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UN says more than 70 civilians 'hacked to death' in DR Congo - Telegraph

UN says more than 70 civilians 'hacked to death' in DR Congo - Telegraph | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Peacekeeping mission in country says reports suggest armed groups committed summary executions 'to spread terror'
Paul Alexander's insight:

More than 70 men and women have been hacked to death in the restive eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations mission in the country has said.

The UN said it had received reports that the summary executions were committed mainly by armed groups "to spread terror among the population". The majority of the victims were killed with machetes, it added.

The killings happened in late January and early February, a spokesman for the mission, MONUSCO, told AFP. They took place in the Nyamaboko villages I and II in the resource-rich northeastern North Kivu province where armed groups regularly attack civilians over ethnic or commercial disputes.

In December, MONUSCO's intervention force, whose mission is to neutralise all the armed groups active in the troubled country, boosted its presence in the area.

Government troops struck a rare and striking military success when, backed by the UN brigade, they defeated the powerful M23 rebel group in November.

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Since then, MONUSCO has been focusing on going after other armed militias operating in the same region.

MONUSCO said it was in the process of verifying the information about the mass executions on the ground.

"MONUSCO shall spare no efforts to neutralise all the armed groups responsible for such acts," it said in the statement.

Mission chief Martin Kobler meanwhile expressed "serious concern over the allegations of the gross human rights violations deemed unacceptable."

He said any person involved in such acts should face justice.

Millions of people have died from violence, disease and hunger in eastern Congo since 1996 in conflict fuelled by foreign powers and a struggle for the region's deposits of gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt and uranium.

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Not for the squeamish!!..... but to illustrate what horrors have been endured by both sides in Iraq.....as we sit cocooned and protected with our laptops and computers,whilst others to do our dirty work ....

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Labour mayor candidate Sadiq Khan fears ‘extremists could groom his daughters’

Labour mayor candidate Sadiq Khan fears ‘extremists could groom his daughters’ | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Labour’s London Mayoral candidate has said he fears his daughters “could be groomed by extremists on the internet or tricked into running off to Syria”.

Sadiq Khan, the most senior Muslim in Labour’s ranks, revealed he had grown up in south London with boys who went on to act in “terrible ways”.

And describing the mass killings in Paris as an “attack on our way of life”, Mr Khan argued people had for too long “buried our heads in the sand” over the problem and that British Muslims had a “special role to play in tackling extremism” – not because they are more responsible than other groups, but because they could be more effective in confronting it.

Speaking at a Westminster lunch for journalists, the Tooting MP said: “This fight is personal for me. Like all parents I want to know my daughters are safe. I worry that they or their friends could be groomed by extremists on the internet or tricked into running off to Syria like other children have been.

“Extremism isn't a theoretical risk. Most British Muslims have come across someone with extremist views at some point - and so have I.

“It’s affected my personal life, my friendships, and my career. People I knew as a boy have gone on to hold extremist views, and even to act on them in terrible ways.”

He disclosed that each time he has stood as an MP he has faced a “campaign of hate” and has received police protection advice as a result.

“Extremists came and protested outside mosques in my community, handing out leaflets telling the congregation – my friends and neighbours - that voting is banned in Islam. Telling people I’ve known since I was a boy that I am destined to go to hell. They say that Muslims shouldn’t take part in democracy.”

Mr Khan, the son of a Pakistani bus driver, recalled that when he worked as a lawyer he had the “horrible” task of representing people with extremist views.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to challenge the hideous views of seemingly intelligent and articulate people.

“People who look and sound like normal Londoners, until they say that 9/11 was a Mossad [Israeli secret service] conspiracy, that the Jewish workers in the Twin Towers were tipped off and escaped.”

Tory councillor investigated over 'racist' tweet about Sadiq Khan
Southeastern railway pulls 'sexist' poster after MPs complain
Sadiq Khan wins Labour London Mayor candidate vote
Mr Khan, who faces a close battle with Conservative Zac Goldsmith in next May’s election, also called for a “prolonged and concerted effort by us all” to tackle Britain’s “social segregation”.

He argued: “We’ve protected people’s right to live their cultural life at the expense of creating a common life. Too many British Muslims grow up without really knowing anyone from a different background, without understanding or empathising with the lives and beliefs of others.

“And too many British people have never befriended a Muslim, never worked together, never eaten together, never played sports together. As a result, too many people have formed a single identity – too often based around their religion or ethnicity.”
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BREAKING: 'At least 40 DEAD' and 100 hostages taken in TERROR ATTACKS across Paris

BREAKING: 'At least 40 DEAD' and 100 hostages taken in TERROR ATTACKS across Paris | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
AT LEAST 40 people have reportedly been killed and around 100 are believed to be held hostage in a theatre

Police have confirmed confirmed 11 are dead after a shooting inside a restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of the capital.

A further 15 people were killed inside the Bataclan theatre – where at least 100 hostages are believed to be held.

However according to French media the death toll is much higher. 

According to BFMTV, one of the gunmen shouted "It's for Syria", inside the Bataclan theatre, but there has been no official comment on the motive. 

