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Gove 'knew about Muslim schools plot four years ago': Education Secretary accused of sitting on warnings that Islamists were trying to take over Birmingham schools

Gove 'knew about Muslim schools plot four years ago': Education Secretary accused of sitting on warnings that Islamists were trying to take over Birmingham schools | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Headteacher Tim Boyes said he cautioned the Department for Education in 2010 about governors staging a coup to replace one sitting city head with a Muslim.
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Not for the squeamish!!..... but to illustrate what horrors have been endured by both sides in Iraq.....as we sit cocooned and protected with our laptops and computers,whilst others to do our dirty work ....

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Now migrant smugglers using FACEBOOK to find asylum seekers who want to reach Britain

Now migrant smugglers using FACEBOOK to find asylum seekers who want to reach Britain | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
MIGRANT smugglers are using Facebook to advertise their trade to desperate Syrians and Iraqis to Europe for thousands of pounds


Disguised as a fancy advert for tourist trips with pictures of the Eiffel Tower or the Houses of Parliament, the Facebook pages offer a "safe" passage to thousands of families who are willing to risk their life savings on the hope that they will reach Europe.

Traffickers are now playing on migrants' fears by offering expensive package deals that guarantee "100 per cent" safety after thousands have died crossing the Mediterranean this year.

One page, titled "Safe Journey from Turkey to Greece" claims its clients will board a 130ft yacht, called the Orient Bosphorus, in the Turkish port Izmir - for the extortionate cost of £2,500.

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But migrants are told it is "forbidden" to bring any luggage or wear headscarves in order to disguise themselves as westerners.

They even suggest that their "customers" take laptops and digital cameras to help them look like tourists if they are questioned by authorities.

The site also offers a two-day ride to Austria on the back of a lorry for a staggering £5,500 per person.

Sites offering advice to migrants on how to get into Britain have become increasingly popular, attacking thousands of would-be immigrants.

One, titled Migrating to London, had a shocking 10,276 members.

The site warns members that the routes into the UK have become much more difficult.

It emerged earlier this month that migrant smugglers have doubled their prices for sneaking people into Britain because of the Calais crackdown.

Francois Guennoc, a humanitarian worker in Calais, explained how "getting into a lorry" now costs migrants between £570 and £640 - while just a few months ago it was £350.

He said that smugglers had hiked their prices "because there are so many more police and sniffer dogs" due to a surge in attempts to get across the Channel over the summer.

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Preacher Anjem Choudary to face trial on terror charge

Preacher Anjem Choudary to face trial on terror charge | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Anjem Choudary, the radical Muslim preacher, is to go on trial in January accused of inviting support for Islamic State.

The 48-year-old is accused of encouraging his followers to support the group, which has conquered swaths of Iraq and Syria and established a radical Islamist regime, in speeches posted online between 29 June last year and 6 March this year.

Choudary, of Ilford, east London, appeared via videolink from Belmarsh prison in court 3 of the Old Bailey on Wednesday morning alongside his co-defendant Mohamed Rahman, of Whitechapel, east London. Both men spoke only to confirm their names.

Mr Justice Saunders set a plea and case management hearing on 11 December, ahead of a provisional trial date of 11 January. The trial will take place somewhere in London, Saunders said. He said he would recommend that it be heard by a high court judge.

“It’s clearly a matter which a jury needs to determine, as far as I can see,” Saunders added.

Despite extensive submissions from Jacob Hallam, for the crown, Blinne Ghrailaigh, for Choudary, and Naeem Mian, for Rahman, decision on the bail application was adjourned for further information to be obtained. A decision is expected by next Friday.

About eight men sat in the public gallery to support them. They defied tradition by refusing to stand for the judge as he left the courtroom.
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Manchester girl, 16, pleads guilty to terror charges

Manchester girl, 16, pleads guilty to terror charges | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A 16-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to two terror charges at Manchester Magistrates' Court.

The girl, who cannot be named, admitted possessing "recipes for explosives" and a bomb making guide.

Her arrest in April followed an investigation by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit.

The inquiry also led to the arrest of a boy, 14, from Blackburn who has admitted involvement in a plot to attack police in Australia.
The girl, from Manchester, admitted two counts of possessing a document containing information of a kind likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.
She was accused of having a copy of bomb-making guide the Anarchist Cookbook.
She will be sentenced in October.

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Two soldiers killed in PKK mine attack in southeast Turkey

Two soldiers killed in PKK mine attack in southeast Turkey | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Two soldiers were killed and three were wounded on Aug. 24 in an outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) mine attack in the southeastern Turkish province of Hakkari.

PKK militants detonated a sizeable amount of explosives laid in a culvert in the Şemdinli district during the passing of a military vehicle. Two soldiers were killed and three were wounded in the attack. The wounded soldiers were taken to a local hospital as a wide-scale operation has begun in the region to apprehend the PKK militants.

Meanwhile, a police officer died early Aug. 24 after he was attacked with a gun by an unknown assailant or assailants in front of his father’s house in the southeastern province of Mardin.

Yakup Mete, 20, was gravely wounded in a gun attack in front of his father’s house in the Nusaybin district where he was spending the weekend with his family. After receiving initial treatment at a local hospital, he was transferred to Mardin but ultimately succumbed to his injuries early Aug. 24.
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'Radicalised' schoolgirl must leave family home - judge - BBC News

'Radicalised' schoolgirl must leave family home - judge - BBC News | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A schoolgirl was "radicalised" when her family exposed her to propaganda by the Islamic State group and must be removed from their home, the High Court says.
The 16-year-old's "deceitful" parents showed her images of beheadings, and material on bomb-making and how jihadists could hide their identity.
The family's passports have been passed to the Metropolitan Police.
The judge compared the damage done to the girl from east London to that experienced in sex abuse cases.
He said she was one of a number of cases involving young girls from the same area "captured and seduced" by the belief that becoming "jihadi brides [in Syria] is a somewhat radical and honourable path for them and their families".
'Sophisticated dishonesty'
The court heard how the schoolgirl - who can only be referred to as B - was removed from a flight to Turkey last December and made a ward of court.
Her parents promised to stop her and her siblings accessing online terror-related propaganda but the judge said a police search of the family home last June revealed "a plethora of electronic devices".
The girl asked to remain in the family home, even if that meant being tagged.
However, the judge said of B: "I can see no way in which her psychological, emotional and intellectual integrity can be protected by her remaining in this household.
"The farrago of sophisticated dishonesty of the parents makes this entirely unsustainable."
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Woman arrested in Canada five years after allegedly abducting her two children

Woman arrested in Canada five years after allegedly abducting her two children | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A mum who police have been hunting for FIVE years after she allegedly abducted her children has been arrested in Canada.

