for a digital project, irony included for free.

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What, No Instruction Manual?

From picoiyerjourneys.com

"Has it really come to this? In barely one generation we’ve moved from exulting in the time-saving devices that have so expanded our lives to trying to get away from them. Often in order to make more time. The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. Like teenagers, we appear to have gone from knowing nothing about the world to knowing too much all but overnight.

craig daniels:

Before reading this article I'd never heard of Black-Hole-Resorts. Oh sure I knew there were getaway places that had no TV or Internet, I even knew of few of them didn't allow cell phones on the grounds. But for the life of me I didn't know a term had been coined describing these quiet oasis's.

A well written and enjoyable piece that ends with an upbeat conclusion that the children of too much technology will adapt to it much better than we have, they will see nothing abnormal about shutting it off.

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Organic Communication: How To Keep 'iDisorders' From Overflowing

From www.forbes.com

Career skills require a more organic form of communication than many people today are wired for.

"Increases in narcissism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression are increasingly correlated with frequent use of technology.  Yet the person who can succeed in our soft and uncertain economy is still the one who can focus on one task, follow through on a commitment, and excel in face-to-face communication."

craig daniels:

A great first step to integrate down time from always-on technology interaction is to shut everything off 60 minutes before bedtime. Just give yourself that little bit of space to meditate, read or talk with someone face to face about your day.

Nothing radical of painful will happen to you if you take this step but, I'm pretty sure some positive results will start showing up rather quickly.

Rob Asghar has penned this engaging piece for Forbes, I encourage you to read the whole of the article.

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Japanese Garden Tranquility

From www.squidoo.com

Since ancient times Japanese culture has valued tranquility and balance. From their architecture and spiritual practices to their world renown gardens the culture expresses rehabilitation of spirit after hard work and play.

"The Japanese Garden combines landscaping design that springs forth from nature and spiritual order resulting in a layered landscape which can produce a profound sense of ease and peace"

craig daniels:

A great summer project for just you or for a whole family might be visiting some nearby Japanese Gardens and building a small one yourself. Even if you have no room outside you can build a small one in a frame as small as 2x2, it's called a tabletop garden.

Projects such as this are a great way to unplug and get more balance into your life. And think of the serenity you'll gain from visiting a few Japanese Gardens.

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10 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes to Boost Happiness

From psychcentral.com

Self-care doesn’t require hours of free time. In fact, just 10 minutes or less can help to boost your well-being. Below, experts share their tips for lifting

"7. Call a friend.

Most of us feel much better after talking our hearts out with a friend. Talking to someone who’s kind and caring actually activates the calming parasympathetic nervous system, Mininni said."

craig daniels:

Not enough time to be happy? There are moments and sometimes even days when stress and responsibility seem to take up every waking moment. When do we find time to relax and be happy?

Well this nice little article is chock full of ideas to do in 10 minutes that will improve your happiness levels.

Check it out and if you have your own 10 minute tips leave a comment.

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How To Live In The Now

From www.prosperbusinesstraining.com

"When most people are asked, “Are you living in the now?” they usually answer by saying I try to. Most people try to, but their past keeps bringing them back to a place that they really don’t want to go."

craig daniels:

Living in the here and now is what many of us aspire to, yet most of us fall off the turnip truck with every bump in the road. It's not that we are doing the wrong things so much as distractions and shinny objects conspire for our attention :)

What's the key to this conundrum? The here and now is all we have, there is no past or future to live in, so the key is to remind ourselves of that fact frequently, but do it gently after all guilting ourselves won't help.

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How to Avoid Burnout: Marissa Mayer

From www.businessweek.com

It's a matter of finding your rhythm and keeping resentment at bay, says the Yahoo CEO"

craig daniels:

The new CEO of Yahoo shares her ideas on what burnout is and how to avoid it. And at the bottom of the short post is a link to a very quick video also from Marissa Mayer on burnout.

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Can We Use Technology to Become More Mindful?

From www.huffingtonpost.com

Observing the way your mind and body reacts to different types of interaction with technology can help in pinpointing where your anxiety is coming from -- and, through mindful awareness, to challenge your automatic reactions.
craig daniels:

Oh no the world is going to fall apart because there is too much technology, I must unplug, I must unplug...

The above sound a bit like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. Its easy to blame or wish for something external to ourselves yet it is our mind that create the stress and confusion surround technology.

Maybe seeking a balance is the answer and in the post from Carolyn Gregoire she talks about using technology to help us become mindful.

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Tips for Preventing Working Mom Burnout

From www.mamiverse.com

Working moms really have two full-time jobs. Trying to please everyone may lead to working mom burnout. Here are some tips to prevent it.

"Remember your priorities: When I start letting work or things outside my control take over my emotions, I take a step back. What are the things that really matter? I have my health. I have my family. I have my faith."

craig daniels:

Everyone is has those burnout moments and taking some of these clue in this article just might help smooth out the jagged edges.

Paying attention to our priorities and being proud of our accomplishments can both go a long ways toward giving us balance.

