Searching For Downtime | Unplug |
We're addicted to distraction, and it's holding us back. To find genius in the 21st century, we must build a discipline of unplugging and deep thinking.

It is now possible to always feel loved and cared for, thanks to the efficiency of our “comment walls” on Facebook and seamless connection with everyone we've ever known. Your confidence and self-esteem can quickly be reassured by checking your number of “followers” on Twitter or the number of “likes” garnered by your photographs and blog posts. The traction you are getting in your projects, or with your business, can now be measured and reported in real time.
Our insatiable need to tune into information – at the expense of savoring our downtime – is a form of “work” (something I call “insecurity work”) that we do to reassure ourselves.
So what’s the solution? How do we reclaim our sacred spaces?

1. Rituals for unplugging.
2. Daily doses of deep thinking.
3. Meditation and naps to clear the mind.
4. Self-awareness and psychological investment.
5. Protect the state of no-intent.