Toronto Police’s fugitive squad arrested Anisa Ibrahim after an international search.

She and her two children had been missing from their Withington home since April 2010.

Police say the 35-year-old was living with her sons Khalid and Ahmed under assumed names in the Hamilton Ontario.

She has now been charged with unlawful abduction and disobeying a court order.

Police said a tip-off led them to an address in Hamilton.

In a statement Toronto Police said: “On Thursday, August 13 2015, members of the Toronto Police Fugitive Squad, assisted by The Missing Children Society of Canada, arrested international fugitive Anisa Mohamed Ibrahim, 35.

“She was wanted for Unlawful Abduction of her two sons and disobey a court order in Manchester, England.

”It is alleged that: she fled England with her two young sons, travelling to Germany, before entering Canada in April 2010

“The Toronto Fugitive Squad has been working with the Greater Manchester Police in England and the Missing Children Society of Canada since shortly after their arrival in Canada.

“The Toronto Fugitive Squad has followed up on many tips over the years. Last week, information was received that Anisa Mohamed Ibrahim and her two sons may be residing in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Investigative checks revealed that she and her sons were using new names and living in the Main Street and Ferguson Avenue South area of Hamilton, Ontario.

“On Thursday, August 13, 2015, under the strength of an extradition warrant, Anisa Mohamed Ibrahim, 35, was taken into custody. She is scheduled to appear in court at the Superior Court of Justice in Hamilton on Friday, August 14, 2015.

“The two sons are in the care of Children’s Aid and are doing well.”

In 2011 the boys’ father, Abdul Abubakar claimed a wall of silence in Manchester’s Somali community was stopping police from finding his two children.

Abdul, 45, said at the time he believed that friends and relatives of Anisa, his ex-wife, paid for her to leave the country.

Abdul and Anisa, both originally from Somalia, met in Manchester and were married in 2004 – only to get divorced in 2007.

The children were at the centre of a three-year court battle over access. Abdul was granted access to his son by the family courts in late 2009. By leaving Manchester with the two children without consulting Abdul, Anisa, 31, breached a family court order - prompting the international manhunt after Abdul raised the alarm.

Following an international investigation involving Interpol, the police and social services in Europe, the US and Canada, GMP learned that Anisa, Khalid and Ahmed left Manchester on a coach bound for Amsterdam on April 9, 2010 - and flew from Amsterdam to Toronto, in Canada, later that month.

Abdul said at the time: “People in the Somali community with ties to Anisa, who are distant relatives of hers, helped fund her trip to Amsterdam and then to Toronto.

“I am sure they know where she is now and have regular contact with her, and are keeping her up to date with what is happening over here.”

Abdul, from Hulme, said Anisa had repeatedly threatened to take the two boys back to Somalia, thought to be one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

GMP were given a tip off at the end of 2010 by police in Canada that Anisa and her two sons had flown into Toronto in April. It is believed that she may be being sheltered by members of the Somali Diaspora in Canada or the USA.
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Police in Spain arrest gang smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain

Police in Spain arrest gang smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
SPANISH police have smashed a gang who smuggled illegal Albanian immigrants into the UK

Officers in Barcelona and major airports including Majorca and Madrid have arrested 85 people including false passport holders and those who provided them with the fake documents.

The arrests followed an investigation which began last November when police detected a surge in the number of Albanians travelling through Spain to the UK and Ireland.


Detectives say members of the gang promised the immigrants they would help them get dream jobs in Britain before supplying them with fake Romanian, Italian or Greek passports to help them get into the country.

Six of those arrested are minors. More than 100 falsified documents, including ID cards, student IDs and driving licences, have been seized.

Around a dozen of those detained are travel facilitators who have been accused of belonging to a criminal gang.

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EU offers 6000 euro for each refugee resettlement - World Bulletin

EU offers 6000 euro for each refugee resettlement - World Bulletin | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
European Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem calls on member states to take more refugees, and offers 6000 euros support for each refugee taken from camps and resettled in the EU.
World Bulletin / News Desk
European Union’s Home Affairs Commissioner urged member states to take more refugees by offering 6000 euro support for each refugee taken from camps outside the EU and resettled in one of the member states.
“I am speaking on behalf of the European Commission in support of the reception and integration of refugees. EU states will receive 6000 euro support for each refugee taken from the refugee camps and resettled in their respective countries,” Cecilia Malmstroem, EU Homes Affairs Commissioner said in an interview with German daily Die Welt.
Malmstroem stressed that due to the ongoing violence and poverty in most of the countries surrounding the EU, more refugees will try to come to Europe in the coming decades with the hope of being granted asylum. EU commissioner criticized European countries for their reluctance so far on taking more refugees which forces more and more refugees to seek insecure and illegal means to reach Europe.
“Each year around 80 thousand refugees are resettled, most of them find a new home in the U.S., Canada or Australia,” Malmstroem said. “In 2013, EU countries were ready to receive around five thousand refugees for resettlement, and that is a shame,” she stressed, adding that half of the 28 EU member states did not participate even once in the refugee resettlement programs.
Malmstroem called on EU member states to do more for refugees seeking asylum.
“I am convinced that the EU member states should do more to help people who flee their home countries due to hunger, violence and misery,” Malmstroem said.
He added that hundreds of thousands of refugees are living in the overloaded camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, and we cannot just stand by and accept this inhumane situation. "We must help urgently.”
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PM Visits Injured Relatives of Child Killed in Terror Attack

PM Visits Injured Relatives of Child Killed in Terror Attack | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the family of the Palestinian child Ali Dawabsha, who was murdered in an attack on his home in the Arab village of Duma early this morning.

