Don’t be scared of social: dealing with a nervous management. | United Way |

By Euan Semple.


Many companies are nervous about the use of social tools in the workplace.


"It is important that managers see themselves as nodes in the network, as fellow users of the system, working it out together. The system starts to learn, the network learns, the whole ecology becomes smarter. You need to be a part of this to benefit. It is no good standing on the sidelines making comments about people wasting time. If you think they need to be more work focussed or serious in their conversations then go in and start a really interesting, work focussed, conversation. Walk the talk. Learn to stimulate good discussions by asking good questions. Become more observant of your  business. Notice things in your day to day that are noteworthy enough to write about online. You will develop a more finely attuned awareness of your business but will also learn to spot topics or themes that will be of interest to others. As you and the others using your platform get better at this you will find that the levels of conversation and engagement improve dramatically. You will all learn together to use your social platform to the maximum collective benefit."