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An American’s Experience with Islamic Apostasy | Raymond Ibrahim

An American’s Experience with Islamic Apostasy | Raymond Ibrahim | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

At a recent dinner party, the death sentence of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim for the crime of apostasyby a Sudanese Islamic court came up as a topic of discussion.  Not surprisingly, the progressive elements of the group did their best to defend Islam, claiming that her sentence to die by hanging was handed down by religious fanatics (not Muslim fanatics) who don’t understand the peaceful nature of Islam.

With my wife by my side, I firmly disagreed with them, stating that my three years’ experience working in the Middle East has taught me that Meriam’s hanging sentence fits perfectly well within the Islamic culture.  To further my point, I mentioned a past interaction I had with a group of Sudanese Muslims who wanted to kill my wife for leaving Islam.

This event occurred a few years ago while I was working as an ESL instructor in a Saudi Arabian University.  Many of my colleagues were Sudanese Muslims and my first impression of them was very positive.  I admired them because they were hardworking and forward looking.  They were in Saudi Arabia to earn enough money to either start a family, buy a home, or invest in a business.  For many months, we shared stories regarding our families and dreams.

Knowing that I have a Thai wife who remained in Thailand while I worked in Saudi Arabia, my Sudanese co-workers would regularly ask me why I didn’t bring her to live with me in Saudi Arabia, to which I always responded, “She doesn’t like the idea of wearing the hijab in the Saudi heat nor the idea of remaining in our apartment all day while I am at work.”

To that, they would reply, “She must live that way in Saudi Arabia; that is our culture,” to which I responded, “She doesn’t like that aspect of this culture which is why she refuses to move to Saudi Arabia.”

One day, to get them of my back for good regarding that issue, I told them the whole truth about my wife not moving to Saudi Arabia.  I confided in them that my wife was a Muslim and that she converted to Buddhism in her early twenties, years before I met her, and that Saudi Arabia could be dangerous for her.

Considering these men my friends, I was hoping they would be understanding and change the topic of conversation.  After a long minute of silence, one of Sudanese looked at me and said, “Your wife must be put to death!”

I could not believe that the man whose desk was in front of mine and with whom I had numerous great conversations would say that to my face.  So, I burst out laughing and said, “You can’t be serious!” to which he replied, “Our culture requires us to kill her.”

While this exchange went on for another minute, I noticed that the other six Sudanese teachers remained very quiet.  I wondered whether they agreed or not with their colleague.  The next morning, my question was answered.  While shaking hands with all my co-teachers, I refused to shake the hand of the Sudanese who threatened my wife. He felt insulted and was furious, so I said, “How can I shake the hand of a man who wants to kill my wife.”

He replied: “But they all think like me—so why do you shake their hands.”

I responded: “They were smart enough not to say it to my face, but in your defense, you are the most honest among them.”

They stared at me in shock and awe and from that time, I rarely spoke to them.  A month later, my contract was over and I left Saudi Arabia.  From Saudi Arabia, I moved to another Muslim country and asked a female co-worker if the country would be safe for my wife because she left Islam.

She looked at me and said, “Do not bring your wife here.”

After finishing my story, I looked at the progressives at the dinner party and said, “That is what Muslims do to apostates because it is their religious duty to do so.  My friendship with my Sudanese co-workers meant nothing to them once they found out my wife left Islam.  So Meriam’s verdict and eventual hanging, if the West does not interfere, should come as no surprise to anyone who understands Islam.”

They looked at me with infuriating eyes.  I dared to break their PC rules regarding Islam and they couldn’t fight back with my wife, a potential victim, by my side.

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Not for the squeamish!!..... but to illustrate what horrors have been endured by both sides in Iraq.....as we sit cocooned and protected with our laptops and computers,whilst others to do our dirty work ....

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Obama Disgraces the Dead with False Claims of Success - Breitbart

Obama Disgraces the Dead with False Claims of Success - Breitbart | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
There is no commitment to America’s fighting men and women that President Barack Obama has not broken. When he ran for office in 2008, he promised to leave a residual force in Iraq to secure that country against external meddling and internal collapse. When he took office, President George W. Bush handed over a relatively stable and secure Iraq, thanks to the “surge” Obama opposed, and thanks to the sacrifices made by thousands of Americans, killed and wounded in battle.

Yet in 2011, Obama withdrew all combat troops–which is likely what he intended to do all along–and left Iraq before the job was done, allowing terrorists to regroup and sectarian rivalries to re-emerge. By pulling out troops, he also removed the only remaining strategic threat to the Iranian regime. Today, ISIS is running rampant across the region, and he and his sycophants assure the American people that they are winning the war against the “junior varsity” terrorist caliphate.

Meanwhile, the five senior Taliban leaders whom Obama freed from Guantánamo in exchange for an alleged deserter are leaving their gilded exile in Qatar and heading back to Afghanistan. There, Obama finally agreed to a “surge,” after much prevarication–but devoted far fewer troops than military leaders recommended, and foolishly declared a timeline for their withdrawal. The result: more American dead, as Obama enables the would-be terrorist regime awaiting its restoration.

On the campaign trail, the First Lady joined her husband in calling for Americans to support the troops–partly a sincere call to care for military families, partly a way to dress up anti-war sentiment in patriotic colors.

Meanwhile, the Veterans Affairs hospitals continued to mistreat our heroes–and the promised reforms and dismissals turned out to be little more than hot air.

“I don’t think we’re losing,” Obama says. That is because he has won, politically. But our troops paid the price.
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IS executes 217 in, near Syria's Palmyra in 9 days: monitor

IS executes 217 in, near Syria's Palmyra in 9 days: monitor | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Beirut (AFP) - The Islamic State group has executed at least 217 people, including civilians, in the nine days since it captured areas in Syria's Homs province including the ancient city of Palmyra, a monitor said Sunday.
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​Jihadist welfare: Denmark paid benefits to citizens fighting in Syria

​Jihadist welfare: Denmark paid benefits to citizens fighting in Syria | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

At least 32 Danish citizens have received about 378,000 kroner (US$57,000) in unemployment benefits …while they were ‘employed’ engaging in jihad, fighting alongside extremists in Syria, government data shows.

“STAR [Danish Labour Agency] has thus far received information pertaining to 32 people who, according to PET’s [Security and Intelligence Service] information, have gone abroad in relation to the conflict in Syria while at the same time receiving social benefits,” an Employment Ministry document obtained by Danish Radio24syv says.

The benefits paid to members of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) are in the form of kontanthjælp and dagpenge, two types of unemployment payments.

Denmark has one of the best systems of unemployment benefits. Those who are on dagpenge welfare benefits can receive up to 801 kroner per day ($121) for up to two years.

According to Peter Skaarup of the Danish People’s Party, the recent information about benefits for jihadists show that Copenhagen was “careless” about extremists.

“There has been a lot of talk about how serious it is, but when it comes to the practical consequences we can see that nobody does anything,” he told BT, a local tabloid.

He said that every single case should be reported to police immediately “because you are not available to the job market when you are in the midst of Syria’s civil war."