The PM spent time with relatives injured in the firebomb attack, believed to be the work of Jewish extremists, at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

Speaking following the visit, Netanyahu strongly denounced the "brutal" attack and said he had called Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to vow Israel would track down the killers.

"I just came from the bedside of four-year old Ahmed Sa'ed. Sixty percent of his body is burned. We're doing everything we can to save this young boy, give him a life," Netanyahu said. "His two parents are in other parts of the Israeli health system. We're trying to give them the best treatment to save their lives."

"When you stand next to the bed of this small child, and his infant brother had been so brutally murdered, we're shocked, we're outraged. We condemn this. There is zero tolerance for terrorism wherever it comes from, whatever side of the fence it comes from, we have to fight it and fight it together."

"I spoke to President Abu Mazen right before I entered the hospital. I told him of this visit and of Israel's absolute commitment to find the perpetrators, bring them to justice," Netanyahu continued, while calling for calm.

"We have to calm the spirits and recommit ourselves to our joint battle against terrorism and extremism. It's something that all parts of the Israeli government and all parts of Israeli society agree on. It's important that we make a common cause with our Palestinian neighbors to give ourselves a better future - a future free of violence, free of terror, a future of peace."
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It's Official: US Terror Threat not Islamist, Only 'Extremist'

It's Official: US Terror Threat not Islamist, Only 'Extremist' | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

No longer a private Obama initiative, but rather official US gov't policy: Muslim terrorism is simply 'violent extremism.'

Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the policy this past Friday at Aspen Institute's annual security forum in Washington, D.C.  

He explained that though it was a Muslim terrorist who shot to death four unarmed Marines in Tennessee two weeks ago, the government will call the attack, and other similar ones, "violent extremism" and not "Islamic terrorism" - out of respect for the Muslim community.

Johnson said it is "critical" to refrain from the "Islamic" label in order to "build trust" among Muslims.


The Tennessee murderer, Mohammad Abdulazeez, is officially a "homegrown violent extremist," according to the government – even though he blogged about his Islamic religious motivations for the attack. He and his family also attended a local mosque controlled by a terror-tied Islamic trust.


Johnson explained that if officials called Islamic terrorism "Islamic," they'd "get nowhere" in gaining the "cooperation" of the Muslim community.

The moderator of the panel tried to protest: "Isn't [the] government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word Islamic?"

"I could not disagree more," Johnson responded, and explained that Islam "is about peace."

Responses to Johnson's remarks were fast and furious. The Clarion Project advanced two quick objections: "Putting aside the argument that to be able to fight the phenomenon of Islamic terror, one has to be able to name it," wrote Meira Svirsky, editor of ClarionProject.org, "it is plainly a strategy that has failed - primarily because the Muslims whom the government is trying to appease are the very ones supporting the same extremist ideology – Islamism -- that drives the terrorists."

In addition, an op-ed by Investor's Business Daily accused Johnson of failing to understand that the strategy is simply not working. The article notes that the FBI has warned that it can't keep up with all the homegrown Muslim terrorism cases cropping up now in every single one of the 50 states. The article states that "pandering to local Muslim leaders" has failed to deliver where it is most needed: "U.S. Attorney Bill Killian helped dedicate [the Tennessee terrorist's] mosque at its grand opening in 2012, [and] even befriended its leader. Did [that leader] tip him off about Abdulazeez's radicalization? Did he stop him from driving down the street and opening fire on two military sites?"

Not only that, but in Minneapolis, the local Muslim leaders are "cooperating" by demanding that the FBI release jailed ISIS terrorist suspects. In Boston, congregants of a mosque attended by the Boston marathon bombers are "cooperating" by holding fundraisers and rallies for convicted al-Qaida- and ISIS-tied terrorists.

Investor's Business Daily urges the passage of a law that will allow local authorities to press legal action not just against terrorists but also any of their supporters in the Muslim community.

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Congressman Chaka Fattah Indicted on Corruption Charges

Congressman Chaka Fattah Indicted on Corruption Charges | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

A long-serving Democratic member of Congress and four associates were indicted for their roles in a racketeering conspiracy to further their political and financial interests, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah Sr., 58, of Philadelphia, was charged in a 29-count indictment, along with his district chief of staff, Bonnie Bowser, his former congressional staffer Karen Nicholas, lobbyist Herbert Vederman and Philadelphia-based technology company founder Robert Brand, for allegedly participating in several schemes.


The crimes include bribery, conspiracy to commit wire, bank, mail and honest services fraud, falsification of records and money laundering.

The charges stemmed from Fattah's unsuccessful 2007 run for mayor of Philadelphia. The DOJ alleges that Fattah and his associates borrowed $1 million from a wealthy supporter and used his educational foundation and charitable and federal grant funds to help repay the campaign loan, said Zane Memeger, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Fattah also is accused of using campaign funds to repay his son's $23,000 student loan debt.

"The conduct that Congressman Fattah engaged in undermines public faith in government, undermines confidence in government," Memeger told reporters Wednesday at a press conference. "The behavior is something that our public does not expect their public officials to engage in."

The FBI had been investigating the alleged fraudulent activity since March 2013, Memeger said.

A court date for the individuals has not yet been scheduled.

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Planned Parenthood, Not Confederate Flag, Killed 90,000 Black Babies in 2014

Planned Parenthood, Not Confederate Flag, Killed 90,000 Black Babies in 2014 | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Sarah Palin pulled no punches when calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood on Sunday, pointing out that it was Planned Parenthood, not the Confederate flag, which killed 90,000 black babies in 2014.

