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Take a deep breath, slow down to navigate into a richer more fulfilling life.
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Scooped by Susan Taylor

Survive a Crisis - High Vibration Intact

Survive a Crisis - High Vibration Intact | Unplug | Scoop.it
I give you tips to attract what you want into your life. I remind you that joy is at your fingertips. And I give you all the proof from experiences in my own life—because some of it is surreal, and some of it really does feel like magic.
Susan Taylor's insight:

Tradegy happens.


Everyone deals with crisis in their own way.  In this blog, Michelle Dobbins shares her views about how to survive a crisis with your high vibration intact:


  1. Be with it; do not pretend it didn't happen
  2. Start to shift it; make a conscious decision to feel some joy
  3. Accept the gifts and move on
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Scooped by J Ruth Kelly

Spirituality - In & Out of Hell (It's not just for suckers!)

Spirituality - In & Out of Hell (It's not just for suckers!) | Unplug | Scoop.it
“The spiritual path is a consolation prize for people whose lives have gone to hell.
J Ruth Kelly's insight:

You can embrace a spiritual path (or what some might simply refer to as personal growth) when everything's gone to hell and tell yourself it's chosen out of desperation. Or. You can recognize the value in a process of growth and development, value that creates more value and makes for a more balanced life in the long run. (I personally like the "sound" of a 10-day silent meditation retreats!) Whatever your inclination, this article reminds you what's to love about spirituality.

Mani M's comment, July 29, 2014 8:49 AM
ya aya