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Digital Detox Holidays -- The Latest Trend?

From www.dailymail.co.uk

Digital detox holidays are the latest trend for technology addicts, and hotels are even offering discounts as incentives.
Susan Taylor:

We saw it in Huffington Post this year -- Arianna committing to a digitally detoxed holiday.  We read about it in the New York Times and the Wall Stree Journal.  We see blogs and articles on occasion, suggesting there is a necessity to take vacations off the grid.  Are digital detox holidays the latest trend?


According to Rachel Quigley, yes.  So "if you are one of those people who feel naked without your smartphone, it's time to listen up."


All around the world, hotels are beginning to see an increased number of people seeking a repreive from busy, technology-filled lives.  So much so that incentives and discounts are being offered.  Travellers need to commit to leave all digital devices at home or check them in at the front desk for the duration of their stay.  Upon doing so, vacationers "are rewarded with extra amenities, freebies or discounts of up to 20 percent". 


So as you consider your next vacation, will you choose an unplugged holiday?

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"BE" Home for the Holidays

From www.mindful.org

It's the most wonderful—and stressful—time of the year. Read on to learn how mindfulness can help over the holidays.
Susan Taylor:

There's no place like home for the holidays.  And if you truly want to "be" home for the holidays, instead of feeling overwhelmed -- try a new approach -- one that involves less "doing" and more "being". 


Mindfulness can help!


  • Place your attention on gratitude instead of instant gratification.
  • Deal with gift giving and consumption in a more mindful way.
  • Take advantage of less sunlight, contemplating what can only be seen in the dark.
  • Instead of going on autopilot, use the "season for connecting" to do just that -- without technology.
  • Slow down; focus on what is important to you; and spend time sharing with others
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Unplug The Christmas Machine

From www.oaoa.com

CENTERS' PIECE: Unplug the Christmas machine Odessa American As I was thinking about and researching what to include in an article about beating holiday stress, I ran across the title of a book and want to thank the authors Jo Robinson and Jean...
Susan Taylor:

The holidays are fast approaching.  Do you feel caught in a tornado of holiday activity?  Do you dream of a simpler more satisfying way to celebrate the season?  in this blog, Marcia Norton tells us how to unplug the Christmas machine.


  • Ask yourself how you really want to spend your holiday time.
  • Hold realistic expections about others.
  • If relatives drive you crazy, be curious; not furious.
  • Establish a budget for holiday spending and stick to it.
  • Stop engaging in "toxic traditions".
  • Give yourself permission to allow emotions of loss or grief.
  • Remember to unplug; get closer to the people you care about.



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Enjoy Your Holidays More with Mindfulness

From www.irishexaminer.com

IT sounds New Age, but mindfulness is for everyone. And it couldn’t be simpler. (What are your #tips to make this #holiday season more #mindful?
Susan Taylor:

It is true that the holiday season can be stressful for many of us.  But any moment can be more enjoyable when you're mindful -- including this festive time of year.


Being fully absorbed in any activity through present sensory experience (mindfulness) is easier than you think.  Abi Jackson shares with us a few ideas to make our holidays more enjoyable:


Ice Skating

Embrace your inner child and go ice skating.  Notice how you feel as your feet glide across the ice (or even as you fall).  "You might come home with a few bruises", but you'll also come back "glowing with endorphins" and feel more balanced.



Winter is a beautiful season to enjoy a Christmas morning walk with the family.  Enjoy the fresh cold air against your face as you listen to your boots cruch in the fresh fallen snow.  Besides raising your heart rate and increasing blood flow, walking can help to burn those few extra holiday calories as well as reduce stress.



Rewarding (and stress-relieving), baking allows you to retreat to the "peaceful haven of the kitchen" and bake with love.  Smell and taste all of the wonderful aromas and flavors of your very own creations.  Engaging all of your senses into the baking process makes it all that more appealing.



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Thinking About Unplugging? Watch One More Video First...

From vimeo.com

The John Lewis Christmas campaign has become a symbol of the start of the British Christmas season, and Hornet and Blinkink are proud to present The Bear & The Hare,…
craig daniels:

It's an old song you hear all the time, " just one more" of something before you go. It could be a game, a drink, or a slice of pizza, who knows.

Here is a great little feel good video that will send you off on your unplugging with a proper tip of the hat... Enjoy and please share on your networks before you unplug... :)

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Counting Your Blessings Enhances Wellbeing

From www.edutopia.org

Now that it’s November, most minds in the United States are turning to Thanksgiving, even if malls across America are trying to skip it straight for Christmas.
Susan Taylor:

Christmas is coming!  I walked into a store on September 30 and was reminded of that all too early.


Dan Callanan shares with us a research study that suggests this:  Simply counting your blessings each and every day can "be an effective intervention for well-being enhancement."  He links this to the importance of what educators can do with their students to teach them about expressing gratitude.


Good advice for everyone -- and not just during the holidays.

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