In a Facebook status update, Palin posted a picture of the Confederate flag next to the Planned Parenthood logo, then asked, “Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies last year? #Defund Planned Parenthood.” By Monday, the post had garnered almost 111,000 likes and 59,000 shares.

Palin has consistently updated her Facebook page following the revelation that Planned Parenthood executives allegedly confessed selling fetal body parts.

Planned Parenthood receives roughly $500 million in government funding every year, although federal funding is barred from paying for abortions. Planned Parenthood performed 327,000 abortions in 2014.

Palin has been a consistent and ardent foe of abortion. In her 2009 book, Going Rogue, she outlined her uncompromising position:

But the debate moderator decided to personalize his hypotheticals with a series of “what if…” questions:

Q: If a woman were, say, raped…

A: I would choose life.

Q: If your daughter were pregnant…

A: Again, I would choose life.”

Q: If your teenage daughter got pregnant…

A: I’d counsel a young parent to choose life & consider adoption.

GOP leaders are acting to remove funding for Planned Parenthood; on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)52%
(R-Ky.) completed a fast-track process for legislation removing the funding; Rep. Diane Black (R-TN)66%
has brought the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 before the House. House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)45%
wants the funding for Planned Parenthood stopped until an investigation of the alleged sale of fetal body parts has been completed.
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Turkey conducts first coalition air strikes against Islamic State

Turkey  conducts first coalition air strikes against Islamic State | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Turkey has announced that its fighter jets have carried out their first air strikes as part of the US-led coalition against Islamic State in Syria.
A Turkish foreign ministry statement said the jets began attacking IS targets across the border in Syria that were deemed to be threats to Turkey late yesterday.
Turkey agreed last month to take on a more active role in the fight against IS.
New hi-tech initiative aims to save sites from Islamic State
Iraqi prime minister moves to ease access to Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone
Islamic State rape policy causes shock, but little action
Turkish jets used smart bombs to attack IS positions in Syria, without crossing into Syrian air space.
Turkey also granted US jets access to a key air base close to the Syrian border.
The Turkish attacks that began yesterday were the first launched as part of the US-led campaign and came after Turkish and US officials announced that they had reached a technical agreement concerning their cooperation, which calls for Turkey to be fully integrated into the coalition air campaign.
“Our fighter aircraft, together with war planes belonging to the coalition, began as of yesterday evening to jointly carry out air operations against Daesh targets that constitute a threat against the security of our country,” the foreign ministry said, using the Arabic acronym for IS.
“The fight against the terrorist organisation is a priority for Turkey.”
The statement did not give more details on the targets.
IS advance
On Thursday, IS militants seized five villages from rebel groups in northern Syria, as they advanced toward the strategic town of Marea near the Turkish border.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other groups said IS carried out a suicide bombing on the outskirts of Marea amid fierce fighting in the area.
The IS advance was in the northern Aleppo province, near where Turkey and the US have agreed to establish an IS-free safe zone.
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Half a Million Catholics Urge Pope to Reaffirm Traditional Marriage

Half a Million Catholics Urge Pope to Reaffirm Traditional Marriage | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
More than 500,000 Catholics, including many senior clerics, have signed a petition calling on Pope Francis to reaffirm traditional teaching on marriage and the family after months of confusion over his supposed liberal stance on the issue.

The petition, which was started by U.S. conservative group TFP Student Action, calls on the Pope to “clarify the growing confusion among the faithful” at October’s Synod of Bishops and “implores” him to “prevent the very teaching of Jesus Christ from being watered down”.

The group accuses “dissident Catholic pressure groups” of attempting to subvert Church teaching on marriage, saying: “They are bombarding the Holy Father and the Synod Fathers right now with messages of revolt against traditional moral values as they clamor for “change, change, change” inside the Church.”

The petition has been signed by five Cardinals as well as numerous bishops and archbishops from across the world. Other major figures who signed the petition include former US senator Rick Santorum.

In October, bishops from around the world will meet in Rome to discuss the role of the family in the modern world and make recommendations to the Pope about how he should approach issues such as divorced and remarried Catholics.

Pope Francis has been noted for his statements that make him appear to support a liberal line on various social issues, most famously when he said “Who am I to judge?” when asked about a supposed gay lobby within the Vatican.

As Catholic blogger Father Z points out, however, nothing he said changed or violated Church teaching on the issue:

If they “accept the Lord”, and “have goodwill”… pretty clearly meaning, “if they are trying to live a good Christian life”, which involves continency and chastity, then I can’t point a finger at them and say they are evil, etc.  “Who am I to judge?”, depends on what went before in the same sentence.  It does not mean, “Anyone can do anything and we don’t have a right to make a moral judgement.”

Some liberal bishops have also suggested the Church should permit divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion under certain circumstances, but such a move is likely to face strong opposition, especially from non-Western bishops.

TFP Student Action director John Ritchie said: “After Ireland and the US Supreme Court both approved same-sex marriage, a strong reaffirmation of Church teaching could save the sacred institution of marriage. The Catholic Church is the centre of history. It is the moral compass of the world. As the Church goes, so goes the world.”
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CatholicHerald.co.uk » Statue of Virgin Mary reportedly undamaged by fire at Spanish military base

CatholicHerald.co.uk » Statue of Virgin Mary reportedly undamaged by fire at Spanish military base | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The statue of Our Lady of Lourdes is said to have survived a blaze at the El Goloso base near Madrid last month

A statue of the Virgin Mary survived a fire at a military base in Spain last month, according to reports.

During a heatwave in Spain, the fire broke out at the El Goloso military base, near Madrid, on July 30, destroying surrounding vegetation, according to Spanish websites, Infovaticana and Religión en Libertad.

However, once the fire was put out a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, and the patch of grass it stood on, remained undamaged.