According to an eyewitness, the gunmen shouted "Allah Akbar" before opening fire inside the theatre. 

The band Eagles of Death Metal - a collaboration between Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age -  were performing a sold-out concert at the theatre.

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Norway to Send Back Afghan Refugees to Discourage Others - The Nordic Page

Norway to Send Back Afghan Refugees to Discourage Others  - The Nordic Page | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Prime Minister Erna Solberg says it is important that some of the Afghan asylum seekers sent to Kabul to discourage others from coming.

According to VG’s report, last week asylum seekers from Afghanistan made up the largest group to Norway. Most of Afghan asylum seekers come across the border from Russia. Directorate of Immigration (UDI) had previsouly wanred that unaccompanied Afghan men who pass the border that way, risk to be sent back to Afghanistan - not to Russia.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg told VG that she expects UDI to follow up the orders from the Ministry of Justice, and send these asylum seekers back as quickly as possible.

- When it comes to asylum seekers coming from Russia, we see that many have residence permits, but they may come because they feel they are in a difficult situation economically and believe in a rumor that all are granted residence in Norway, says Solberg to VG.

She notes that it will send a clear signal if they are quickly sent bac kto Kabul.

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Appeal For Mourners At War Hero's Funeral

Appeal For Mourners At War Hero's Funeral | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A man has appealed for people to attend the funeral of his 92-year-old uncle, who fought his way out of a Japanese prisoner of war camp in World War II.

Tony Budgett made the plea on Facebook because his uncle Tom Bryan, who was profoundly affected by the war, has just two living family members.

A soldier with the Queens Rifle Regiment, Mr Bryan was sent into battle against the Japanese in Burma - now known as Myanmar - where he was captured.

He only revealed the horrors of his experience many years later.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Budgett said: "Uncle Tom would not talk about the war on his return and it was only decades later that he recounted the hellish existence he and his fellow troops endured.

"Surrounded and cut off for over three weeks, they fought their way out, very often hand to hand, often finding captured and killed allied troops, their tortured bodies left to be found by the retreating troops.

"Now I would ask you all to kindly forward this to anyone you know who may be ex-services or who may be local to Stockport and could attend his funeral to pay their respects to a man that was deeply changed by his experiences during the war.

"It would be very sad for there to only be a couple of people to say farewell to this loyal servant of crown and country."

Debby Ismail Monaghan responded first on Facebook, saying: "Me & hubby will be there Tony. Would be an honour. !!!Xx."

Mr Budgett said: "Thank you with all my heart for caring and spreading the word on behalf of Tom. Take a bow lovely people, you really are great! X."

Mr Bryan's funeral will take place at Stockport Crematorium (Ronan Chapel) on Tuesday 10 November at 1.45pm.
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Japan says "NO WAY!" to accepting Muslim refugees! Middle Eastern nations should be resettling these people in their own countries - Powdered Wig Society

Japan says "NO WAY!" to accepting Muslim refugees! Middle Eastern nations should be resettling these people in their own countries - Powdered Wig Society | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
UNITED NATIONS – Japan’s prime minister said Tuesday that his nation needs to attend to its own demographic challenges posed by falling birth rates and an aging population before opening its doors to refugees.
From MSFP News

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced at the U.N. General Assembly that Japan is ramping up assistance in response to the exodus of refugees to Europe from the Middle East and Africa.

He said Japan will provide $1.5 billion in emergency aid for refugees and for stabilization of communities facing upheaval. But speaking to reporters later Tuesday he poured cold water on the idea of Japan opening its doors to those fleeing.

He said Japan first needed to attend to domestic challenges which he proposes to tackle under a revamped economic policy that aims to boost GDP to a post-war record level, while bolstering the social security system to support families.

“As an issue of demography, I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise (the) birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants,” Abe told a news conference, according to the official translation of his comments.

He added that Japan would “discharge our own responsibility” in addressing the refugee crisis, which he described as helping to improve conditions that cause the exodus.

Abe earlier told the world body that Japan would provide $810 million this year for emergency assistance of refugees and internally displaced persons from Syria and Iraq, triple what it gave last year. Abe said Japan is also preparing about $750 million for stabilization efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

Japan prides itself on being a good global citizen. It is one of the largest aid donors in the world. Last year Japan gave $181.6 million to the UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, making it second only to the United States in generosity.

But it has offered very few if any resettlement places for refugees from the civil war in Syria.

According to Ministry of Justice data, it accepted just 11 asylum seekers out of a record 5,000 applications last year, although Japanese officials say most of the asylum applicants were from other Asian countries and were already living in Japan.