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Take Me Outside Day - A Growing Movement

From www.takemeoutside.ca

"Last year, Colin Harris, founder and executive director of Take Me Outside ran over 7600 kilometres, the equivalent of 181 marathons from St. John’s, NL to Victoria, BC.  Along the way, he went into 80 schools and chatted with almost 20,000 students about the importance of finding better balance with the amount of time they spend outside compared to the time they are spending in front of screens."

craig daniels:

Have you noticed the growing movement of unplugging? It's not just a couple of people or small groups complaining about all the time people spend plugged into technology, no it's dozens of people creating events that are attended by thousands and thousands of people across the globe.

Are the people who are touting unplugging Luddites? It's a fair question and one that is easily answered, the people involved in the unplugging movement are looking to help create deeper and more balanced lifestyle alternatives  not people who want to run away from technology.

The Take Me Outside Day event is a great example.

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Get Into Nature Within A City - Earth Day April 22nd 2013

From www.huffingtonpost.com

If Earth Day finds you deep within the concrete jungle, don't despair: you can still pay tribute to nature and commune with the trees in lush city parks and green spaces tucked into some of the world's most dense and developed cities.
craig daniels:

Many cities have wonderful parks and open spaces where you can celebrate this years Earth Day. Grab a map or go online to find the perfect place to spend the day unplugging and enjoying Earth Day.

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Achieve Unlimited Happiness by Making Changes: Interview W/ Gabrielle Bernstein:

From www.forbes.com

Gabrielle Bernstein I recently spoke to the wondering Gabrielle Bernstein, who is the New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

"Like any effective practice, true transformation occurs with daily repetition. Begin with a 40-day commitment and start experiencing positive results immediately."

craig daniels:

In this interview Gabrielle Bernstein points to 3 important things you need to do for success. 1. Love what you do. 2. Be authentic. 3. Don't be afraid to ask for more. These are all really good touchstones to remind ourselves just what path we are on.

It's easy to let the  distractions created by media and technology move us from our path and take the air out of our dreams. I'm reminded how easy it is to get caught up in the virtual world to the detriment of relationships and interactions with people in the physical world.

I'd add one more item to her list, 4. Unplug frequently and look around at your life. Practicing mindfulness will help you to soar on whatever path you have chosen.

Check out iUnplug.com for more about unplugging.

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Turn Your Screen Off - Screen Free Week is Coming

From www.youtube.com

To support the message of Screen Free Week, Random House Children's Books has created a video featuring four illustrators to support parents and teachers in ...
craig daniels:

Encouraging all of us to see and use our wonderful imaginations is the main goal behind Screen Free Week. The event takes place March 29 - April 5, 2013.

In this promo video a number of Random House children's book authors interact with kids form Brooklyn and shares the excitement about the event with all of us...

Turn Your Screen Off... And check out iUnplug for more of what's happening in the world of unplugging as expressed in social media.

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Screen-Free Week - April 29 to May 5, 2013

From www.publishersweekly.com

A new initiative will tour four picture-book authors in support of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood's annual event.

"In the spirit of Screen-Free Week, the touring authors will tap into the themes of their books to encourage kids to unplug, read, and engage in creative play."

craig daniels:

Engaging in creative play along with reading and writing is the goal of Screen-Free Week. It's just around the corner and joining in may be the solution you've been looking for.

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21 Tips to Balance Social Media Addiction, Tweets, Life and Real Work

From www.pammarketingnut.com

How do you manage time as a social media addict business leader? Focus on goals, objectives and inspiring and connecting with your audience and community

"17. Don’t forget the in real life (IRL) friends, family and community. Don’t forget about the people in your life who you see, touch, walk by, meet or live life with you every day. They need your dedicated time, attention and focus too. You need them too even if that crazy blue bird is whistling your name!"

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It's Bike Power Week, April 15-19... Are You Riding?

From www.huffingtonpost.com

The goal of Bike Power week is that people will get creative on how to do without gasoline for five days and in so doing, find ways to make lasting, cleaner choices in their lives.


2. Ride a bike to work and for your chores. Plan now to make this happen all week long.

3. If you can't ride a bike or walk, choose mass transit or carpool, instead of driving, or telecommute one day to work."

craig daniels:

Seems the more we get involved the deeper the satisfaction in the activity becomes. Biking is one activity that just keeps getting better and better the more you do it. Once you get hooked on biking it becomes hard to remember a time when you didn't bike.

Jump on in, the biking is fine.

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Unplug Your Social Media Machine and Go Acoustic from Time to Time

From soshable.com

"There are some tremendous advantages when popular singers leave the big stage and run some shows in a cozy atmosphere without the assistance of amplifiers. First and foremost, the sound is more pure. Regardless of how amazing the sound is at a large concert, it really doesn’t compare to listening to artists playing an acoustic guitar and a singing into a microphone connected to a couple of small speakers."

craig daniels:

Sometimes it's not even about totally unplugging, sometimes its about just throttling back a bit. Instead of relying on automation to manage your social media presence try interacting one on one. It may seem radical but the payoff can be deeply satisfying.

