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Grey Hairs and Gratitude

From www.thankthenow.com

I recently started this crazy ass kicking workout called P90x. It’s intense and I love it. In fact, the other day after my shower, I was admiring the positive changes of my body. A little tighter here, a little lift there.
Susan Taylor:

Pleased with her appearance after some weeks with P90x, Nicky Roberts recently looked into the mirror, spotting two gray hairs.  Feeling a bit unhappy at the sight, she used this as an opportunity to inquire within and received a surprising answer.  Embrace them with gratitude


Gratitude towards aging?  This raised curiousity for Nicky about whether she could have appreciation about the fact that she is getting older. 


Putting aside fears about being unattractive, sagging body parts and being judged by other women, Ms. Roberts has come to realize that she has always admired the inner beauty of older women who seem to be completely comfortable with their aging process. 


Gray hairs plucked and faced with some uncertainty, Nicky admits that there are still moments of fear.  Yet she has also become mindful that there is a benefit to aging and in feeling more peaceful about it, aging comes more gracefully.



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Finally Getting Its Share of Attention, Mindfulness

From www.nytimes.com

A term for mental training reaches the height of trendiness, and like yoga before it, may be leaving its mark.

"Nike, General Mills, Target and Aetna encourage employees to sit and do nothing, and with classes that show them how"

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.” Thich Nhat Hanh.

craig daniels:

Promising substance but  slow to catch on mindfulness is finally gaining the attention so many think it deserves.

Writing in the NYT, David Hochman lays out a compeling overview of how the practice of mindfulness is becoming the norm in many of today's most powerful small and large businesses alike.

Unplugging and paying attention is hot and thousands of business execs already have taken classes in mindfulness.

Manuela's curator insight, October 28, 2014 2:56 PM

The idea of "coming into presence" - being present in the physical environment instead of in our "web" selves
Various companies are incorporating mindfulness training to their culture
Be conscious of what has to be done and what one is actually doing
The article gives a good overview of the idea of mindfulness, its importance and the way it is being implemented to improve productivity and well-being among employees in various companies. The author cites various experts in different fields supporting the authority of the article.