Some argue that increased immigration could help arrest a shrinking population, which is currently 126 million. Abe says he is determined to ensure that in 50 years the Japanese population has stabilized at 100 million.
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Rejecting Islam: What The Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You | Renegade Tribune

Rejecting Islam: What The Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You | Renegade Tribune | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
JAPAN – Japan refuses Muslims permanent residence. Muslims cannot own real estate or any type of business; worship of Islam is banned. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.
CUBA – Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.   
ANGOLA – The African nation of Angola and several other nations officially ban Islam.   
NORWAY – Record number of Muslims, (over 2,000) were deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by 72%. Prison Officials report that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, courtrooms quieter, Police freed to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offenses, to keep their roads and highways safe.
GERMANY – In Germany last year there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques. Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

CHINA – A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islamic hatred. Eighteen Jihadists have been executed. China refuses to set up a separate Islamic State. Muslim prayers are banned in government buildings and schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim families are prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.
CZECH REPUBLIC – Czech Republic refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.  
POLAND – Polish Defence League issues a warning to Muslims.
UNITED STATES – Sixteen U.S. States have introduced legislation to ban Sharia Law.   
IRELAND – Muslims in Northern Ireland announce plans to leave to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast. Hospital staff was reluctant to treat hospitalised Muslims.  Most were given the Band-Aid treatment and sent home with staff muttering ”Good Riddance”.  
THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch MP’s call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands. One Member of the Dutch Parliament: “We want to clean Netherlands of Islam”. Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, “All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees”.
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ISIS Rapes Women Toward Allah

Women sold as slaves. Women beaten in the streets. Women raped for sport. Girls as young as 8 or 9 years old forced into marriages with strangers, and bound to sexual servitude.

The reports of the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State against girls and women – most of them Yazidi – seem as unending as they are despicable and senseless. But the latest may yet be the most depraved: women and girls being raped repeatedly as a way to “make” them Muslim.

According to a CNN report, a new directive from ISIS’s self-appointed caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, instructs men to rape the women that they capture. A woman who is raped 10 times, it says, will then become a Muslim.

That this represents an extraordinary manipulation of Islamic law, or sharia, seems to be of no concern to ISIS soldiers despite their professed devotion to upholding and imposing those very laws. And it presages even greater danger for the girls than the rape itself. One Yazidi woman, identified only as “Noor,” told CNN that the soldier to whom she was enslaved raped her and then allowed 11 others to do the same, meaning that she was in fact twice raped after “becoming” Muslim.

But a Muslim woman who is raped is guilty of adultery according to sharia, and is a dishonor to her family and her tribe. Their only redemption is to kill her – a so-called honor killing. Will this new directive then allow ISIS members to legitimize the murders of Yazidi women and young girls who – unlike Yazidi men – have largely been allowed to live so long as they remain concubines and slaves to ISIS warriors? Or is it simply a new form of Islamic conquest, legitimizing rape while expanding the Muslim population? Or something else?

Other victims have also said they were told their rapes were a form of worship, encouraged in the Quran. Indeed, in an extensive investigation, the New York Timesdescribed a “theology of rape,” in which militants often pray before molesting their victims. One victim, a 12-year-old Yazidi girl, told the Times: “He said that by raping me he is drawing closer to god.”

“Repeatedly,” the Times reports, “the ISIS leadership has emphasized a narrow and selective reading of the Quran and other religious rulings to not only justify violence, but also to elevate and celebrate each sexual assault as spiritually beneficial, even virtuous.”

Even more shocking, the Times investigation shows, “child rape is explicitly condoned” by Islamic State leaders, who have victimized Yazidis more than other religious minorities, as Yazidis practice a non-Abrahamic religion that ISIS considers a form of devil worship.

Such tactics might lead those otherwise repelled by the idea of raping helpless girls to believe that such depravities are not only sanctioned by their religion, but holy. And if raping a girl ten times will bring her to Islam, then indeed each rapist becomes, in this perverted vision, not her diabolus but her savior.

But it isn’t only non-Muslim women who are victimized. Similar tactics have emerged among Muslim communities in Libya, where, according to Britain’s Express, parents in the ISIS stronghold of Sarte are being forced to marry off their daughters to ISIS rebels or face public flogging or worse. In Derna, girls as young as 12 have also reportedly been married off, traded for a promise of protection to the family. Consequently, according to the Independent, “the number of under-age girls forced to marry has increased 15 percent since an IS local branch seized a large part of the coastal city” last October.

Many Western Muslims decry the rapes and forced marriages, arguing that, as Pakistani-American counterterrorism expert Farhana Qazi said in an interview, “rape and any form of abuse is against the tenets and practice of Islam.” But others point to a legacy of enslavement in Islam, particularly during war, and note that there are even rules regarding the treatment
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Former Interior Minister Warns Merkel: Germany Is Importing "Islamist Extremism, Anti-Semitism, And Conflicts Of Other Nations"

Former Interior Minister Warns Merkel: Germany Is Importing "Islamist Extremism, Anti-Semitism, And Conflicts Of Other Nations" | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Germany’s security experts have rounded on the country’s leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, warning that her immigration policy will “produce extremists”, and stating that the country is importing “Islamist extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, [and] national and ethnic conflicts of other nations”.

Former Interior Secretary August Hanning told Die Welt Am Sonntag (the World on Sunday): “The German security authorities are and will not be able to handle these imported security issues and the resulting reactions”, warning that not only is Germany welcoming Islamist extremists, but that it will foster resentment in the native population.

He has recommended this week that Germany closes “the border for immigrants without an entry permit in accordance with the legislation immediately, and to reject those traveling without an entry permit immediately”.