Earlier this month, a photo of the statue was tweeted by Twitter user José María Zavala, writing in Spanish that the picture “gives much to talk about”.
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Worker at Bradford mosque in court accused of sexually abusing two young boys

Worker at Bradford mosque in court accused of sexually abusing two young boys | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A WORKER at a Bradford mosque is on trial accused of the repeated sexual abuse of two young boys aged nine and 12.

Yasir Muhammed Hafiz denies a total of 16 charges, including nine of sexually assaulting a child under 13 and seven of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Hafiz, 31, of Daleside Walk, West Bowling, Bradford, is alleged to have hugged and tickled the boys in a sexual manner, kissed one of them, and put their hands on his private parts.

Prosecutor Michael Collins told the jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday that they will hear recorded police interviews with three boys, the two complainants and a third child.

Bearded Hafiz, who teaches the Koran at the Madrassah Nur Qur'an, on Parkside Road, West Bowling, is assisted in the dock by an interpreter because English is not his first language.

Mr Collins said the alleged offences took place between January 1, 2014, and February 13 this year.

The nine-year-old says that Hafiz sexually abused him on five separate occasions.

He told his mother he had done "dirty" things to him.

He alleged Hafiz picked him up, hugged him, gripped him under the arms and kissed him on the cheek.

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The child said Hafiz put his hand down his trousers on to his boxer shorts and touched his bottom.

He complained that Hafiz molested him on February 13 and did similar things to him four times before that but only kissed him once.

The boy accused Hafiz of taking his hand and making him touch his private parts over his clothing.

"He tried to resist but his knuckles came into contact with his penis," Mr Collins said.

He said the abuse lasted about 20 seconds until he was disturbed.

The jury heard that the second boy was 12 at the time.

He alleges he too was picked up by Hafiz and hugged and tickled in a sexual manner.

"He pulled up his top and tickled his torso and back," Mr Collins said.

Hafiz is also accused of putting the child's hand between his legs.

The court heard that the younger boy told his mother what was happening. She spoke to the second boy's mum and her son then also alleged he was being abused.

Hafiz told the police he had carried the boys but he denied any sexual misconduct with them.

Mr Collins said the issues for the jury to decide were if Hafiz had touched the children sexually and had he caused either or both of them to touch him indecently.

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The nine-year-old boy said on his video that Hafiz had been "very dirty to me."

The trial continues.
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British PM urged to learn from Church of Scotland project helping migrants in Malta

British PM urged to learn from Church of Scotland project helping migrants in Malta | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
British Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to learn from a Church of Scotland project in Malta which provides interest free loans to migrants and asylum seekers.
David Lloyd, a retired chartered accountant with the Out of Africa Project in Malta, criticised the Prime Minister’s use of the word “swarm” to describe migrants and said instead the UK could look at innovative ways of helping migrants get on their feet financially, The Scotsman newspaper reported.
He explained that the church ran a “bank” – now worth over £100,000 – funded by donations from the Church of Scotland Guild. This, he said, was an example of “people power” helping migrants become financially independent and was breaking down hostility from locals and politicians.
The newspaper said many of the migrants who have settled in Malta have been helped by the Malta Microfinance bank offering interest-free loans for rent, skills training, setting up businesses and schooling.
“There is still hostility and racism here from some people but by taking direct action we’ve let ordinary people in Malta see that migrants are real people just like them.”
The newspaper noted that he project was praised by former Maltese president George Abela as “ground- breaking and pioneering.”
Doug McRoberts, a former BBC Scotland news broadcaster, who set up the project, jointly run with the Methodist Church when he was the minister at St Andrew’s Scots Church in Valletta, said: “I don’t particularly want to get into a fight with David Cameron but I’m happy that thousands of people in Scotland and across the whole of the UK have raised money to help the migrants.
“This is people leading government, who are saying as individuals ‘this is what we want’. It’s ordinary people leading the way. Governments should be a function which assists society towards being itself.
“If the UK government would listen to what the Kirk is doing in Malta it would have a more rational and humanitarian approach.”
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The Latest Arrest of Tommy Robinson

Chief Constable Jon Boutcher
Bedfordshire Police Headquarters
Woburn Road
MK43 9AX
21 August 2015

Dear Chief Constable Boutcher
I understand Tommy Robinson was arrested a couple of days ago after arriving in the UK after a family holiday. As temporary Chief Constable one can only assume the order for his arrest came directly from you, or at least via you from a senior Conservative such as Home Secretary Theresa May or Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove.
Might one ask just why Mr Robinson was arrested? To an outside observer this seems like the concerted political / police persecution of a man whose main crime in these peculiar times we live in is to speak publicly about the very real threat of fundamentalist Islam.
I can find no record of you personally speaking out about the Pakistani Muslim gang rape culture which was happening under the noses of the British police for the last couple of decades. Presumably you owe your current high rank to your shameful silence. It is painfully obvious to society at large that policemen who contravene the politically correct ideology of the establishment do not rise very high in the force these days, but even so, this is not really a badge of honour to be worn with pride.
Mr Robinson is simply a man driven to speak out about the dangers of Islam because politicians and senior policemen like you remain silent. This would appear to attract the heavy of the state in much the same way as those who spoke out against the totalitarian system operating in the Soviet Union. Mortgage fraud is a crime ignored when the perpetrators are acting politicians but not when it is Mr Robinson. Why is this? Does it have anything to do with Mr Robinson causing acute embarrassment for the establishment?
Mr Robinson should never have been jailed in the first place, but to allow him to be beaten up by Muslim inmates whilst in prison suggests this was very much a desired outcome and was actively encouraged by senior politicians in conjunction with the prison governor. After his early release under license he was re-arrested in order to stop him speaking at the Oxford Union Debate. This seems very strange to me. Does it not to you? Why should a person jailed for mortgage fraud not be allowed to speak at an event which has nothing to do with mortgage fraud?
It is becoming chillingly clear that Mr Robinson is an enemy of the state and such is the descent of Britain into ever increasing totalitarianism that his manifestly unjust treatment elicits no protest from those whose purported goal in life is to protect the vulnerable against the all-powerful establishment. Where are the human rights lawyers in all of this? Where is Shami Chakrabarti and her supposed 'Liberty' movement? Where are the politicians speaking out against this state persecution of a brave and honourable man and where are the bleeding-heart liberal journalists?
As I am sure you are aware, Mr Robinson and his entire family receive very graphic death threats as a matter of routine. Might I ask how many people Bedfordshire Police has arrested in this regard? I have never read about any such arrests, which smacks of more than just double standards, I'm sure you will agree. In fact, arresting Mr Robinson over some trivial if not trumped charge whilst ignoring those who threaten to rape his wife and children before burning them alive, smacks of complicity with the devil.
I find it very disturbing that the British Police can act in this way. I was raised to respect and admire the English Bobby, but I now see you as the Stasi incarnate. Britain is slowly morphing into something very unpleasant indeed and any impartial observer to this saga of Mr Robinson's persecution would find it very hard to mount a credible defence of your actions and indeed the actions of the Conservative politicians presumably giving you your orders.
I am convinced this sort of totalitarian behaviour could never have happened in our very recent past, but it now seems to be an ever-increasing part of life today. Any country which allows the police to behave in a manner which appears above the law, and any country which fails to hold the police to account because the victim holds the incorrect political opinion, is a country heading toward a very dark place, as we saw with the Stasi and East Germany.
It would be reassuring if you were to reply to this, but I rather doubt you will. Reassuring 'communities' is very much part of your diverse remit, but reassuring Englishmen concerned about the politicisation of the British police can probably be safely ignored. As no doubt you will prove with your silence. Nonetheless, how long do you think you can treat people this way without explanation, apology or consequence?
Yours sincerely
Paul Weston, Leader
Liberty GB
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Six men arrested on suspicion of rape after girl, 14, attacked twice in Rochdale

