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It’s Time to Unplug from the Matrix Before Our Brains are Totally Rewired

From www.wakingtimes.com

The Internet has expanded our awareness of global issues, and allowed millions of like-minded people to communicate. This is undoubtedly a positive consequence of technology. This same technology can also be profoundly disconnecting.
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MIT Professor: Why 'Ghosting' Is Bad For Society (VIDEO)

From www.huffingtonpost.com

MIT Professor Sherry Turkle tackles ghosting, the phenomenon familiar to texters, and how its effects can be more lasting than we think.
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Connected, but alone?

From www.ted.com

As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Sherry Turkle studies how our devices and online personas are redefining human connection and communication -- and asks us to think deeply about the new kinds of connection we want to have.
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How Willing Are Americans to Unplug?

From www.hotelnewsresource.com

Article - How Willing Are Americans to Unplug? - More Than 7 in 10 Americans Think Technology has Become Too Distracting and is Creating a Lazy Society
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A 15-Second Breath Exercise To Center Yourself

From www.rodalesorganiclife.com

There is a big difference between the person who gets great results and the person who gets average results. And it begins with the conversations in the space between their ears—with how they believe in themselves. When you start to believe in the gifts you have within you, you are already halfway to becoming great.
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Take The Leap: 5 Reasons To Quit Your Boring Life

From storyv.com

'Jobs are no longer secure' and 4 other reasons to quit your boring life and live the adventure!
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Facebook Is Keeping You From Being Happy, Study Suggests

From www.huffingtonpost.com

"We don't like this....Not that this isn't something we haven't already heard before. Many times. But, hey, let's reinforce it, shall we?"

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Cord Cutting 101 - A Beginners Guide to Cord Cutting

From cordcuttersnews.com

Cord Cutting can sound scary at first with a ton of options and decisions to be made, but you will find it is surprisingly easy and you may already have everything you need. We want to be here to help you cancel cable TV and legally stream your content online so you pay less and …
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From 21homesteadave.wordpress.com

Sometimes it's good to shut off our phones and tablets, and take a breather from the screen. Here are a few good quotes to help you do just that...
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This Is What Happens When You Disconnect For 24 Hours

From www.lifehack.org

See how a full digital disconnect one day each week dramatically changed my life for the better. Change your life today by unplugging for a little while!
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It’s time for us to ditch the devices and enjoy a digital detox

From www.standard.co.uk

“Thanks for your email. I’m currently on a digital detox, and won’t be checking my inbox this week.” I kid you not, this was the automatic reply I received from a Tech City entrepreneur recently — just one of dozens of similar messages I’ve had from people working at London’s top technology companies over the past few months.
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How Can We Live Better? The Film ‘A Small Good Thing’ Tries To Find Out

From artery.wbur.org

"A Small Good Thing" (screening at the MFA Oct. 28 to Nov. 6) explores the metrics of happiness and fulfillment by following the lives of several people living in the Berkshires.
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How Our Tech Addiction--And Constant Distraction--Is A Solvable Design Problem

From www.fastcoexist.com

Stop blaming yourself for your inability to unplug. Today's apps and devices are designed to seduce you. What if that could change?
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Smartphones Have Created a New Kind of Loneliness

From www.newrepublic.com

It's the difference between welcome solitude and scrolling through your phone.
craig daniels:

What is solitude?

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Everything in Moderation, Especially Facebook

From www.utne.com

Ensuring that a technology designed to bring us closer together doesn't make us strangers to each other.
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Digital Detox, Camp Grounded & Reboot present UNPLUG SF

From digitaldetox.org

An Off-The-Gid Party to Celebrate Reboot's National Day of Unplugging. Check your phone at the door and together we’ll redefine what it means to truly be connected. It’s like summer camp for adults, in the city, for one epic night of pure unadulterated fun. Everyone is invited (21+) 7:00pm-12:30am @ Broadway Studios Friday, March 6th 2014 Join Digital Detox, Camp Grounded and Reboot for our largest Device-Free Drinks celebration to date. Leave your phone at home or check it at the door for a nig
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Join The National Day Of Unplugging – March 4-5, 2016

From nationaldayofunplugging.com

We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our iPhones and BlackBerry’s, chronicling our every move through Facebook and Twitter and shielding ourselves from the outside world with the bubble of “silence” that our earphones create.

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8 Easy Ways to Feed Your Soul

From www.yogiapproved.com

Feeding your soul by spending time outdoors, listening to music, unplugging, indulging, expressing yourself, getting nostalgic, reading, & seeking thrills.
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