“And if we are to send a signal that we won’t accept these Syrian fighters going down there, we need to put more consequences in place.”

The information that Danish radicals fighting for IS [Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL] receive unemployment benefits was revealed back in November 2014. However, then PET put the number of ‘unemployed’ extremists to 28 and didn’t specify the amount of money they manage to receive while fighting in the ranks of IS.

Read more
Danish police kill suspect in two Copenhagen shootings
In March, PET said that at least 115 Danish citizens have joined jihadists in Syria and Iraq since the start of Syrian Civil War in 2011. Nineteen of them were killed in battle.

“CTA [PET’s Centre for Terror Analysis] believes there is a continued terror threat against Denmark from people who return home from the conflict in Syria/Iraq,” the head of PET, Jens Madsen, said.

According to CTA Director Soren Jensen, the influence of IS in Denmark is quite significant.

“We assess that there are still people who join the militant Islamic environments in Denmark and that within those environments there is widespread sympathy for ISIL,” he said.

READ MORE: Copenhagen police say dead shootings suspect was 'Charlie Hebdo-inspired’

Between 5,000 and 6,000 Europeans have traveled to Syria to join Islamic State, the EU Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova said in April.

The EU nationals traveling to Syria cause authorities’ concern, as the European governments fear they may return and carry out attacks on home soil.

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Insight - Islamic State learns lessons from U.S. raid: jihadist sources

Insight - Islamic State learns lessons from U.S. raid: jihadist sources | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A U.S. special forces raid against an Islamic State leader in Syria caught the jihadist group off guard, killing not only the declared target, but also two other important figures, jihadist sources in Syria said.

The sources said a spy must have infiltrated the movement and passed on vital information that helped the U.S. commandos zero in on the home of their victim early Saturday when most of the guards had left to join a battle elsewhere.

They said the ultra-hardline group had absorbed the shock, but promised that any culprits would be discovered. The Islamic State was also considering tightening its recruitment procedures to try to root out moles and was considering forming a specialist unit to counter such attacks in future.

"This is a lesson for us. We consider what happened as a lesson not to underestimate our enemy regardless who he is," said one of the group's fighters inside Syria reached by Reuters via the Internet, who declined to be named.

The fighters are not allowed to speak to the media and face severe punishment if they flaunt the rule.

U.S. Delta Force reached deep into eastern Syria in the early hours of Saturday for their ground assault, departing from their usual reliance on air strikes alone to hit the Islamic State, which holds swathes of both Iraq and Syria.

During the raid, the U.S. troops killed Abu Sayyaf -- a Tunisian citizen whom Washington believes was responsible for overseeing Islamic State's financial operations and was involved in the handling of foreign hostages.

Islamic State has yet to make any formal statement about the attack in Deir al-Zor province, and it appears to be business as usual in the territory it holds. A resident in the northeastern Syrian city of Raqqa -- the group's de facto capital -- said life continued as before.

Sources told Reuters that two other leaders died in Saturday's incursion -- Abu Taym, a Saudi believed to oversee oil operations in the area, and Abu Mariam, who worked on group communications. His nationality was not immediately known.

Abu Sayyaf's two brothers were wounded and his wife, who is believed to have overseen a slave market for abducted Yazidi women, was captured and flown back to Iraq.

"The reason this has happened is because of the spies. Someone from inside has helped them," said a fighter within Syria, who asked not to be named for security reasons.

"They knew exactly where to go and when. They went to the building where he was staying with his family. They did it at a time when we have minimized the guards around the compound because they were sent to a battle," he said.


Abu Sayyaf and his family were staying in a compound that contained at least 50 buildings, each four storeys high, where 1,000 people including civilians, lived.

The compound was built by the Syrian government to accommodate families of employees and engineers who run the nearby al-Omar gas and oil plant.

When Islamic State seized the area last year, it kept only a few dozen government employees, enough to operate the plant. The rest were killed or expelled and their houses handed over to Islamic State fighters and their families.

"The (Islamic) State is now taking new measures. One of those measures is to increase restrictions on joining. Members will be reviewed and new ones will have to be recommended. Whoever they are," said a Syrian Islamic State fighter from inside Syria.

Earlier this month, Islamic State issued an audio recording that it said was by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, calling on supporters around the world to join the fight in Syria and Iraq. Many hundreds of foreign fighters have swelled the group's ranks and it was not clear if these new measures would slow the flow.

Abu Sayyaf has been quietly replaced in the group hierarchy and there were no signs that his death had had a direct impact on its current battles or the movement's structure.

Just hours after the U.S. sortie, Islamic State fighters overran the Iraqi provincial capital of Ramadi dealing a major blow to Iraq's government and its Western backers. In Syria, it pressed on with its assault on the ancient city of Palmyra.

Fighters and jihadi sources say the group is built in such a way that it can easily absorb the deaths of leading figures.

"We are here to die, we are here to become martyrs. Even our Caliph could be a lucky martyr one day so even if this happens, the State will not collapse. It has become bigger than one person," said another fighter from a Middle East country.


Fighters contacted by Reuters inside Syria were initially stunned that such a raid could have happened and its loyalists on social media have made little or no mention of the incident.

The group takes pride in being impenetrable to foreign intelligence services, particularly in Syria, believing it can root out infiltrators before they can cause any damage.

Once caught, suspected spies are often executed in public, with videos of the beheadings or shootings regularly posted on the Internet to deter would-be agents. Their bodies are sometimes left out for days as an example for others.

Communication with media is also rare and controlled.

Fighters believe that such restrictions have allowed the organisation to operate quietly and effectively, regularly catching its enemies unawares with surprise offensives.

This also helps explain, they said, the failure of a similar U.S. raid to rescue American hostages last summer.

"We knew it was going to happen then. We quietly evacuated the place. They came, there was no one," a Syrian fighter, who said he had been in Raqqa then, told Reuters.

"But this time they were successful. It is spies, but they will be found and punished in no time. As for us, we will continue our path, the path of jihad."
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‘Islam must be banned’: French Mayor in trouble after extreme tweets, calls to deport Muslims

‘Islam must be banned’: French Mayor in trouble after extreme tweets, calls to deport Muslims | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A mayor of a French town has been suspended from former president Nikolas Sarkozy’s UMP party after urging a ban on Islam in the country and the immediate “escorting to the border” of those practicing the religion.

“The Muslim religion must be banned in France,” Robert Chardon, mayor of the southern town of Venelles, wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

All followers of Islam should be “immediately escorted to the border,” the mayor added, forecasting that the Muslim faith will be banned in France by 2027.

The controversial tweet was made by Chardon as part of an online public discussion initiated by French ex-president and UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) leader, Nicolas Sarkozy, under the #NSDirect hashtag.

Sarkozy, who is likely to run for president once again in 2027, was quick to distance himself from the comments.

“I condemn this proposal even if secularism also means fixing limits. Rights and limits go together,” he wrote.

The Venelles mayor was also slammed by Twitter followers, who on their part suggested “to ban idiocy in France” instead of Islam, Sputnik news agency reported.

