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Sprucing & Juicing: A Digital Hiatus

From www.daniellelaporte.com

You extend the life re-chargeable batteries if you let the battery drain completely before you re-charge it....When to Take A Hiatus and How to Make A Hiatus Extra Useful and Holy...Hiate. (I made that word up.) Hiate when you're pumped to jump.
Susan Taylor:

Danielle Laporte is taking a digital hiatus.  For a few weeks there will be no online publishing, Tweets, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.  And she thinks you should take one too.


Not the kind of digital hiatus where you simply recover, but one of sprucing and jucing -- where you "make space in which to prepare for the New".


When to take a hiatus and make it extra useful?


  1. Take a hiatus before you burn out; not because of it
  2. Take a hiatus when you want to enter a new creative phase
  3. Take a hiatus when it's time to create new habits
  4. Prepare for your hiatus; set a start and end date
  5. Have the courage to step back from what has substantially been feeding you


So go ahead and "hiate" -- Pause, Cleanse & Create!

Alive Juices's curator insight, August 24, 2014 11:58 AM

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A Lesson from Nature: Silence is Golden

From www.yourzenlife.com

Susan Taylor:

City living does not truly allow you to escape the sounds that fill your your day.  Many of us have accepted a life overwhelmed with work, stress, electronic devices and social media.  Because of this, both adults and children have become disconnected from Nature.


It seems we have become so entwined with technology that "we fail to reap the benefits of simply playing in a neighbor’s yard, or at the local park, let alone the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors".


Mother Nature brings us many gifts, including the gift of silence.  And silence can be healing -- an opportunity to take in the quiet and listen to the world as it was meant to be while at the same time, releasing all the nagging troubles of the world.


As one way to unplug, go out into Nature and bask in quietude.  Reconnect your body, mind and soul and feel whole and alive once again.


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Defry Your Burnt Brain: There are Better Solutions than Energy Drinks

From www.fastcompany.com

Because there are better solutions than 5-Hour Energy drinks.
Susan Taylor:

Human beings need rest -- expecially after a hectic morning of getting kids to school, driving to work, multiple meetings, spreadsheets and screens.  By 3 PM we are exhausted.  And the more tired we are, the worse decisions we make.


Fast Company shares with ways to defry our burnt brain; because there are better solutions than energy drinks


  • Get some calm.  Meditate or do some yoga in the afternoon.  Even 20 minutes boots your brain function. 
  • Get some rest.  If you're feeling tired in the afternoon, take a nap.  As the great Zen saying goes: "Eat when hungry, sleep when tired".
  • Get some movement.  Walk, jog, run, exercise.
  • Get some perspective.  We need to be mindful of what we're doing and why we're doing it!


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Ditch the Facebook and Go To Nepal

From gorgeousnepal.tumblr.com

"I’m done with daily hustle, I’m tired of social media", this is something many of us feel. Those who were born before or 90’s know the best of life, not having these nicer means. Phone calls by...
Susan Taylor:

Are you fed up with the daily hustle?  Are you tired of social media?  If you've forgotten -- or never experienced -- life without smartphones and Facebook, then ditch the Facebook and go to Nepal.


Have luxurious candle light dinners -- every night!  Enjoy long chats with your family; play with your kids; get to know yourself.  Meditate.  Breathe.  Bask in the fresh mountain air.  Experience life without electricity.  Take all the time you need -- to just "be".


If you're constantly opening apps or "you go to your browser for other reasons and type in the Facebook or Twitter URL; then it is definitely time for you to come to Nepal."



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Work-Life Balance: Fact, Fiction or Fairytale?

From www.registercitizen.com

The work-life balance: Myth or not, it's worth searching for
Torrington Register Citizen
“There's power in discussing it,” said Teresa A.
Susan Taylor:

Work-life balance.  Fact, fiction or just a fairytale?


The idea that "we can find an equilibrium between our home and work lives" is the topic of too many blogs, articles and books these days -- some even referring to this balancing act as a "myth that leads to unrealistic expectations and stress." 


While the jury's still out on what to call it, the truth is this: Most of us still need a game plan for tackling Life's busy demands -- "especially as we grow ever-more connected to our smartphones and electronic devices."


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Embrace the 3 R's

From www.projecteve.com

Tips to find some work life balance and avoid burnout. (How to Avoid Burnout | Project Eve http://t.co/NzkhPMDTgo)
Susan Taylor:

Rest...Refreshment...Rhythm...the 3 R's that help to ensure that Life's high demands don't burn you out. 



If you work constantly and never take a reprieve, you will not only be exhausted; lack of rest can lead to lack of motivation or even depression.  Your mind, body and spirit need to have some down time.



Distraction does not equal refreshment.  "In today’s world of technological toys, it is very easy to escape the worries of the day" by checking email, texting or switching on the television.  These activities are so passive that we may think of them as a way to relax, but they aren't; these sorts of distractions do not refresh you.



Constantly reacting to things is unproductive and draining.  Some days it seems that all you do is put out one fire after another.  Often times, this is unavoidable.  But constantly putting out fires (i.e. reacting) indicates a symptom of poor planning.  Try to carve out time each day for certain activities, setting a rhythm for the week. Note: Your schedule should include planned time off.


Our busy world often demands over-activity.  But we don't need to buy into that.  Be your own advocate, and find a balance that works for you.

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