A new 10-point-plan from his office says that Mrs. Merkel should declare that Germany’s abilities to absorb more people are “exhausted”, and there should be no entry for those coming from “safe” countries, with an exception for children.

He wants the Balkans route into Germany shut off, and a restriction of family reunification, meaning that the 80 per cent male population descending on Germany would not be able to send home for their families. Mr Hanning estimates that each migrant will attempt to bring four more people each with them in the long term.

And he also wants compulsory integration and language lessons for migrants.

His comments reflect the concerns of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Bremen district, Ulrich Maurer, who said this week: “In recent weeks, we have registered an increase in agitation attempts by Salafis in refugee centres”.

Mrs. Merkel has been coming under increased pressure from within her party, and even from the political left in her country who have warned about the increasing pressure on Germany’s infrastructure and the general public.

Her party’s poll numbers continue to decline, though she maintains a stubbornly immovable approval rating herself.
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UK to block passports to stop ISIS teen recruits

UK to block passports to stop ISIS teen recruits | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

British parents worried that their 16 and 17-year-old children might travel to Syria or Iraq under the influence of militants will be able to apply to have their passports removed, Prime Minister David Cameron was set to announce on Monday.

The measure is aimed at disrupting a steady stream of young Britons lured by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)’s radical ideology to join the militant group fighting in the Middle East.

Cameron has said that defeating militants is the “struggle of our generation.”

“The government’s new ‘Counter-Extremism Strategy’ is a clear signal of the choice we have made to take on this poisonous ideology with resolve, determination and the goal of building a greater Britain,” he will say, according to extracts from his speech.

“And a key part of this new approach is going further to protect children and vulnerable people from the risk of radicalization by empowering parents and public institutions with all the advice, tools and practical support they need.”

Cameron will also say that anyone with a “conviction for terrorist offences or extremist activity” will be automatically banned from working with children and vulnerable people.

The government said that over the last year there had been a number of cases of young Britons travelling to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

According to the latest police figures, of 338 counter-terrorism-related arrests, 157 were linked to Syria and 56 were of people aged under 20, it said.

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German Eurosceptics to Sue Merkel for Human 'Smuggling'

German Eurosceptics to Sue Merkel for Human 'Smuggling' | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

The Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party intends to sue Chancellor Angela Merkel for human smuggling, the party’s deputy chairman announced Friday.

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Party leadership demanded the German government to curb the flow of migrants into the country, boost border controls and increase the federal law enforcement numbers.

"Mrs. Merkel has been operating as a smuggler," Alexander Gauland said in a message on the AfD website in response to the Chancellor’s decision to accept thousands of refugees arriving from Hungary.

AfD co-chairwoman Frauke Petry said Germany’s capacities to accept new migrants had been exhausted and decried the government for failing to offer a unified solution.
This week, German media revised the number of refugees expected to arrive in Germany this year from the previous estimation of 800,000 to nearly 1.5 million people.

The Bavarian state government said earlier Friday it was ready to take legal action with the Constitutional Court if Berlin refuses to stem the migratory flow.

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ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Probably not in Targeted Convoy: Reuters

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Probably not in Targeted Convoy: Reuters | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was probably not in a convoy hit by air strikes near the Syrian border on Sunday, senior Iraqi security officials said on Monday.
Iraq's military had said that the reclusive Baghdadi was taken away in a car after the assault on his entourage in a town near the Syrian border.
But one of the senior security officials said preliminary information now indicated the convoy actually carried lower ranking ISIS figures, led by Abu Saad al-Karbouli, a senior local ISIS "policeman".
"After assessing all information we received from our sources, it's more likely that the convoy we struck was not carrying Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," said one of the officials.
"We are still carrying out extensive efforts to clarify the situation."
This was at least the third time there has been an attack on Baghdadi's entourage, Reuters report.
In a statement on Sunday, the Iraqi military said the country's Air Force had hit the convoy of Ibrahim al-Samarrai aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but added that his fate is as of yet unknown.
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ISIS Demands Ransom for 280 Assyrian Hostages: 3 Civilians Executed

ISIS Demands Ransom for 280 Assyrian Hostages: 3 Civilians Executed | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has released another a gory video in which they brutally execute three Assyrian civilians that were taken captive during their winter offensive (February 23rd) in the Khabour River region of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

In the video, the terrorist group threatens to execute the remaining 280 captives if a ransom of $50,000 per hostage is not paid to them in the coming weeks; this monetary demand aggregates to $14 million (U.S.) in order to release the prisoners.

Following their threat, the terrorist group summarily executed the three Assyrian captives and made another threat to execute more of the hostages if their demands are not met.

The three Assyrian men that were identified in the video are Dr. ‘Abdel-Maseeh Aniyah of Tal Jazirah (Al-Hasakah), Ashur Rustam Abraham of Tal Jazirah, and Bassam Issa Michael from Tal Shamiram (Al-Jazirah).

Assyrian and Christian human rights groups have worked tirelessly to convince the ISIS terrorists to release the remaining 280 hostages; however, the terrorist group continues to ignore these requests.