"In France, everyone is free to choose whether or not to believe in God, and that's just fine!" one of the users reminded, while another wrote to Chardon that he was “glad not to live in your **** town!”

Read more
French mayor in hot water over ‘counting’ Muslim kids in schools
At first, it was suggested that the comments didn’t come from the mayor as his account on Twitter was hacked.

But Chardon confirmed the authenticity of the tweet, and expressed eagerness to defend his position.

In his interview with Le Monde paper, said he stands firm in his belief that banning Islam and deporting all Muslims is "the only solution for most of France's problems."

Muslims should practice their religion "in their country of origin," Chardon said.

According to the mayor, the understandings of this idea came to him as an epiphany, while he was taking leave to get treatment from mouth cancer.

Union for a Popular Movement vice-president, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, announced that party has suspended Chardon, who will be later removed from UMP’s ranks.

“I have called for the expulsion procedure to be started for these absurd statements that in no way reflect the values and program of the UMP,” Kosciusko-Morizet told AFP.

Racism and xenophobia against the country’s five billion Muslims have been on the rise in France, following series of terror attacks by Islamic radicals, including the deadly shooting at Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly in mid-January.
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UN Watch Condemns Saudi Bid to Head UN Human Rights Council

UN Watch Condemns Saudi Bid to Head UN Human Rights Council | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

“Electing Saudi Arabia as the world’s judge on human rights would be like making a pyromaniac the town fire chief,” said UN Watch's Hillel Neuer.


The fundamentalist Saudi monarchy is seeking to head the world’s top human rights body, a move liable to be “the final nail in the coffin for the credibility of a body that already counts dictatorships like China, Cuba, and Russia as members, and whose top advisor is co-founder of the Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights group.

“We urge U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and EU foreign minister Federica Mogherini to denounce this despicable act of cynicism by a regime that beheads people in the town square, systematically oppresses women, Christians, and gays, and jails innocent bloggers like Raif Badawi for the crime of challenging the rulers’ radical brand of Wahabbist Islam.”

UN Watch has learned from diplomatic sources that Saudi Arabia, an elected member of the 47-nation Human Rights Council, is actively lobbying the Asian group to be elected as president for 2016. The story was recently confirmed by the Tribune de Genève. Germany currently holds the presidency, a one-year term that rotates among the five regional groups.

“Electing Saudi Arabia as the world’s judge on human rights would be like making a pyromaniac the town fire chief,” said Neuer.

The council has already been heavily criticized by rights activists for turning a blind eye toward the world’s worst abusers. In its 9-year history, for example, there has not been a single resolution, urgent session or investigation of gross abuses by China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan, or Venezuela.

U.S. & EU Bear Blame for Failing to Oppose Saudi Election as UNHRC Member

The U.S. and the European Union failed to oppose Saudi Arabia’s election to the council in 2013, said Neuer. “We urged them to oppose the election of Saudi Arabia, yet Washington and Brussels did nothing; now they must take responsibility and at least stop the Saudi from seizing the presidency,” he added.

“It’s time for the politics of oil to stop trumping the basic principles of human rights.”

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UK Election 2015: Police car explosion at Bosworth count - BBC News

UK Election 2015: Police car explosion at Bosworth count - BBC News | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
An explosion in a police car outside an election count in Leicestershire is being investigated.
Fire crews were called to the patrol car on fire outside the Bosworth parliamentary count at Hinckley Leisure Centre.
No-one was injured in the explosion but glass was blown across Coventry Road.
Steve Moore, watch manager at Hinckley Fire Station said it was "probably malicious".
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Police raid six London houses over 'cold-calling scam connected to terrorism in Syria'

Police raid six London houses over 'cold-calling scam connected to terrorism in Syria' | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Counter terror detectives today arrested seven people in an operation targeting fraudsters who pose as police officers to “cold call” the elderly and vulnerable.

The six men and one woman were held as part of a major ongoing investigation into suspected fund raising for terror groups including Islamic State.

Officers carried out dawn raids at six addresses in London and one address in Luton.

At one address officers also arrested a 46-year-old woman in connection with an unrelated investigation into a 15-year-old school girl from Bethnal Green who is suspected of travelling to join Islamic State militants in Syria in December.

The woman, arrested at an address in north London, was held on suspicion of child abduction because of the girl’s age.  She was later bailed.  

In February three teenagers from the same school, Bethnal Green Academy, Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, left their homes in east London and travelled to Syria.

Five men, aged between 21 and 28, and a 32-year-old woman were arrested in north London in connection with the cold calling inquiry. A 38-year-old man was held in Luton.

Scotland Yard said all had been arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering - except for the woman who was arrested for money laundering only.

In a statement the Yard said : “Officers are investigating a large scale fraud linked to UK extremists travelling to Syria. The arrests today form part of an ongoing fraud investigation, whereby unsuspecting vulnerable and elderly victims are ‘cold called’ on their home phone by a suspect impersonating a police officer.

“Members of the public are strongly advised, if you receive a call like this about your bank account from someone claiming to be a police officer, hang up the phone, wait at least five minutes to make sure the phone line has cleared, or use another phone line, before ringing the phone number on your bank card.

“Remember - your bank or the police will never ask for your pin, your bank card or to withdraw money.”

Police were searching all seven addresses today.

Those arrested were being interviewed at a police station in south London.
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FGM cases rise in England, figures ‘only tip of the iceberg’

FGM cases rise in England, figures ‘only tip of the iceberg’ | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A total of 578 new cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in England were reported in March this year alone.

From September last year to March 2015, there have been 3,963 new cases nationwide, 60 of which were victims under the age of 18, according to theHealth and Social Care Information Centre.

“Not surprisingly, as more FGM survivors access healthcare, we see a continued increase in the official figures,” Mary Wandia, FGM program manager at Equality Now, told the Guardian.

“However, this number is still only the tip of the iceberg. Last year, we estimated that 137,000 women and girls live in England and Wales who have been affected by FGM. We will continue to see significant month-on-month increases as more women and girls affected by FGM access healthcare. Every month, we are getting a clearer picture of the sheer scale of the issue.”

FGM, a traditional practice to partially or completely remove the outer sexual organs, has been illegal in the UK since 1985. It is mainly practiced in Africa and in a few countries in the Middle East (Yemen, Kurdish communities, Saudi Arabia) and Asia.

Read more
UK treats 1,700 female genital mutilation victims since April
Read more
Female genital mutilation in US tripled in 25 years
Diasporas of those countries living in the UK, including Somalians and Malians, are believed to continue performing FGM. Some 170,000 women and girls are currently thought to be living with FGM in Britain. A further 20,000 girls under the age of 15 are thought to be at risk of the practice.

Up to 140 million women and girls worldwide have been subjected to FGM, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

More than half the women of the African diaspora living in the UK interviewed for a study said they see FGM as abuse. The Southern Domestic Abuse Service and the African Women’s Forum asked 55 women of African communities, including Guinea, Somalia and Gambia, about their views of the practice, in which 60 percent said they were against it.

