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Strategy outlined for chronic disease prevention

'Strategy outlined for chronic disease prevention' and other items



Strategy outlined for chronic disease prevention


To improve the nation’s health, preventing chronic diseases needs to be prioritized, says a report issued Jan. 29 by Trust for America’s Health.

To achieve that goal, the organization calls for advancements in the public health system, including increased funding, and the partnership of public health officials with physicians, health care payers and educators



The recommendations come on the heels of a Jan. 9 report that showed Americans on average die younger and experience higher rates of disease and injury than populations of 16 other high-income countries. That report was published by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine.

Key initiatives suggested by the Trust for America report include:


- Eliminating co-pays for preventive services that received an A or B grade from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

- Integrating community-based strategies into new health care models, such as by expanding accountable care organizations into accountable care communities. (ACCs work across sectors, such as housing and education, and work with physicians and public health officials to improve health.)

- Providing effective, evidence-based wellness programs at all workplaces.


These recommendations were made in response to data showing that more than half of Americans have one or more serious chronic diseases, a majority of which could have been prevented.

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Lawrence task force targets underage drinking this semester

Lawrence task force targets underage drinking this semester | United Way | Scoop.it

The Lawrence Police Department is just one entity trying to prevent underage drinking. Lawrence police, along with the KU Public Safety Office, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control are all part of the Fake ID 101 task force, which will target any area where alcohol may be consumed this semester.


Captain Mark Witt, a KU Public Safety Office coordinator for the task force, said students may be eligible for a diversion on their first alcohol violation in Kansas, but second offenses will stay on their record.


“It can follow you into your career,” Witt said. “We want students leaving with degrees, not criminal records.”

Caitlin Chadrawy's curator insight, May 6, 9:52 PM

Lots of college students like to think alcohol is easily accessible and at their fingertips around Lawrence. But for students hosting parties or those who aren’t yet part of the 21 club, there are numerous law enforcement agencies and a task force directed at keeping alcohol out of underage hands. The Lawrence Police Department wanted to send that message early, and conducted alcohol enforcement in the Oread neighborhood and areas close to downtown. The task force started in 2010 with grant funding, and began patrolling house parties last spring when it issued two citations for social hosting. Last school year, the task force administered 168 minor-in-possession charges and 126 fake identification charges.