In August, ISIS released dozens of elderly civilians that were taken captive during their winter offensive in the Khabour River region; unfortunately, this took months of negotiating and convincing to finally secure their release.

The final fate of the 280 hostages will be contingent on ISIS; furthermore, they have expressed no qualms with mass executions, as they have carried them out on numerous occasions.
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Two guilty of terror law breach after Hungary deportation - BBC News

Two guilty of terror law breach after Hungary deportation - BBC News | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Two Islamist militants have pleaded guilty to breaching elements of the Terrorism Act after leaving the UK illegally.
Trevor Brooks and Simon Keeler, both of east London, were deported from Hungary after being found on a train headed for Bucharest, Romania, on 14 November.
At Westminster Magistrates' Court, both men admitted failing to inform the police of their intention to leave the UK.
They will be sentenced at a later date.
'Visiting family'
The court heard Keeler, 44, of Shadwell, and Brooks, also known as Abu Izzadeen, 40, of Clapton, left the UK around the 9 November.
A European arrest warrant was issued for the men after their names could not be found on any port or airport manifest.
At a Budapest court, Keeler said he had been trying to reach his wife and children in Turkey, while Brooks said he wanted to be sent back to Britain.
The court chose to deport them.
In 2008, both men were jailed for four-and-a-half years after being convicted of urging worshippers, at Regent's Park mosque, to fight Britons and Americans in Iran.
Keeler became the first white British Muslim to be convicted of terrorism offences.
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The tiny pill making fighters in Syria's war feel like superhuman soldiers

The tiny pill making fighters in Syria's war feel like superhuman soldiers | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The war in Syria has become a tangled web of conflict dominated by "al-Qaeda veterans, hardened Iraqi insurgents, Arab jihadist ideologues and Western volunteers", according to one recent analysis.

On the surface, those competing actors are fuelled by an overlapping mixture of ideologies and political agendas.

Just below it, experts suspect, they're powered by something else: Captagon.

A tiny, highly addictive pill produced in Syria and widely available across the Middle East, its illegal sale funnels hundreds of millions of dollars back into the war-torn country's black-market economy each year, likely giving militias access to new arms, fighters and the ability to keep the conflict boiling, according to the Guardian.

"Syria is a tremendous problem in that it's a collapsed security sector, because of its porous borders, because of the presence of so many criminal elements and organised networks," the UN Office on Drugs and Crime regional representative, Masood Karimipour, told Voice of America (VOA). "There's a great deal of trafficking being done of all sorts of illicit goods — guns, drugs, money, people. But what is being manufactured there and who is doing the manufacturing, that's not something we have visibility into from a distance."

A powerful amphetamine tablet based on the original synthetic drug known as "fenethylline," Captagon quickly produces a euphoric intensity in users, allowing Syria's fighters to stay up for days, killing with a numb, reckless abandon.

"You can't sleep or even close your eyes, forget about it," said a Lebanese user, one of three who appeared on camera without their names for a BBC Arabic documentary that aired in September. "And whatever you take to stop it, nothing can stop it."

"I felt like I own the world high," another user said. "Like I have power nobody has. A really nice feeling."

"There was no fear anymore after I took Captagon," a third man added.

According to a Reuters report published in 2014, the war has turned Syria into a "major" amphetamines producer – and consumer.

"Syrian government forces and rebel groups each say the other uses Captagon to endure protracted engagements without sleep, while clinicians say ordinary Syrians are increasingly experimenting with the pills, which sell for between $US5 and $US20," Reuters reported.

Captagon has been around in the West since the 1960s, when it was given to people suffering from hyperactivity, narcolepsy and depression, according to the Reuters report. By the 1980s, the drug's addictive power led most countries to ban its use.

The United State classified fenethylline ("commonly known by the trademark name Captagon") as a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act in 1981, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Still, the drug didn't exactly disappear.

VOA notes that while Westerners have speculated that the drug is being used by Islamic State fighters, the biggest consumer has for years been Saudi Arabia. In 2010, a third of the world's supply — about 6.3 tonnes — ended up in Saudi Arabia, according to Reuters. VOA estimated that as many as 40,000 to 50,000 Saudis go through drug treatment each year.

"My theory is that Captagon still retains the veneer of medical respectability," Justin Thomas, an assistant professor of psychology and psychotherapy at the UAE's Zayed University and author of Psychological Well-Being in the Gulf States, told VOA in 2010. "It may not be viewed as a drug or narcotic because it is not associated with smoking or injecting."

Five years later, production of Captagon has taken root in Syria — long a heavily trafficked thoroughfare for drugs journeying from Europe to the Gulf States — and it has begun to blossom.

"The breakdown of state infrastructure, weakening of borders and proliferation of armed groups during the ... battle for control of Syria, has transformed the country from a stopover into a major production site," Reuters reported.

"Production in Lebanon's Bekaa valley – a traditional centre for the drug – fell 90 per cent last year from 2011, with the decline largely attributed to production inside Syria," the Guardian noted.

Cheap and easy to produce using legal materials, the drug can be purchased for less than $US20 a tablet and is popular among those Syrian fighters who don't follow strict interpretations of Islamic law, according to the Guardian.