Research consultant Dr Tamsin Bradley said: “The level of trauma associated with a woman’s own experience of the practice is really significant in shaping her attitude to FGM. A large number of the women interviewed opposed FGM because they were acutely aware of the long-term health complications that women suffer.

“This research is a small study so we can’t draw wide conclusions concerning the whole of the African diaspora communities in Portsmouth and Southampton but it’s an important step forward, which we hope will contribute to eradicating the practice of FGM.”

Marie Costa, chairwoman of the African Women’s Forum, added: “We must help stop the practice of FGM, which ostracizes families who do not conform to it, through support for those who have been mutilated and education of all community groups who culturally practice FGM.”

One of the 40 percent who support FGM, a Gambian woman who went through the procedure when she was five years old, said: “It was very traumatic; I can still recall it now. I do not blame my mother but just accept that it is part of my tradition. It is very painful and problematic for women, but if I have a daughter I would put her through it because it is part of our cultural identity.”
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‘Muslim-free’ Arkansas gun range draws wary eye of Justice Department

‘Muslim-free’ Arkansas gun range draws wary eye of Justice Department | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

On a Sunday afternoon in early January, a father and son walked into the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in the 35,600-person town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were hoping to fire rounds at targets, just as they have done at the same facility in past years, then under different ownership. During their latest visit, owner Jan Morgan asked the South Asian men to leave the range and threatened to call the cops if they did not.

Their visit came four months after Morgan made national headlines for saying she would not allow Muslims at her range, and the father and son – both Hindu – told local media they thought she mistook their identities because of their brown skin.

Their alleged refusal of service based on their perceived religion has forced the gun range into the middle of a national civil rights fight.

Last September, Morgan declared her business to be a “Muslim-free zone”, a policy that set off a firestorm among religious and civil liberties advocates for denying rights protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. After calls for an investigation, the US Department of Justice recently confirmed that officials are keeping an eye on the shooting range for allegations of civil rights violations.

Morgan, a second amendment supporter, firearm instructor and television investigative journalist, confirmed over the phone knowledge of the federal government’s decision to monitor her business, but referred the Guardian to an essay she posted this week by way of a response . In it, she writes that she banned Muslims from firing guns at her range because of her responsibility “for the safety and security of innocent people from all races and backgrounds who handle firearms in my facility”.

Jenifer Wicks, litigation director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, last October wrote a letter on behalf of the advocacy group to then-Attorney General Eric Holder requesting an investigation into the Gun Cave’s ban. Though Morgan had not yet denied Muslims service, concerns had already arisen over the controversial policy.

To challenge the policy, volunteers approached Cair willing to be denied service from the Gun Cave, Wicks says. But when Morgan stopped the father and son from using the gun range in January, Cair followed up with the Department of Justice about their denial of service based on their perceived religion.

“It’s unfortunately similar to what we’ve historically seen with public business accommodations in the South during the 1960s that literally advertised black people weren’t allowed,” Wicks told the Guardian. “She seems to have turned that on its face.”

Morgan, who justified the policy because of Gun Cave’s status as a private club with paid memberships, claimed to be in compliance with federal law, as explained to her by an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). According to Morgan, the Federal Bureau of Investigation also said Isis-affiliated militants currently located in Arkansas could target her based on her past remarks about the religion.

Wicks says Morgan has “completely missed the boat” in interpreting the information she received from the ATF agent.

Rita Sklar, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Arkansas chapter, also asked for an investigation into Morgan’s policy generalizing all Islamic people based on the heinous actions of a few extremists. Sklar calls the shooting range’s policy is one of the most “blatant acts of discrimination” she’s seen in more than two decades of defending Arkansas residents’ civil liberties.

“For someone who espouses the patriotism that this woman does, it’s especially shocking because it’s an un-American sentiment,” Sklar told the Guardian. “This is a country that values equality, openness to all religions. It’s a basic tenet of our nation and our nation’s founding. It’s quite disturbing.”

In a short written reply to Cair on 17 April, the Justice Department confirmed that it has begun to monitor Morgan’s gun range. But the letter did not elaborate on whether the department planned to take further action beyond that.

In response, Morgan wrote that federal authorities will keep tabs on her whereabouts not due to her wrongful actions but to protect her after receiving “years of death threats” from Muslims.

“So, do you really think the idea of ‘more monitoring’ of my daily life is somehow a threat to me in any way?” Morgan wrote this week. “I am certain feds are much more concerned about Muslims KILLING me than they are about me hurting the feelings of muslims.”

Morgan seems intent on letting nothing stop her from keeping her shooting range’s “Muslim-free zone” absent of Muslims. The owner has subsequently doubled down on enforcing her code at all costs – even stating that she would rather shut down her business than let Islamic people fire weapons from inside the stalls of her gun range.

“To do anything less, in my current position, would be irresponsible, reckless and life threatening,” Morgan wrote.

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UK: Banbury 'social media party' sex abuse gang jailed

UK: Banbury 'social media party' sex abuse gang jailed | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A gang of five men and a teenager who subjected underage girls to sexual abuse in Oxfordshire after grooming them have been jailed.
The defendants attacked seven victims, aged 13 to 15, in cars, woods or at the defendants' homes in Banbury.
Oxford Crown Court heard they lured victims to parties organised on social media and were found guilty in March.
At the same court, each of the men were handed sentences of between three and nine years.
Ahmed Hassan-Sule, 21, of Glyndebourne Gardens, was sentenced to nine years imprisonment, with a further five years on licence; Mohamed Saleh, 22, of Orchard Way, was jailed for four years and nine months; Said Saleh, 20, of Orchard Way, was jailed for four years; Takudzwa Hova, 21, of Broughton Road, was sentenced to six years with a further four years on licence; and Kagiso Manase, 21, of Warwick Road, received five years.
'Planned beforehand'
Zsolt Szaltoni, 18, of Portway, was sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution.
Speaking after the sentencing, one of the gang's victims, who was 14 at the time, said she was attacked in a car after attending a party organised on Facebook.
"I got in the car because the others left and I was on my own and I didn't know what to do, so I just went with them," she told the BBC.
"I was in the back of the car but I was in the middle... I was just scared. I didn't know what to do, but they'd planned it beforehand.
"They would talk their language... and I didn't understand it."
The girl said, after the party, the abuse continued.
'I was brainwashed'
"It gradually started to become more people. He asked me if I would work for him and I said 'No' and I just laughed it off but, as I realise now, I did it without even knowing - [I did] sex work.
"I thought it was okay, because I was brainwashed. They made me think it was my decision but it wasn't."
The abuse was uncovered after a member of the Kingfisher team - a multi-agency operation tackling child exploitation in Oxfordshire - came to see the victim at school.
She said: "I know there's more girls so it's quite disappointing that they don't have the courage to come forward.
"I just think I'm so lucky because there are lots of other girls who aren't lucky."
The girl said it was her ambition to work in the Kingfisher team and help others who have been in her situation.
She said: "It's important for me to do that. It's closure isn't it?"