Six men arrested on suspicion of rape after girl, 14, attacked twice in Rochdale | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Police say the men were arrested after the teenage, who is in care, was raped on two separate occasions.

Police have arrested a group of men after a teenager in care was raped on two separate occasions this weekend.

The first incident of sexual abuse relating to the 14-year-old is alleged to have taken place on Thursday July 30.


Police then received a second report that the same teenager had been taken to an address in Rochdale and raped by a group of men on Saturday August 1.

The girl is being supported by specially trained officers.

Police are now investigating the possibility that the two incidents are linked and have arrested six men on suspicion of rape.

Detective Inspector Paul Copplestone of the Serious Sexual Offences Unit said: “We have made significant progress in the investigation and have so far arrested six people who have since been bailed and at this stage I would like to stress that we do not believe there to be a threat to anyone else in Rochdale.

“Our key priority is ensuring that the victim is fully supported during this extremely traumatic time.

“I want to assure the people of Rochdale and the rest of Greater Manchester that tackling offences of this nature remains a top priority for Greater Manchester Police and we will continue to do everything in our power to prevent the sexual exploitation of children whilst also providing support to the victims.”

All of the men have been bailed until October 29 pending further enquiries.

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St Albans: M1 lorry found with 18 suspected illegal immigrants

St Albans: M1 lorry found with 18 suspected illegal immigrants | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Eighteen suspected illegal immigrants have been arrested after a lorry was stopped on the M1 in Hertfordshire.
A motorist called police after following a "suspicious" lorry on the M25 on Saturday.
It was later stopped close to junction 9 of the M1 near St Albans and 18 men claiming to be from Vietnam were found.
They were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry to the UK and the driver, a man aged 40, from Poland, was held for assisting entry.
"Eighteen people who are believed to have entered the UK illegally on the lorry were taken into custody for their safety.
"The driver of the lorry, a 40-year-old man from Poland has been arrested on suspicion of assisting people entering the UK unlawfully," a spokesman said.
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Fighting back against religious extremism

Fighting back against religious extremism | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
ON THE very first page of his new book, Not in God’s Name, Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi in the UK, quotes the 17th-century French scientist and philosopher, Blaise Pascal: “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction”.

There is no shortage of historical evidence to support Pascal’s contention. Indeed, if he were writing in the 21st century instead of the 17th, he’d have sufficient material for several books. In particular today he would be able to draw on the violent eruptions of Islamic fundamentalism, especially since 9/11.

But the link between religion and violence (the latter being the most pernicious manifestation of evil) is by no means an Islamic phenomenon, though, as we are reminded almost daily in our newspapers and on our television screens, it is predominantly the evils of Islamic State (IS) that at the present time constitute the greatest worry and threat, as well as representing the greatest challenge.

Having sub-titled his book ‘Confronting Religious Violence’, Sacks sets out to take up this challenge. The task is a daunting one. “Too often in the history of religion,” he writes, “people have killed in the name of the God of life, waged war in the name of the God of peace, hated in the name of the God of love and practised cruelty in the name of the God of compassion.”

Sacks concedes that while Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — the three great monotheistic religions, the three great Abrahamic faiths — define themselves as religions of peace, “they have all given rise to violence at some points in their history”.

Since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, in particular, we have seen an outpouring of articles and books on the connection between religion and violence.

From all of this, the author says, three answers have emerged:

Religion is the major source of violence;
Religion is not a source of violence;
“Their religion, yes; our religion, no — we are for peace they are for war”.
He concludes that none of these answers is true.

“As for the first, Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod surveyed 1,800 conflicts in the Encyclopedia of Wars and found that less than 10% involved religion at all. A “God and War” survey commissioned by the BBC found that religion played some part in 40% of conflicts but usually a minor one.

“The second answer is misguided. When terrorist or military groups invoke holy war, define their battle as a struggle against Satan, condemn unbelievers to death and commit murder while declaring ‘God is great’, to deny that they are acting on religious motives is absurd.

“The third is a classic instance of in-group bias. Almost invariably people regard their group as superior to others… Groups, like individuals, have a need for self-esteem and they will interpret facts to confirm their sense of superiority.”

The focus today, he suggests, should be less on the general connection between religion and violence and more on the specific challenge of politicised religious extremism in the 21st century.