Doctors report that the drug has dangerous side effects, including psychosis and brain damage, according to the BBC.

Ramzi Haddad, a Lebanese psychiatrist, told Reuters that the drug produces the typical effects of a stimulant.

"You're talkative, you don't sleep, you don't eat, you're energetic," he said.

According to the news service:

A drug control officer in the central city of Homs told Reuters he had observed the effects of Captagon on protesters and fighters held for questioning.

"We would beat them, and they wouldn't feel the pain. Many of them would laugh while we were dealing them heavy blows," he said. "We would leave the prisoners for about 48 hours without questioning them while the effects of Captagon wore off, and then interrogation would become easier."

One secular ex-Syrian fighter who spoke to the BBC said the drug is tailor-made for the battlefield because of its ability to give soldiers superhuman energy and courage:

"So the brigade leader came and told us, 'this pill gives you energy, try it'," he said. "So we took it the first time. We felt physically fit. And if there were 10 people in front of you, you could catch them and kill them. You're awake all the time. You don't have any problems, you don't even think about sleeping, you don't think to leave the checkpoint. It gives you great courage and power. If the leader told you to go break into a military barracks, I will break in with a brave heart and without any feeling of fear at all — you're not even tired."

Another ex-fighter told the BBC that his 350-person brigade took the pill without knowing if it was a drug or medicine for energy.

"Some people became addicted to it and it will damage the addicts," he said. "This is the problem."

The Washington Post
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Man Who Ran Over Cop in Texas Sanctuary City is 3-Time Deported Illegal Alien

Man Who Ran Over Cop in Texas Sanctuary City is 3-Time Deported Illegal Alien | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The man who used a vehicle to run over a Dallas, Texas, police officer is an illegal alien who has been deported three times over the past 11 years.

Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios, 29, is in the Dallas County jail after being treated for his gunshot wound, the Dallas Morning News (DMN) reported. He is currently being held on three counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials placed a detainer on him.

Dallas Police Corporal Ed Lujan was working an off-duty job and was in uniform at the time of the incident. After Gonzalez-Rios was escorted out of a night club where Lujan was working, officers escorted him to his vehicle. Gonzalez-Rios then allegedly backed his SUV into one officer. He then drove forward, jumping a curb, and completely ran over Corporal Lujan. Witnesses reported that Gonzalez-Rios then backed over Lujan again before other officers fired their weapons at Gonzalez-Rios, striking him in the arm.

Lujan is in an area hospital where he is recovering from the multiple injuries sustained in this incident. He is suffering from a broken sternum, nose, ribs, tibia and ankle, along with a fractured vertebra and skull, officials of the Greater Dallas National Latino Law Enforcement Organization told the DMN.

ICE officials reported that Gonzalez-Rios had been deported on three previous occasions. The first deportation was in Harlingen, Texas, in 2004. He was issued an expedited removal and returned to Mexico on the same day. About six months later, he was again found in the Harlingen area and was again deported on the same day. In 2011, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told the DMN that Gonzalez-Rios was found in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011. He was held for two weeks and then deported. Officials are not sure when he re-entered the country this time.

The Dallas County jail has been notified by ICE that they have placed a detainer on Gonzalez-Rios. However, Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez announced in October that she was scaling back on honoring ICE detainers, Breitbart Texas previously reported. The Sheriff said she would consider ICE detainers on a case by case basis without regard to whether a felony or misdemeanor crimes had been committed.

Her words prompted a strong reaction from Texas Governor Greg Abbott who said, in another article by Breitbart Texas, Sanctuary City policies would “no longer be tolerated in Texas.” Just last week, Governor Abbott went a step further and actually stripped state grant funding from any Texas county jail that followed Sanctuary City policies.

Corporal Lujan is said to be in good spirits despite the obviously painful injuries sustained in the incident.
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Justin Trudeau to review Syrian refugee commitment in cabinet meeting

Justin Trudeau to review Syrian refugee commitment in cabinet meeting | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
As part of cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will review how Canada will keep its commitment to resettle 25-thousand refugees from Syria.

The Liberal plan has so far focused on the logistics of getting some of them here before year's end, but also on where to house them.


It's expected refugees will be chosen from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and Canada's representative at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees says U-N staff are trying to keep expectations realistic.


Unlike usual procedures, where refugee cases are processed individually, this program will likely involve the batching together of groups and the simplification of paperwork.


For example, the Canadian government could accept that no one under 18 is likely a major security risk and lessen the requirement to conduct detailed reviews of those files.


There are 4.2 million people registered as refugees from the Syrian conflict, and the United Nations wants to resettle about a third.

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Austria: Red Cross volunteer raped by "asylum seeker", police let him go on to Germany and cover up the crime - Diversity Macht Frei

Austria: Red Cross volunteer raped by "asylum seeker", police let him go on to Germany and cover up the crime - Diversity Macht Frei | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Many of the volunteer helpers are young women. They are exposed to constant sexual harassment. Often things happen that no one should experience. "we know of at least one concrete case where a Red Cross helper was raped by an asylum seeker.