The verdicts were -
Ahmed Hassan-Sule was found guilty of 13 counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of assault by penetration
Kagiso Manase was convicted of three counts of sexual activity with a child, two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of sexual assault
Takudzwa Hova was found guilty of one count of rape, one count of sexual activity with a child and two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He was found not guilty of one count of rape
Mohamed Saleh was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child. He was found not guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child and one count of rape
Said Saleh was convicted of one count of sexual activity with a child but was found not guilty of another count
Zsolt Szaltoni was found guilty of one count of rape
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Egypt: Writer calls for protest against hijab

Egypt: Writer calls for protest against hijab | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
An Egyptian journalist has issued a controversial call for Muslim women in the country to take off their headscarves.
Cherif Choubachy says women should take part in a protest against the hijab in Cairo's Tahrir Square in May, the al-Yawm al-Sabi newspaper reports. He wants women to remove their headscarves while "guarded" by a circle of men, including himself. In a video posted on his Facebook page, Mr Choubachy says women face social pressure and are "looked down on" if they don't wear the hijab, adding that he thinks many wear it "out of fear". The headscarf is still a debated issue in Egypt, with clerics saying it's obligatory in Islam, while intellectuals argue it's actually a tradition rather than a rule.
His comments have been denounced by Egypt's former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, who says anyone who supports the call doesn't understand Egyptian society or history. Many social media users say women should be left alone to decide for themselves. "I'm a liberal and I'm still against this idea because the hijab is a question of personal freedom," says one man on Twitter. Another person wonders why people are getting worked up about it: "It's the same as other people who call for women to wear the hijab. They don't have the tools of repression needed to impose what they want." And one user wishes people would pay the same amount of attention to education and healthcare issues as they do to debates surrounding women's headscarves.
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Zakariya Ashiq trial: Jury out in Syria terror case - BBC News

Zakariya Ashiq trial: Jury out in Syria terror case - BBC News | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The jury has gone out in the trial of a British man accused of trying to join Islamic State in Syria.


Zakariya Ashiq, 20, from Coventry, denies two counts of preparing acts of terrorism.


The Old Bailey heard he was arrested at Heathrow in November after failing to cross the border from Jordan.


He has admitted trying to get to Syria but said he had been forced to leave the UK because he was being "harassed" by MI5.


Mr Ashiq said he had also been "tortured" by unidentified "shadowy figures".

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Air France plane lands at Kennedy after threats: sources

Air France plane lands at Kennedy after threats: sources | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A series of threats was made against flights en route to airports in New York and New Jersey on Monday, and fighter jets scrambled to escort one of the planes in, sources said Monday.

Air France Flight 22, from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, was escorted to Kennedy Airport after a threat was made claiming possible chemical weapons were on board the plane, the source said.

U.S. officials sent fighter jets to meet the plane because Air France did not immediately respond to U.S. government requests for information, but the threat is not believed to be credible, WBAC-TV reported.The flight was scheduled to land at Kennedy at 10:18 a.m.

Authorities unloaded all the cargo from the plane and were in the process of unloading passengers Monday afternoon, the source said. Passengers will have to go through customs and speak with investigators after getting off the plane, the source said.

Air France tweeted about the incident from its official handle @AFnewsroom, saying: “We confirm #AirFrance flight #AF022 #CDG #JFK landed safely at JFK where passengers disembarked normally. Aircraft inspection ongoing.”

Calls made to Air France by the Daily News were not immediately returned.

Sources said that threats also were made against a Saudi Airlines plane and American Airlines Flight 131, from Birmingham Airport in England, which was scheduled to land at Kennedy at 11:57 a.m.

Chrispine Sibande, who was at Kennedy watching the searches unfold, tweeted that emergency vehicles focused their attention on the Saudi Airlines aircraft after inspecting the Air France flight.

“At first Emergency Vehicles surrounded Air France plane. Now they are at Saudi Airlines Plane,” Sibande tweeted from his handle @CGSibande.

“Emergency vehicles have surrounded the Saudi airlines plane,” he continued.

Threats were coming in against flights scheduled to land at Newark International Airport as well, the source said.

It was not immediately clear if any of the other threats made were credible.

Though threats made against aircrafts are not uncommon, multiple threats made consecutively are “pretty unusual,” the source said.

"We don't know if it’s some nut in a room making calls or if it’s an organized effort to upset air travel today," the source said.

"But the JFK Squad is pretty good at locking up these people who are making the threats. If they are not professionals, (the people making the threats) can be tracked down through a number of methods,” the source said.
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One of Ireland’s most senior Catholic clerics has called for the Church to take a “reality check” following the country’s overwhelming vote in favour of same-sex
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Judge sentences 11 Afghan police over lynching of woman in Kabul

Judge sentences 11 Afghan police over lynching of woman in Kabul | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
An Afghan judge sentenced 11 police on Tuesday to one year in jail for failing to prevent the mob killing of a woman in Kabul who was accused of burning a Koran.

Judge Safiullah Mujadidi freed eight other officers accused of failure to carry out their duty for lack of evidence.

The lynching in March of the 27-year-old woman, named Farkhunda, sparked outrage and demonstrations in the Afghan capital even before it was revealed that she had not desecrated Islam's holy book.

It prompted rare protests against religious extremism and violence against women in Kabul.

Earlier this month, the same judge sentenced four men to death after they were convicted of murdering Farkhunda. Among them was the caretaker of a local shrine who had accused her of burning the Koran and led the mob that beat her to death and set her body on fire.

Eight others were jailed for 16 years for participating in the attack.

Some of those arrested were tracked down after posting footage of the attack on social media and bragging about taking part.

Afghanistan remains a deeply conservative religious society where many frown on women in the public sphere, more than 13 years after the Taliban's hard-line Islamist regime was ousted.

Under the Taliban's five-year rule, women were banned from leaving home without a male guardian, denied education and forced to wear the all-covering burqa.

(Reporting by Kay Johnson; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)
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Iraq deploys tanks as Islamic State tightens grip on Ramadi

Iraq deploys tanks as Islamic State tightens grip on Ramadi | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Iraqi security forces on Tuesday deployed tanks and artillery around Ramadi to confront Islamic State fighters who have captured the city in a major defeat for the Baghdad government and its Western backers.

After Ramadi fell on Sunday, Shi'ite militiamen allied to the Iraqi army had advanced to a nearby base in preparation for a counterattack on the city, which lies in Anbar province just 110 km (70 miles) northwest of Baghdad.

As pressure mounted for action to retake the city, a local government official urged Ramadi residents to join the police and the army for what the Shi'ite militiamen said would be the "Battle of Anbar".

Sunni Islamic State fighters had set up defensive positions and laid landmines, witnesses said. As the group tightened its grip on the city, Islamists went from house to house in search of members of the police and armed forces and said they would set up courts based on Islamic Sharia law.

They released about 100 prisoners from the counter-terrorism detention center in the city.

