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Reboot Your Life in 21 Days

From www.huffingtonpost.com

Rebooting your life is a gift to yourself. It reconnects you with your spirit, the wisdom and joy that lives in you and the truths that ground your choices.
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Summer Self-Improvement: 25 Inspirational Ideas

From www.drchristinahibbert.com

Summer is here. Again. And that means warmer weather, time at the pool or beach, visiting family and friends, and, for many, changing schedules, travel plans, and time off.

Summer Goals
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Find Happiness with 5 Sure Fire Ways

From www.dumblittleman.com

"1) Do you want to get out of bed each morning?

The easiest way to tell if you're happy is whether or not you're excited to start your day.

When you wake up, do you hit the snooze button? Do you hit it repeatedly?"

Eliana Salber's curator insight, June 9, 2013 11:55 AM

Checa si algo te choca y te frena en tu estado de felicidad. Si fuera así, hay oportunidad de realizar un cambio. 

Android Apps that Help You Relax

From android-resources.net

As people are having trouble to unplug their lives from the rest of the world, it is time to make it work for your favor. More and more people have been relying(...)
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Can You Unplug?

From www.yodlee.com

"Some entrepreneurs struggle with leaving work behind when they are now capable of checking in on the go constantly. Many small business owners have put their heart and soul into their business and it is difficult for them to delegate control to others in order to get away. Even for those who are not small business owners, unplugging from the constant feed of information and socializing we receive from the internet and the social media sites is not easy."

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5 Quick Ways to Achieve Mindfulness

From www.care2.com

Any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and redirect us to a less stressed and more connected place.
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Science fiction writer Joe Haldeman discusses unplugging to create

From copperrobot.com

"Joe Haldeman is no Luddite. As a science fiction writer, speculating about advanced technology is his business. In real life, he’s a dedicated Mac user, carries an iPhone in his pocket, and he’s looking forward to getting an iPad in a few weeks."

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Notes from a Small Island

From stanfordmom.wordpress.com

We call it the “Zeigler Family Manifesto” and it’s written on a wrinkled piece of lobster-juice stained paper thumbtacked to the bulletin board in our office. And it has been, by far, the most effe...
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Seven Things (Not) to Do in Seattle This Summer

From seattlemag.com

1. Avoid artisanal ice cream.
It’s a challenge to keep the taste buds of the creative class from getting bored. Seattle ice cream makers offer up all kinds of exotic flavors for foodies: lavender, beet, bacon, squid ink. I’m sure the kids are just begging for a double scoop of purple yam ripple!.

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Why Is Facebook So Hard to Quit?

From brainworldmagazine.com

"Consider this: Less than a decade ago, there was no Facebook. Twitter hadn’t yet been conceived. Researchers and psychologists were still learning that the Internet—and more so, computer games—could indeed be addictive."

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Blog | Studio 26 NYC

From studio26nyc.com

"Digital detox can come in the form of group action. Many have caught onto the detox trend, even entire communities. The town of Ely, Minnesota participated in a town-wide digital detox, as it announced a mandatory ban on social media on April 1, 2013. Ross Petersen, Mayor of Ely, stated that the ban was meant to raise awareness about how much time people spend online and the importance of human contact."

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Holidays Unplugged: Disconnect and Relax [Infographic]

From www.business2community.com

"When you compare this to the way things were fifteen years ago you realise that a huge paradigm shift in human lifestyles has occurred. The gadgets that we use have adapted quickly and successfully alongside the technology, but a question that arises is: have our minds and bodies been able to adapt so readily?"

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Books for the Dog Days

From thetyee.ca

Perfect summer reads for the adventurer, planter, politico, panner, stealthy beach fire lover, and more.
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At Historic New York Hotel, In-Room TV Is Optional

From www.thestreet.com

Guests at this grand hotel could rent a TV for $25 per night, but hardly anyone avails of the offer.
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Breaking Free From The Bondage Of The Routine

From www.icurvy.com

When you look at your life and take stock of what has become part of an everyday routine, what do you think you simply cannot live without? And can you really not live beyond what is really there a...
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INSPIRATION: Ban Infobesity

From inpowercoaching.com

We have to trust that the information that needs to get to us will find us. The only way to do this is to turn off the buzzes and boops that fray our focus.
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Kids unplug and immerse in tradition at native camp

From www.theglobeandmail.com

Breaking electronic tethers gives youth full benefit of program that inspires them to rebuild Heiltsuk First Nation
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Leaders Must Unplug and Recharge

From www.wendyappel.com

Leaders lead best when they allow themselves the freedom to unplug and recharge.

"The temptations are great with WiFi available in hotels. But as leaders of organizations, as colleagues, as spouses, parents, partners, we owe it to one another to unplug and recharge. It’s a bit of an energy oxymoron, no?"

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Facebook: Waste of Time? | Social Media Today

From socialmediatoday.com

One thing has become painfully clear: Facebook is not worth the time and effort.

"Facebook has designed a system in which the best way to “win” is to appeal to the Edgerank lowest common denominator.  Unlike other networks where you can do whatever you like and succeed based on your brand, the merit of your content, or your storytelling, Facebook has built a system in which the only way to get visibility is to acquire the social signals they deem important, or pay for it."

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8 essential tips for a tech-free vacation

From www.dailydot.com

Whether it's a two-week excursion or a weekend getaway to the mountains, you deserve a break.

"Start small. Instead of going cold turkey, ease yourself off of your dependency. Do you typically bring your iPhone to the supermarket and block the entire frozen food aisle so you can check Facebook?"

craig daniels:

Before you go on a tech-free vacation you might want to practice unplugging a bit first.

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Unplug & Detox This Summer

From www.huffingtonpost.com

The digital detox vacation, trending big in 2013, refers to the admirable act by which travelers surrender their mobile phones, laptops and tablets upon check-in, in an attempt to experience the vacations they're paying for in a more present way.
craig daniels:

Get away from it all this summer...

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Three Ways to Stimulate and Encourage Creativity

From exploreb2b.com

George Washington Carver said, “Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.”  With change all ...

"Whether you are working with employees, children, or your own aspirations and goals, there are similarities in ways to fuel someone’s imagination."

craig daniels:

My favorite path to get the creative juices going is to add some fun to a project.

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See How Easily You Can 'Disconnect Digitally'

From everychancetolearn.com.au

"The constant pings of emails, messages and phone calls is draining on us mentally and physically. Whilst research is yet to confirm how being constantly ‘switched on’ impacts on children, experts are confident that children’s plastic brains are possibly more susceptible to this constant ‘buzz’ of technology. Like any experience we encounter in life (whether it be with or without technology) our brains’ architecture is changing."

craig daniels:

Disconnecting is really much easier than you might think...

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Are you Unbalanced?

From stevekeating.me

"The advice he gave me was to go home and take a nap each day until the day of the presentation. I remember thinking “that’s it, a nap” – that’s the best you got? That’s bizarre!"

craig daniels:

Balance is indeed the key to life. Too much work can indeed make Jackie's life dull but also too much play can as well. Approaching both work and play with intention and attention will help us succeed at both.

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5 Tips on How to Think Zen in Social Media

From www.projecteve.com

"Patience is a virtue, an old saying says, it’s true because a patient mind is a gift. Not everyone can be patient in the middle of a horrible traffic jam or in the middle of long lines at the cashier when you are already running late."

craig daniels:

Social Media and Zen may seem more like oil and water but with a deep breath it's possible to bring a measure of calm to the social media world.

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