Although the perpetrator was arrested, he was released a short time later. The police said they couldn't determine his identity and he also had a train ticket to Germany. The next day he was out of the country," says Erika F. 
The crime was committed in the so-called Pavillion 10 in the Wienerwald geriatric centre (Lainz district, 13th Vienna municipality Hietzing).

But the worst thing for the victim and those who knew about it is: "Not a single word was to be said to anyone outside, not by the police or the Red Cross. The victim was only offered psychiatric support."

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Saudi Sheikh Declares It Okay for Muslim Men to Eat Their Wives -

Saudi Sheikh Declares It Okay for Muslim Men to Eat Their Wives - | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Men in Saudi Arabia have been told that they can “eat their wives” under a bizarre and inhumane fatwa issued by grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah. As if we didn’t already know they were a backwards people.

From Mirror:

Men in Saudi Arabia “can eat their wives if they are suffering severe hunger” under a bizarre new fatwa reportedly announced by a religious leader in the country.

Saudi Arabian grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued the guidelines to allow a husband to eat his wife’s body parts in extreme circumstances.

The cleric is reported to have said the ruling represents the “sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband” – but campaigners are understandably outraged.

The announcement has sparked major concerns about the already well-documented poor treatment of women in the country.

A statement reportedly from the cleric’s office said: “A fatwa attributed to the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, which allows a man to eat his wife or parts of her body if the husband was afflicted with a severe hunger, raised concern and debate over social media since yesterday evening.

“The fatwa is interpreted as evidence of the sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband and her desire for the two to become one.”

The controversial Muslim leader has previously called on all churches to be destroyed under Islamic law.
But his latest declaration is yet to appear on his official website and no confirmation of its legitimacy has been made.

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are notoriously scarce.

Until 2011 they were banned from voting or running in public elections and earlier this year all female television presenters were told they must adhere to a strict Islamic dress code.

The country has an abysmal human rights record, including against women, and females are banned from going anywhere in the country, or even opening a bank account, without a male chaperon.

Punishments for breaking such trivial laws include public lashings and humiliations.

Let’s be honest, this sounds like EXACTLY what these crazy people would do.
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Pastor McConnell supporters out ‘in force’ for trial

Pastor McConnell supporters out ‘in force’ for trial | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Pastor James McConnell has pledged that his supporters will be out “in force” at his upcoming trial dates.

He faces prosecution over a sermon which branded Islam “satanic”.

A hearing on Thursday confirmed that a pre-Christmas trial is on course.

The pastor denies improper use of a public electronic communications network and causing a grossly offensive message to be sent by means of a public communications network.

He had not been present at Thursday’s hearing, having previously appeared in court with his supporters.

On Friday he said while he was told he did not need to be in court on Thursday, and that many people had not known about it, “me and my people [will] be there on the 14, and 15 and 16 December for the trial and we will be there in force”.
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German Warning: Salafists Are Recruiting Migrants In Asylum Shelters

German Warning: Salafists Are Recruiting Migrants In Asylum Shelters | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Radical Salafist Islamists are infiltrating German asylum shelters and attempting to indoctrinate the new arrivals, a politician in the city of Bremen has warned. Senator Ulrich Mäurer said the prospect of radicalisation among young Muslim refugees was a growing threat given the sheer numbers of people arriving in the country.

The Salafist movement is an ultra-conservative orthodox stream within Sunni Islam that follows the doctrine known as Salafism. Adherents take a fundamentalist approach to Islam though literal translations of the Koran.

In January, Germany’s intelligence chief, Hans-George Maassen, said the number of active Salafists in the country had grown from 3,800 to 6,300 in three years, according to Deutsche Welle. Now they are trying to increase their number by approaching newly-arrived asylum seekers.

“We have in recent weeks increased seen attempts by Salafists to register as workers in refugee camps,” Mr Mäurer told the German news magazine Focus. He said they used the Salafi organisation “Islamic Cultural Centre” as cover, before rolling out prayer mats and offering Arabic-speaking men food and ideology. He estimated Bremen had around 360 of the extremists living in its precincts.

The State Office for Protection of the Constitution has warned that number could double by year-end if the movement was not stopped by asylum centre operators

“We have informed the operators, who shall thereupon issue such prohibitions”, said Mäurer. The city will also check so-called barring orders to prohibit Salafists from staying near migrant accommodation.

In “Guidelines for reception facilities in Bremen” the city outlines how caregivers can recognise radicalisation. Refugees stuck in an “identity crisis”, it states, leading to an “increased risk of receptiveness to Islamist ideology or to radicalise accordingly” will be especially vulnerable.

The head of German intelligence, Hans-Georg Maaßen, warned last month that radical Muslims in Germany are canvassing the refugee shelters looking for new recruits. He said:

“Many of the asylum seekers have a Sunni religious background. In Germany there is a Salafist scene that sees this as a breeding ground. We are observing that Salafists are appearing at the shelters disguised as volunteers and helpers, deliberately seeking contact with refugees to invite them to their mosques to recruit them to their cause.”