Saed Hammad al-Dulaimi, 37, a school teacher who is still in the city, said: "Islamic State used loudspeakers urging people who have relatives in prison to gather at the main mosque in the city center to pick them up. I saw men rushing to the mosque to receive their prisoners."

The move could prove popular with residents who have complained that people are often subject to arbitrary detention.

Sami Abed Saheb, 37, a Ramadi restaurant owner, said Islamic State found 30 women and 71 men in the detention center. They had been shot in the feet to prevent them escaping when their captors fled.

Witnesses said the black flag of Islamic State was now flying over the main mosque, government offices and other prominent buildings in Ramadi.

Jasim Mohammed, 49, who owns a women's clothing shop, said an Islamic State member had told him he must now sell only traditional Islamic garments.

"I had to remove the mannequins and replace them with other means of displaying the clothes. He told me that I shouldn't sell underwear because it's forbidden," he said.

Islamic State had also promised that food, medicine and doctors would soon be available.

Dulaimi said Islamic State fighters were using cranes to lift blast walls from the streets and bulldozers to shovel away sand barriers built by security forces before they fled.

"I think they (Islamic State) are trying to win the sympathy of people in Ramadi and give them moments of peace and freedom," he said.


The decision by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is a Shi'ite, to send in the militia, known as Hashid Shaabi or Popular Mobilisation, to try to retake the predominantly Sunni city could add to sectarian hostility in one of the most violent parts of Iraq.

The Abadi government had pledged to equip and train pro-government Sunni tribes with a view to replicating the model applied during the "surge" campaign of 2006-07, when U.S. Marines turned the tide against al Qaeda fighters - forerunners of Islamic State - by arming and paying local tribes in a movement known as the Anbar Awakening.

But a repeat will be more difficult. Sunni tribal leaders complain that the government was not serious about arming them again, and say they received only token support.

There are fears that weapons provided to Sunni tribes could end up with Islamic State. Islamic State has also worked to prevent a new Awakening movement by killing sheikhs and weakening the tribes.

Iraqi ministers on Tuesday stressed the need to arm and train police and tribal fighters. Abadi called for national unity in the battle to defend Iraq.

A spokesman for Iraqi military operations, Saad Maan, said the armed forces controlled areas between Ramadi and the Habbaniya military base about 30 km (20 miles) away where the militia fighters are waiting.

"Security forces are reinforcing their positions and setting three defensive lines around Ramadi to repel any attempts by terrorists to launch further attacks," Maan said.

"All these three defensive lines will become offensive launch-pads once we determine the zero hour to liberate Ramadi."

The International Organization for Migration said 40,000 people had been forced to flee Ramadi in the past four days.

About 500 people were killed in the fighting for Ramadi in recent days, local officials said.

Islamic State gains in Ramadi mean it will take longer for Iraqi forces to move against them in Mosul, where militants celebrated victory in Anbar by firing shots into the air, sounding car horns and playing Islamic anthems, residents said.

(Reporting by Baghdad Bureau; Additional reporting by Stephen Kalin; Writing by Giles Elgood; editing by Janet McBride)
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CAGED: Trusted dad-of-five had secret life RAPING and trafficking teen girls

CAGED: Trusted dad-of-five had secret life RAPING and trafficking teen girls | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A RESTAURANT boss who raped a 14-year-old and trafficked other young girls for sex has been jailed.

Predatory paedophile Mohammed Khubaib continues to deny he plied vulnerable youngsters as young as 12 with booze and offered them lifts and fast food to win them over.

The businessman and father-of-five, who also ran a lettings agency, pretended to be their "friend and helper".

He was locked up for 13 years today – the 10th man to be convicted as part of crackdown on the sexual exploitation of young girls in Peterborough, Cambs, in the wake of the Rotherham and Rochdale child abuse scandal.

Judge Peter Rook, at the Old Bailey, told him: "Your actions have had a profound effect on these young girls.

"Some have lost trust in people and ended self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of your conduct.

"You targeted these young girls because they were vulnerable and you were seeking opportunities for your own sexual gratification.

"You knew these girls wanted alcohol and transport. You knew they were young and immature and at their age they didn't know any better.

"No doubt you felt you were untouchable as you took the view there was no risk these girls would ever give evidence about these activities.

"You showed no remorse, no acknowledgement whatsoever as to the effect of your predatory conduct."

“You targeted these young girls because they were vulnerable and you were seeking opportunities for your own sexual gratification”

Judge Peter Rook

The court previously heard Khubaib befriending girls and getting them "hooked" on alcohol – normally vodka – in an attempt to make them "compliant" to sexual advances.

Khubaib, who lived in Peteborough with his wife and children, would pursue his interest "away from his home and family" and used his restaurant as a "focal point".

Mark Dennis, prosecuting, said the defendant would drive girls to flats in his 4x4 and, once there, would groom them for sex by being "plied with alcohol and entertained by himself and his friends".

He raped a 14-year-old girl in August 2007 by forcing her to perform oral sex on him after she was given alcohol and then "rewarded" with £5, the court heard.

The defendant would buy one girl and her friends McDonald's meals and tobacc, as well as giving her small sums of money and a £40 bunch of flowers for her 15th birthday.

He told the girl he wanted her to be his wife, saying that he would "choose her over everyone else", while he told another 15-year-old she had beautiful eyes, the jury was told.

When she rebuffed him, saying he was too old for her, he was said to have replied: "Age doesn't matter."

Khubaib offered another girl £60, telling her: "You make me happy, I'll give you money."

Two weeks later he increased the offer to £90.

Khubaib was convicted of rape and trafficking offences after trial.

Four previous cases led to nine male defendants being jailed for 59 offences against 15 girls, who were mostly from Peterborough and the rest from neighbouring Lincolnshire and Rutland.

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Man says he tried to fight off Libyan soldiers who allegedly raped him

Man says he tried to fight off Libyan soldiers who allegedly raped him | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila on trial in Cambridge crown court after arrest at Bassingbourn barracks

A man allegedly raped by two Libyan soldiers training in the UK described his attackers as “animals” as he told how he tried to fight them off.


Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud, 33, and Ibrahim Abugtila, 23, deny raping and aiding and abetting the rape of the man in his 20s on Christ’s Pieces, a park in Cambridge, on 26 October.


The pair were arrested while undergoing training at Bassingbourn barracks in Cambridgeshire as part of an agreement by the British government to help Libya after the 2011 collapse of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.


Cambridge crown court heard on Wednesday that the pair acted like “hunting dogs”, picking off a victim who was drunk and vulnerable after a night out.


In a police interview, the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said: “They were horrendous, they weren’t human ... They were horrendous people, they were sick people.”


In video footage recorded at the scene by officers who attended the incident, the victim said he had been targeted by “some random guys” who did not speak English as he walked through the city alone.


The man told the officers: “I cannot believe what I’m saying, they raped me. It was horrible, I feel horrible. Don’t say anything to my mum.”


In a later interview he said “three Arab guys” had raped him.

Describing them as “animals”, he added: “I was trying my hardest. I was trying my hardest and they were like overpowering me.


“They pushed me down on the floor. They wouldn’t let me leave.”


