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Here's another article about content curation but is't definitely worthy of your time. It was written by Jonathan Crowe for Business2community.


In this two-part series, the author's  gives  an explanation of what content curation entails and how it can be a valuable tool in your content marketing strategy.




The author covers a couple of misconceptions about curation and explains why curating third party content can help you become a trusted source and build your brand.


Here's what caught my attention:


**Another way to think about content curation is comparing it to networking. 


**Members of an audience engage in a larger conversation by connecting them with the latest ideas and innovative leaders in their field


** it can also connect them — through comment fields, etc. — with each other.


My commentary:


**Some people ignore the comment section but this is a place where you can  monitor what your audience is thinking and feeling, while engaging in conversation with them


**Curation can generate internal value for your company, as well.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering, "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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