Manual Scavengers: AKA Shit Removers | | Unlocking the Social Determinants of Health |

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to get in and get dirty to spark conversation about how conditions such as where people live, learn, work and play lead to fundamental inequities in how healthy some people are in comparison to others. I have decided to bypass digging in and dive straight into excreta. I’m talking about poop. Because, holy crap, there’s a lot of shit to talk about.


This week, as I was perusing content for my post, I stumbled upon “Lesser Humans,” a documentary by Stalin K about “manual scavenging.” Have you heard of this? It’s the term used in India for the manual handling and removal of human excreta (i.e. shit) and it was completely shocking and unknown to me. The video is almost ten years old, and is still powerful, as the practice is still happening today.