The two rapes are said to have taken 38 minutes and the victim contacted police to report the attack minutes after the men fled.


Earlier the court was played the 13-minute 999 call. The man is heard saying: “I’m really scared, can you just come and meet me please?”


Opening the case, prosecutor John Farmer described how the accused met their alleged victim, a “complete stranger”, in the centre of the city at 3.26am.


Farmer said: “They behaved like two hunting dogs who had seen a wounded animal.


“They effectively took him over and, initially not using too much force and later more forcefully, kept him going in the direction they wanted him to go.”


Farmer said both accept they had sex with the man but say he consented. They say he made up the allegation after stealing money from them.


Following the allegation the Ministry of Defence sent 300 soldiers back to their home country prematurely, ending an agreement to put 2,000 soldiers through basic infantry and junior command training in an attempt to help rebuild Libya.


The trial is expected to end next week.

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Libyan soldiers training near Cambridge raped man, court told

Libyan soldiers training near Cambridge raped man, court told | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Two Libyan soldiers being trained in Britain raped a man in a Cambridge park after they homed in on their victim “like hunting dogs”, a jury has been told.

Moktair Ali Saad Mahmoud, 33, and Ibrahim Abugtila, 23, raped a heavily drunk wedding guest in the early hours of 26 October last year after they came across him in the centre of the university town, it was alleged at Cambridge crown court on Wednesday.

The Libyans had been training at Bassingbourn barracks about 10 miles away, as part of a British government programme intended to help bring security to Libya after the 2011 civil war in which rebels, backed by British air and naval power, toppled the dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“The allegation is that in the early hours of 26 October last year they each raped a man who was a complete stranger to them,” said John Farmer for the prosecution. “While Mr Abugtila was raping him, Mr Mahmoud was assisting by pulling him down.”

Both men are charged with rape and aiding and abetting the other. They deny the charges.

Farmer said forensic evidence showed both men had sex with the man and the issue the jury must decide was whether he had consented. He said the alleged victim “hasn’t got a lot of memory of the detail”.

The jury of seven women and five men heard a recording of the alleged victim’s 999 call just minutes after the suspected attack in which he told the operator he had been anally raped.

The Libyans had left the barracks and visited Cambridge on the Saturday night when they came across the “very unsteady” alleged victim in the small hours of Sunday morning, Farmer told the jury.

“On this particular night each of the defendants may or may not have had alcohol to drink,” Farmer said. “That is something that may or may not emerge. One thing is certain is that [the complainant] had consumed a formidable amount of alcohol. He had been at a wedding on the 25th and came in to complete his night in Cambridge and he had drunk pretty steadily.”

Farmer continued: “He was so drunk that even if it was suggested he was consenting he was in no fit state to consent. The primary case of the prosecution is he didn’t consent.”

The jury was shown CCTV footage from after midnight as the two Libyans and the complainant went separately about the town. One clip showed Abugtila blocking two women in the street apparently trying to talk with them. Another showed him being helped to his feet apparently by a stranger. Other clips showed their alleged victim going into clubs, in one case with friends.

CCTV collated by police showed Mahmoud and Abugtila first saw the heavily drunk man at 3.26am outside Sidney Sussex college.

Farmer said: “They behaved like two hunting dogs who had seen a wounded animal. They effectively took him over and, initially not using too much force and later more forcefully, kept him going in the direction they wanted him to go.”

At 4.03am CCTV showed the three men in King Street. The complainant stopped walking, and Abugtila could be seen putting his arm around his neck while Mahmoud was further ahead. A minute later, close to Christ’s Pieces, a park behind Christ’s College, they went off camera and the Libyans returned on camera 38 minutes later without the alleged victim, who was seen a couple of minutes later in a shop doorway in King Street on the phone to the police.

He told the 999 operator: “I am really scared. Can you come and meet me please ... I’ve had erm, quite a few people ... [inaudible] try and fucking rape me.”

Pressed on what happened, he said: “I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been fucking bum raped ... I tried to run off and they weren’t having any of it.”

Asked again what happened he said: “I got fucking raped tonight.” He told the operator he didn’t know his attackers but that there were three of them who he described as “Indian people”. Farmer told the jury they might consider the call “very significant in the context of it being claimed he had consented cheerfully, voluntarily to having intercourse in his anus with two strangers.”

The Libyans returned to Bassingbourn barracks at about 7.30am but did not have money to pay for their taxi, the court heard. Following the alleged victim’s complaint, investigations began at the barracks, including some forensic tests which proved both men had left DNA evidence that they had both had anal intercourse with the alleged victim.

When this evidence was revealed to Abugtila, Farmer said he told police: “I did have anal sex with the male. It was consensual. He was talking fine when we had sex. He stole my money. This is why he made this up. He initiated it.”

Throughout the opening, the two defendants, wearing dark suits with open-neck blue and pink shirts, listened attentively as the proceedings were translated into Arabic for them. The trial continues.
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Rotherham child abductor pestered girls aged 11 and 13 for sex

Rotherham child abductor pestered girls aged 11 and 13 for sex | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A Rotherham child abductor who plied three schoolgirls with sweets and vodka after luring them to his flat overnight has escaped a bid to increase his ‘lenient’ sentence.

Lord Justice Davis said the three girls’ parents were driven ‘frantic’ when their children failed to return for the night.

It was only the next morning they learnt Vejahuin Ghorbani had driven them back to his home after accosting them in a local park.

None of the girls had been harmed or sexually molested but Ghorbani had ‘plied them with drink and made verbal sexual advances’, London’s Appeal Court heard.

He gave the girls – two of aged 11 and the other 13 – sweets and vodka, resulting in one of his victims being sick outside his home.

The abduction came after he began chatting with the girls as he sat on a park bench in September last year.

He asked them to get into his car after telling the oldest girl he ‘fancied her’ and spoke of having sex with her, Lord Justice Davis explained.

“The three girls got into his car and no physical force was used,” he added.

Once at his flat, Ghorbani repeatedly asked one of the youngsters to have sex and made sexual advances to all three.

But no sexual activity in fact occurred, and the girls slipped away unscathed the next morning.

Ghorbani, aged 37, of Park Mount, Clifton, was jailed for three years at Sheffield Crown Court in February.

He admitted two counts of abduction and one of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Attorney-General Jeremy Wright QC urged three Appeal Court judges to up his sentence.

Sarah Whitehouse, for Mr Wright, said the children were ‘detained’ for 12 hours and the terror endured by their waiting families.

The sexual comments made were ‘plainly indicative of what he wished and intended would happen’.

But Lord Justice Davis said Ghorbani had received a clear indication from the trial judge that his sentence would not exceed four years.

The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Cooke and Sir Geoffrey Grigson, agreed three years was lenient but was not so ‘out of line’ it demanded an increase, he ruled.

The judge concluded: “It is easy to imagine the feelings of the parents when they discovered their children had not returned.

