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Take a deep breath, slow down to navigate into a richer more fulfilling life.
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Scooped by Susan Taylor

The Fundamental Truths that Precede Happiness

The Fundamental Truths that Precede Happiness | Unplug | Scoop.it
Practical Tips for Productive Living
Susan Taylor's insight:

Certain fundamental truths must be discovered before you can find true happiness.


  1. It's impossible for anyone else to define YOU.  You are the only one in this world who gets to say who you are.
  2. You were born with everything you need.  There is nothing you are missing.
  3. Perfection is a man-made illusion; we are beautifully imperfect beings.
  4. You are NOT your thoughts.  Your mind doesn’t define you, nor does it control you.
  5. Your beliefs can be modified to lift you up.  Whatever you believe to be true about yourself and life in the long-term becomes your reality.
  6. The past and future do not exist.  Now is the moment.
  7. Your calling in your life is to fully express who you already are.  Your uniqueness, in every respect, is your gift.
  8. Challenges are gifts for your growth.  Without challenges you cannot unlock your full potential.
  9. Forgiveness is choosing happiness over hurt.  We forgive others to free ourselves and walk into compassion and love by doing so.
  10. Surrender is the essence of a happy life.  Letting go is not giving up.
Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's curator insight, January 8, 2014 7:33 PM

It is all about mindfulness and learning who I am. In my being, there is something that cannot be duplicated by anyone.

Scooped by J Ruth Kelly

Resilience Revealed... Working With Adversity & Acceptance

Resilience Revealed... Working With Adversity & Acceptance | Unplug | Scoop.it
Resilient people develop a mental capacity that allows them to adapt with ease during adversity. Like bamboo they bend but rarely break. How resilient...
J Ruth Kelly's insight:

What distinguishes the resilient from the not-so-resilient? According to some research, a paradoxical intertwining of somewhat opposing world views makes for a more resilient individual. You can take a realistic and yet optimistic, empowered approach to life and find yourself springing back more quickly from life's tougher challenges.

A few points...

1. destiny perspective

2. battle perspective

3. adversity impact

all make up the story of resilient living. You'll appreciate this article whether you feel you're resilient or not. For one thing, it points out an encouraging pathway for developing resilience.

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