“The re-emergence of religion as a global force caught the West unprotected and unprepared because it was in the grip of a narrative that told a quite different story.”

The process of secularisation — a process that began back in the 18th century with the Enlightenment — has been at the heart of this narrative.

“By the late 20th century, most secularists had come to the conclusion that religion, if not refuted, had at least been rendered redundant. We no longer need the Bible to explain the universe. Instead we have science. We do not need sacred ritual to control human destiny.

“In its place we have technology. When we are ill, we do not need prayer. We have doctors, medicine and surgery. If we are depressed there is an alternative to religious consolation: Antidepressant drugs. When we feel overwhelmed by guilt, we can choose psychotherapy in place of the confessional. For seekers of transcendence there are rock concerts and sports matches.”

But as Sacks then reminds us, what the secularists forget is that man is a “meaning-seeking” animal.

“If there is one thing the great institutions of the modern world do not do, it is to provide meaning. Science tells us how but not why. Technology gives us power but cannot guide us as to how to use that power. The market gives us choices but leaves us uninstructed as to how to make these choices. The liberal democratic state gives us freedom to choose but on principle refuses to guide us as to how to choose.”

The result, he stresses, is that the 21st century has left us with a maximum of choice and a minimum of meaning.

“Religion has returned because it is hard to live without meaning. That is why no society has survived for long without either a religion or a substitute for religion. The 20th century showed, brutally and definitively, that the great modern substitutes for religion — the nation, the race, and political ideology — are no less likely to offer human sacrifices to their surrogate deities.”

The problem today is that the religion that has returned is “religion at its most adversarial and aggressive, prepared to do battle with the enemies of the Lord”, leading Sacks to conclude that the “greatest threat to freedom in the post-modern world is radical, politicised religion”.

How to combat this is now the great challenge. Radical, politicised religion is on the rise. As we are seeing in Syria and other places in the Middle East, religious extremists are seizing power.

And they are using technology very effectively — the internet spreads the contagion represented by groups such as al Qaeda, Boko Harem and Islamic State in a way that would have been unknown 30 or 40 years ago.

“What printing was to the Reformation, the internet is to radical political Islam, turning it into a global force capable of inciting terror and winning recruits throughout the world… Religious radicals use the new electronic media with greater sophistication than their secular counterparts. And they have developed organisational structures to fit our time.”

This poses an enormous challenge – but it is a challenge not just for Islam but for Judaism and Christianity as well for, as Sacks acknowledges, “none of the great religions can say, in unflinching self-knowledge, ‘Our hands never shed blood’.”

This means, he says, that we have little choice but to re-examine the theology that leads to violent conflict.

“As Jews, Christians and Muslims, we have to be prepared to ask the most uncomfortable questions. Does the God of Abraham want his disciples to kill for his sake? Does he demand human sacrifice? Does he rejoice in holy war? Does he want us to hate our enemies and terrorise unbelievers? Have we read our sacred texts correctly?”

And he sounds this sombre warning: “If we do not do the theological work, we will face a continuation of the terror that has marked our century thus far, for it has no other natural end”.
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Austria to get tough on people smugglers - The Local

Austria to get tough on people smugglers - The Local | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

New figures from the Federal Criminal Police Office show that the number of people smugglers arrested this year has risen by 25 percent compared to last year. Between January and the end of June almost 350 suspected smugglers were charged. A total of 500 were charged during 2014.

The interior and justice ministries have pledged to step up the fight against people smuggling, and have presented a “five point plan”. This includes an increase in the number of specialized investigative teams, stricter punishments for smugglers, more specialized prosecutors and increased enforcement along Austria’s borders.

Both Austrian and Hungarian officials will be involved in border checks, and controls are already taking place on trains leaving Budapest for Austria, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner told Ö1 radio.

She added that she is talking to her Hungarian counterpart about how to facilitate a complete control of all incoming trains from Hungary, and how to monitor Hungarian railway stations.

The Ministry of Justice is planning to establish a team of specialized public prosecutors to deal with people smuggling cases.

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Full Veil Banned in Key Niger Region over Boko Haram Fears

Full Veil Banned in Key Niger Region over Boko Haram Fears | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Authorities in Niger's Diffa area, on the border with Nigeria, have banned the full Islamic veil following suicide attacks in countries in the region by women wearing the religious garment, an official said Wednesday.

"Women in the region are forbidden from wearing the full veil until further notice, in order to prevent suicide attacks by Boko Haram," Diffa mayor Hankouraou Biri-Kassoum told AFP.

The full veil has been banned in several regions of Cameroon after a string of bombings by women and girls, including attackers wearing the garment.

"It's better to prevent danger," a security source told AFP, adding that "a growing number of women and young girls are wearing the full veil in Diffa."

A night-time curfew has been imposed, while February's ban on motorcycles -- the jihadists' vehicle of choice -- has been extended, the mayor said.

Niger has joined a regional campaign alongside Chad, Niger and Nigeria to battle Boko Haram, whose insurgency has killed at least 15,000 people since 2009 in the name of founding an Islamic caliphate.

While regional efforts have scored a number of victories in recent months, the militants have unleashed a massive wave of violence since Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in in May.

Dozens have been killed in a string of bombings and raids across the region.

On July 12, the Islamists raided Diffa prison in a likely bid to free detained members, killing a guard, according to local authorities.

Six days later, Boko Haram militants killed 16 civilians in an attack on a southeastern Niger village.

In June, 38 civilians were killed -- including 10 children -- in a Boko Haram attack targeting two villages close to Diffa.
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UK court convicts man of revenge killing in Pakistan

UK court convicts man of revenge killing in Pakistan | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Tariq Rana of Wolverhampton shot mother-in-law Ghulam Asia at her Lahore home after his wife Ayesha Riaz left him

An abusive husband has been convicted of gunning down his mother-in-law on her doorstep in Pakistan in a revenge killing after his wife left him.