“Nevertheless, we think it would be quite wrong for this court to intervene.”
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Election 2015: English Democrats launch campaign with attack on 'traitors'

Election 2015: English Democrats launch campaign with attack on 'traitors' | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The leader of the English Democrats warned about an "anti-English conspiracy" between Labour and the SNP as he launched the party's general election campaign.


Speaking near Traitor's Gate, at the Tower of London, Robin Tilbrook said a deal between the two parties would be "against the English".
He also criticised UKIP for not being interested in English nationalism.
The party is fielding 35 candidates at the general election.
In the past it has campaigned for an English Parliament but now says it wants to see a fully independent England, as well as withdrawal from the EU.


'English voice'
The party chose the Hung, Drawn and Quartered Pub, near the Tower of London, to launch its campaign, saying it would send a "message from history for those that might want to conspire against English interests", said Mr Tilbrook.

"We say that the prospect of a Labour/SNP government, perhaps backed up by Plaid Cymru - and there has been some talks, we gather, with Sinn Fein... will be an anti-English conspiracy of a government and therefore we can start to talk about treason," he said.


The SNP has said it is prepared to work with Labour - perhaps as part of a "progressive alliance" with Plaid - to keep the Conservatives out of government, although Labour has ruled out a formal coalition and has described links with Sinn Fein as "absolute rubbish".
Plans to film an interview with Mr Tilbrook at Traitor's Gate had to be abandoned after officials from the Tower put a stop to it.
But the party, which claims to be the only one offering a "voice to the English" at the general election, was able to unveil a defector from UKIP.


Graham Moore said he had been due to stand for Nigel Farage's party at the general election but jumped ship at the start of the year because UKIP "have no interest in England whatsoever".
He is now standing for the English nationalist party in Erith and Thamesmead, east London.
'Last gasp'


The English Democrats are fielding fewer candidates than they did at the 2010 general election but are concentrating on areas where they have support, including a full slate in South Yorkshire.
They are also standing in the border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, the most northerly constituency in England, and Monmouth, in Wales, where they are campaigning for a local referendum on whether the area should become part of England again.


Mr Tilbrook said the party was "consolidating our position as the English nationalist party", and wanted to be ready to capitalise if UKIP's progress came to a "juddering halt" at the election, offering a home to "those people in UKIP who are basically English nationalists".


The party is also campaigning against Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem plans to give more self-government to the English regions, arguing that it would a "shame" to sacrifice England's unity for a "last gasp attempt to save the Union".

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Obama Just Made A Highly Illegal Move Against Christians- He Could Be In Trouble // MrConservative.com

Obama Just Made A Highly Illegal Move Against Christians- He Could Be In Trouble // MrConservative.com | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
President Obama just made a move against Christians that could land him in big trouble.
Thanks to Obama, faith-based aide organizations are being forced to refer young refugees who have been sexually assaulted to abortion clinics, even though this violates their religious beliefs.
“Faith-based groups say this is a contravention of the rights of parents and a violation of the conscience rights of faith-based groups helping resettle the children,” said Dr. Susan Yoshihara of the Center for Family & Human Rights.
According to Dr. Yoshihara, Obama and his goons quietly changed the rules to “require faith-based providers to make referrals for emergency contraception, partner with groups that provide for abortion, or notify the federal government that would make arrangement for the abortion.”
According to Conservative Tribune, the Obama administration consciously tried to keep this quiet by “fast tracking” the regulation change before waiting for normal public notice, congressional oversight or comment process.
On top of this, religious aide groups are being forced to promote “transgender and intersex” values.
“The rules assert that ‘gender’ refers to the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that a given culture associates with a person’s biological sex,’ and that ‘this term is not to be confused with sex, which refers to a person’s biological status and is typically categorized as male, female, or intersex,” stated Dr. Yoshihara.
Religious aide groups like Catholic Relief Services, World Relief and World Vision are taking a stand against Obama by voicing their anger to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
“The interim report falls short of adequately protecting (relief groups) with religious or moral objections to providing (services or information) to which such organizations have a religious or moral objection,” read a joint message from several faith-based groups.
Freedom of Religion is one of the most fundamental rights our forefathers gave us, and Obama is currently violating it. The president clearly has no respect for the constitution, or Americans who believe in the Christian faith.
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Boy of 13 given life sentence for killing woman by stamping on her face

Boy of 13 given life sentence for killing woman by stamping on her face | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A 13-year-old boy, who killed a woman by stamping on her face, has been given a life sentence.

Petri Kurti knocked Glynis Bensley, 47, to the ground, before robbing her and stamping on her face with such force that his footprint was left on her cheek.

She died later from a severe bleed in the brain, after the attack outside the Seven Stars pub in Smethwick, West Midlands, in September.

Kurti was given a minimum tariff of 12 years, but will have to serve another 11 years and four months before he can be considered for parole due to time spent in custody awaiting trial.

Kurti was ordered to be detained at her majesty’s pleasure – the equivalent of a minimum-term life sentence for a youth, by Judge John Warner at Wolverhampton crown court.

A second defendant, Zoheb Majid, 20, was jailed for 10 years for her manslaughter. The pair were also both found guilty of robbing Bensley of her money, phone, jewellery and cigarettes before leaving her in the street.

The boy reportedly handed himself in to the police several days after the attack, and Majid was arrested shortly afterwards.

At the end of the trial, the judge lifted reporting restrictions that meant the schoolboy could be named. However, his picture can still not be published.

Bensley’s sister, Dawn, said the murder had taken place just yards from where she had been born. “She didn’t deserve it – nobody deserves it,” she said. “They went out to do whatever. It was a needless act. They’ve still got their lives.

“It doesn’t matter how long they serve, they still get to go and see their family. Their families still get to see their sons. But we won’t get our sister back. It’s our family who are serving the life sentence.”

She said: “We are a very close and supportive family, and always look out for each other – to try and explain how Glynis’s murder has affected us is very hard to put into words. Glynis was my only sister and best friend – I would describe her as my right arm and I thought we would grow old together.”

Warner said the schoolboy had initially been boastful about the murder, but had later cried, saying he had not meant to do it.

The victim’s brother, John, said: “We couldn’t get over it, it didn’t sink in until the next morning. This is the kind of thing that always happens to other people.”

At the time of the pair’s conviction, DCI Sam Ridding said: “It was clearly the joint intention of the pair to use violence on anyone they targeted: they were in it together as the CCTV showed – they arrived within seconds of each other.

“Ms Bensley was tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time and was randomly picked out by the pair, believing that she was a man and that she was wearing a gold bracelet.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service said on Friday: “These two defendants had targeted Ms Bensley because she was a vulnerable female who was walking home on her own at night.

“Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Ms Bensley.”
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Former model who fled Australia to join Islamic State shot dead

Former model who fled Australia to join Islamic State shot dead | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Model-turned-jihadist Sharky Jama has reportedly been killed in Syria while fighting with terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS).

The Melbourne man's father, Dada Jama, confirmed his death to SBS Radio while tributes to the young man flooded social media.

Somali broadcaster Ibrahim Mohamed said he had spoken with the family on Wednesday who told him Sharky had died after being shot.
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