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Capitalism Encourages Unplugging Using Advertisements

From www.youtube.com

Nothing can spark passion, build character, and bring people together like sports can. There's nothing like the gift of sport. Sports Authority All Things Sp...
craig daniels:

They are seeing their turf threatened so now Capitalism Encourages Unplugging in order to stay relevant.

The Sports Authority sends a message that people need to unplug and get outside where teams, friends and fun can be found taking part in sports. Companies know if they don't get out in front of it now they will lose sales.

In the near future we will see more and more of these commercials as technology keeps more and more of us sitting in our seats and not spending time outdoors or running the courts at a gym.

I can see challenges being born and lines drawn between companies that want you outside and companies that want you inside.

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Off The Grid: One Family’s Costa Rica Adventures

From letsgetdealstoday.com

"We are a family of adventurers – with teen and pre-teen boys, relaxation is defined as that time in between adventures, solely there to recover and move on to the next activity."

craig daniels:

Off The Grid and into an unspoiled adventure brings this family closer together.

Think about how hard it can be to spend quality time with family or friends? It's not as impossible as it may seem, one trick is to lower distractions and get off the grid.

Ask your family or friends how much time you can set aside and then decide on a destination. Maybe you only have one day or maybe you have ten days, the important part is getting off the grid and into a new adventure with your family or best friends.

Here's another post you might enjoy Unplugging Lifestyle: A Growing Movement

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Thinking About Unplugging? Watch One More Video First...

From vimeo.com

The John Lewis Christmas campaign has become a symbol of the start of the British Christmas season, and Hornet and Blinkink are proud to present The Bear & The Hare,…
craig daniels:

It's an old song you hear all the time, " just one more" of something before you go. It could be a game, a drink, or a slice of pizza, who knows.

Here is a great little feel good video that will send you off on your unplugging with a proper tip of the hat... Enjoy and please share on your networks before you unplug... :)

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Tips On Stepping Away From the Phone!

From www.nytimes.com

Smartphone addicts are starting to curb the habit.
craig daniels:

Many find not being tethered to their phone fills them with anxiety and dread. It's an understandable reaction when you think about it, after all who doesn't want to be connected to friends, family and work.

At some point though we need options to help us moderate being connected 24/7. In this NYT article Caroline Tell shares with us some great tips from a number of different people.

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Revisiting I Forgot My Phone

From www.youtube.com

Written by Charlene deGuzman & Miles Crawford Directed by Miles Crawford Starring Charlene deGuzman With (in order of appearance) Jacob Womack Nick Luciano A...
craig daniels:

All of us seemingly have a huge amount of moments in our life, it's easy to give in to distractions and let many of the important moments pass by.

The moments with friends and loved ones rarely if ever can be repeated. Laughing at stories, crying with tragedy or wrapped up in a poignant confession may never repeat, will never repeat...

Are distractions stripping the paint from your canvas?

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22 Signs You’re Dating Your Laptop

From thoughtcatalog.com

2. Even if you’re not looking at inappropriate content, when a nosey person comes up behind you and stares at your screen, you get defensive. It feels a lot like if someone walked in the bathroom a...
craig daniels:

Generally if you want to know if you are dating someone you only have to answer yes to a couple of simple questions.

Finding out if you are dating your laptop is slightly more difficult and so Christopher Hudspeth has created a fun list with 22 benchmarks for you to check out.

If you see yourself in more than a couple of these 22 signs it might be time to unplug and meditate for a while. But don't be distressed your laptop will be waiting for your return.

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10 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes to Boost Happiness

From psychcentral.com

Self-care doesn’t require hours of free time. In fact, just 10 minutes or less can help to boost your well-being. Below, experts share their tips for lifting

"7. Call a friend.

Most of us feel much better after talking our hearts out with a friend. Talking to someone who’s kind and caring actually activates the calming parasympathetic nervous system, Mininni said."

craig daniels:

Not enough time to be happy? There are moments and sometimes even days when stress and responsibility seem to take up every waking moment. When do we find time to relax and be happy?

Well this nice little article is chock full of ideas to do in 10 minutes that will improve your happiness levels.

Check it out and if you have your own 10 minute tips leave a comment.

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