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Unplugging From Clutter Can Unlock Your Potential.

From www.mindbodygreen.com

Clutter affects your whole life. You cannot be successful in the way you have dreamed of if you're stuck in the quicksand of clutter.


Frankly, it keeps you lodged in the past and makes it difficult to move towards a fulfilling future.

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes. Your clutter may be stacked in corners, piled on tables, stuffed in drawers, squished in filing cabinets, packed in attics, and hidden behind closed doors. Unfortunately, wherever it materializes, you feel depleted just thinking about it."

craig daniels:

Are you plugged into clutter? I know I talk mostly about unplugging from technology as a way of expanding your life into new and exciting frontiers but, clutter can rob you of just as much time as technology.

Things take up space in your mind not to mention on your desk or under your bed. Even if your clutter is miles away in a storage facility it has its hand touching your mind taking up space.

When it comes to causing anxiety and roiling stress in our minds clutter is the twin of out of control technology use.

The key to having your cake and eating it to is Balance in everything you think, do and say. Not complicated right?

Jamie Barrett has posted a well thought out and easily accessible post on clutter, check it out.

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Randi Zuckerberg: How I Unplug for My Family

From mashable.com

Randi Zuckerberg talks about raising a child in an increasingly digital world.

"Kids model their behavior after their parents. It’s easy to tell our children to turn off their phones by 7 p.m., but if we really want them to listen, we need to heed the same advice. How many times have you answered work emails at the dinner table? We are raising our children to think it’s perfectly acceptable to have our smartphones at arm’s (and eye’s) reach at all times. "

craig daniels:

Even the families of social networking giants know the importance of unplugging.

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Get Your Kids Inspired To Unplug For One Full Week

From www.huffingtonpost.com

"I spent my entire childhood unplugged," children's book author Dan Yaccarino says in this video from Random House Children's Books.

"The event is sponsored by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, an organization dedicated to exploring kids relationship with technology and helping parents make sure that it isn't the biggest part of their childhood."

craig daniels:

Getting your children to go a whole week unplugged is not nearly as scary as it may sound. You can trust that there are plenty of things to do to keep their fertile minds occupied.

So check out the rest of this story and jump on board and also check out iUnplug.com for to stay up on the unplugging news and events.

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Avoiding Social Media Burnout - 5 Tips

From socialmediatoday.com

Don’t try to be everywhere. A common cause of social media burnout is the tendency to try to be on every social media channel, rather than focusing on the channels that will give a business the biggest bang for their buck.

"Unplug when you can. Just like anything else, when you take the time to step away and disconnect, you feel more refreshed when it’s time to come back."

craig daniels:

Social media is a bit like watching the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland scurry from one place to the next and never really spend enough time in any one place to get to know it.

I'm pretty sure we were not born to emulate a mythical rabbit, we have not evolved to become slaves to the unending demands of social media.

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The Call of Our Time?

From www.iunplug.com

Three stories interwoven into one where people struggle to connect using modern technology:

  • “An up and coming reporter hopes her interview with an underage chat room worker will be her big break”…

  • “A teenager faces the consequences of cyber bullying”…

  • “A couple who recently lost their child struggle after their identities are stolen online”…
craig daniels:

On April 12th a new movie hits local screens that deals with a huge issue of our times. The movie is called Disconnect and it takes a serious look how connecting has and will change our lives and why we need to think about those changes before they become permanent.

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Disconnect: A New Movie Sounds the Alarm About Our Hyper-Connected Lives

From www.huffingtonpost.com

In the 1840s, Benjamin Disraeli, still a long way from being prime minister, wanted to wake people up to the plight of the British working class.

"The film, written by Andrew Stern and directed by Henry-Alex Rubin, is called Disconnect, and when it opens on April 12 I urge everybody to go see it. I found Disconnect incredibly compelling -- a perfect use of storytelling to vividly dramatize an issue that permeates our lives to such an extent that it's hard to even see. As well as Frank Grillo and Marc Jacobs, the cast includes Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgård, and Michael Nyqvist."

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9 Routine Tasks You Should Eliminate From Your Workday

From www.entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneurs always seems to have more to do than time to do it. Something's got to give. Here's how to get rid of what's weighing your...

"3. Stop answering repetitive questions. If you find yourself answering the same question from clients or employees frequently, you're wasting time, says Peggy Duncan, a personal productivity trainer in Atlanta. Instead, put together an FAQ on your website or create instructional videos that people can access via links at the bottom of your emails. "Figure out better ways to answer [questions] without your having to be involved," she says."

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For people who over-work & over-commit 30+ mantras

From www.alexandrafranzen.com

    FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out.   It's a serious cultural crisis -- and it's reflected in the way we eat (with cellphones blinking), sleep (with our laptops, nestled into the covers ...

"❤ I am leaving the world in better condition than I found it.

❤ I am mastering the art of supreme focus.

❤ I am exploring the science of play."

craig daniels:

Sometimes a little self-talk can be just what's needed to get us centered and present. If you are a bit adverse to talking out-loud to yourself a few of these phrases will get you started and may become your touch stones.

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