Tariq Rana, 31, shot Ghulam Asia at her house in Pakistan in retaliation after 28-year-old Ayesha Riaz split up with him. Rana travelled from his Wolverhamptonhome to track down and murder her relatives. He went to Asia’s home in Lahore with an unnamed accomplice, dressed as a delivery man.

The pair rang the doorbell and when Asia, 49, went to the gate to sign for the delivery, Rana shot her. She died hours later from internal injuries caused by two gunshot wounds.

Rana then made a series of telephone calls to Riaz’s brothers, threatening to kill them all unless she came back to him, according to police.

Rana will be sentenced on 31 July at the Old Bailey after he was convicted at Woolwich crown court of murder.

He claimed during the trial that he had nothing to do with the shooting and was at Asia’s home with a bodyguard to try to reconcile with his wife.

An argument ensued, during which two gunshots were fired by either the bodyguard or a member of Asia’s own family, he told the jury.

Rana was prosecuted in the UK under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 for the attack on 27 July 2013. The act gives authority for a UK national to stand trial for a murder committed overseas.

DCI Tim Duffield of the Metropolitan police’s homicide and major crime command, described Rana as a violent and controlling man who murdered his mother-in-law “in the most callous and brutal way”.

“This was not a spontaneous event, but rather a revenge-driven premeditated attack aimed at causing the maximum distress and suffering to his estranged wife and her family,” he said.

“It is also important to recognise the considerable assistance we received from the Pakistani authorities, without which justice for Mrs Asia’s family would not have been possible.

“My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs Asia’s family who have shown great dignity and courage throughout.”

Rana’s sister Nargus Ahmed, 33, and brother-in-law Muhammed Adeel, 35, were both acquitted of assisting an offender following the four-week trial.

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London child aged THREE in terror alert over radicalisation

London child aged THREE in terror alert over radicalisation | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

A three-year-old child is among hundreds of young Londoners who have been identified as potential future extremists or at risk of radicalisation.

The disturbing tally, revealed today by the Evening Standard, is contained in new statistics which paint the most detailed picture so far of the scale of the security challenge facing police and intelligence agencies in the capital.

They show that a total of 1,069 Londoners have been referred to the government’s “Channel” counter-extremism programme since the start of 2012.

That means that the capital accounts for about a quarter of the 4,000 referrals to the programme nationwide since then. The Standard, which obtained the figures from the London Assembly, can also reveal that:

Since September last year, 400 Channel referrals were made for teenagers and children under 18.

450 Londoners, including 300 under-18s, are part of the Met’s “Prevent Case Management” process, linked to Channel.

The three-year-old is from Tower Hamlets and was referred as “part of a wider family group” that had been displaying alarming behaviour.

Experts warned that the spike in young people being identified will continue and is being fuelled by an explosion of online Islamic State propaganda and the sight of British fighters taking part in the conflict in Syria.
A new statutory duty on public bodies, such as schools, hospitals and councils, to prevent people being drawn into extremism is also thought to have contributed to the surge in referrals.

Scotland Yard today welcomed the figures, saying it shows Londoners “understand the dangers of extremism and the need to speak out”. But MPs and campaigners called for more resources to face the surge.

London Assembly member Murad Qureshi, who obtained the figures from Mayor Boris Johnson, said the capital’s fight against extremism should be led by schools in a community, rather than police-led, approach.

He said: “The figures certainly show the extent of it and this now needs to move into the educational arena.

“It’s useful for the Met to be on top of the issue. But we need to see a community approach, with schools and education at the forefront of that.

“Simple history lessons about Islamic states which have failed in the past could be useful, as opposed to some of the propaganda from other sources.”

Hannah Stuart, a researcher on extremism from the Henry Jackson Society think tank, said: “These figures confirm the fact that London is, and has always been, the centre of Islamist inspired terrorism, radicalisation and extremism in this country. That pattern will remain.”

Channel involves social workers, police, medical staff and  others working with adults and young people who are judged to be  either vulnerable to or engaged in extremism.

The aim is to divert them away from potential violence through early intervention as part of the Government’s wider “Prevent” programme.

Commander Richard Walton, the head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “The earlier we can intervene to prevent radicalisation the better.

“It is good that we are receiving more referrals as it shows that the people of London understand the dangers of extremism and the need to speak out. Everyone can play a part in keeping London safe.”

Security minister John Hayes added: “As a country, we have a duty to challenge, at every turn, the twisted narrative that has corrupted some of our vulnerable young people.

“Referrals to Channel have increased since 2014 but we have dedicated sufficient resources to the programme to cope with demand. We will keep this position under close review.”

Although most counter-extremism schemes focus on older children and adults, primary or nursery age youngsters can also be referred under the Prevent scheme because of concerns about the conduct of their families. Police have used the family courts 30 times to bring care proceedings to protect young children. Measures include removing the children’s passports.

London has several “priority” boroughs which receive extra government funding for providing such counter-extremism programmes.

A planned initiative is set to see them “buddy-up” with non-priority ones to share information.

But shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper claimed that support had been cut too far. She said: “The Government has substantially cut support for community-led action to counter extremists’ lies. The police can’t do this alone. Countering extremism is much more effective if it involves local community groups.

“We know young people are particularly at risk of radicalisation, yet the Channel programme is not sufficiently resourced or prepared to manage the referrals being made.”

Haras Rafiq, managing director of counter-extremism think tank Quilliam, said: “Generally, across London, Channel alone is already bursting at the seams. It is a particular London problem when we know that about half the people who have gone to Iraq and Syria are from London and there are parts of London where this ideology needs to be challenged.”

The programme’s effectiveness came under fire last week as it emerged Britain’s youngest terrorist, a 15-year-old schoolboy who admitted inciting Australian teenagers to carry out a beheading, was placed on Channel two years ago. He was the second convicted terrorist this year in which counter-extremism programmes failed.

Nearly half of the 4,000 Channel referrals across the country relate to under-18s and referrals had increased 58 per cent at the beginning of this year.

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