The editor of the newspaper Neue Westfälische, Ansgar Mönter, reports that Salafists in Bielefeld, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, have already infiltrated refugee centers in the area by bringing toys, fruits and vegetables for the migrants.

Mönter said “naïve” politicians are contributing to the radicalisation of refugees by asking Muslim umbrella groups in the country to reach out to the migrants.

Mönter points out that the main Muslim groups in Germany all adhere to fundamentalist interpretations of Islam and are anti-Western in outlook. Some groups have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood while others want to implement Sharia law in Germany. According to Mönter, politicians should prohibit these groups from establishing contact with the new migrants.
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Bullring Halifax cashier stole £3,500 from elderly customers, despite having £25k savings

Bullring Halifax cashier stole £3,500 from elderly customers, despite having £25k savings | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
A crooked Halifax cashier plundered more than £3,500 from elderly customers at a Bullring branch - despite having £25,000 in savings.

Greedy Abdul Ahad, 24, targeted a total of six victims in the fraud, including the oldest who was aged 83.

Yet after his arrest police discovered the cashier had £25,000 in his own personal savings account - and could not explain his dishonestly.

Ahad, of Crompton Road, Handsworth, admitted six charges of fraud by abuse of position and was sentenced to eight months jail, suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to complete 180 hours unpaid work and pay £900 costs.

Patrick Sullivan, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Ahad had been employed as a cashier for the Halifax since June last year.

The offences came to light following from a complaint from a customer.

“He had two accounts with the Halifax he rarely used,’’ Mr Sullivan. “It transpired they had been plundered by this defendant with 26 withdrawals.”

Mr Sullivan said an investigation revealed the defendant had taken £2,650 from the customer. There were five other victims, including one woman who came into the bank and was told by Ahad her account was empty after he had taken her last £100.

Mr Sullivan said the offences took place between September 2014 and May this year and the total amount stolen was £3,506.

Benjamin Close, defending, said: “The biggest punishment for this young man is that he has lost his previous exemplary character.”

The fraudster was told by Recorder John Edwards that he had narrowly avoided a prison sentence.

“Many other judges in these courts would not have been as merciful as I have been,’’ he said. “You monitored those accounts and you abused the trust that had been placed in you.

“The public and particularly the elderly are entitled to assume when they go to the counter they will come face-to-face with an honest employee - and you were not.”

The judge said what had saved Ahad from going to prison was his previous good character and the fact that he had been “up front” about his crimes.
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LiveLeak.com - Belgium provides most recruits in Europe for ISIL

Belgium, is providing more recruits, per capita than any other country in Europe, for the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in Syria and Iraq, the United Nations reports.

“The number of Belgian foreign fighters is reportedly the highest in Europe per capita among those traveling to join conflicts abroad such as in Syria and Iraq,” said Elzbieta Karska, human rights expert and head of the UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries, as cited in a report released by the UN on Friday.

The report was based on a five-day assessment of the terrorist group’s recruit threat in Belgium and shows that since 2010, over 500 recruits have traveled to the conflict zones abroad to fight alongside militants of the terror group.

During their stay in Belgium, from 12 to 16 October, Karska and her fellow expert Patricia Arias “received information that there are some 207 Belgians in Syria, 77 casualties, 128 returnees, and 62 persons who failed to get to Iraq or have been brought back. Of these, 46 foreign fighters have been prosecuted.”

The report further said that the recruitment occurs through informal networks of friends and family and through social media, with contacts in Syria paid on the basis of the number of persons they recruit. The profiles of the recruits show that they have an average age of around 23 and less.

“Women are also increasingly leaving,” Karska added.

As for motivation, Karska explained that an array of motivational factors was involved. Religious convictions, humanitarian reasons, the need for a sense of belonging and acceptance, searching for a livelihood, escaping a criminal background and seeking adventure, have been identified as the most common reasons to join Takfiri terrorist groups.

Karska also said that “recruiters were paid from two, three thousand to 10,000 dollars depending on... who was recruited.”

The UN Group has called on Brussels to develop an “inclusive national vision and action on the issue of foreign fighters at federal, regional and local levels.”

Daesh has committed gruesome crimes and terrorized members of various communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians during their onslaught in Iraq and Syria.
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Al Al-sheikh: You Came Here to Commit Suicide to Blame my Regime!

Al Al-sheikh: You Came Here to Commit Suicide to Blame my Regime! | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
Cartoonist react to Al-Saud Wahabi mufti by this cartoon which Al Al-sheikh Blame the innocent pilgrims who martyred because of Incapability of Saudi’s Hajj Officials to manage ways to Mina.
The deadly stampede took place on September 24 in Mina, also known as the Tent City, situated 5 kilometers to the east of the Holy city of Mecca.
According to many officials the death toll from the Mina tragedy has been revised several times, ranging from 1,000 to 4,700.
Iran lost 464 pilgrims in this tragic event. Head of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, Saeed Ohadi, said on Friday that number of Iranians missing in Mina tragedy has lowered to 67 as bodies of two more pilgrims are identified.
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ISIL Executed 70 Sunni Tribesmen in Iraq’s Anbar

ISIL Executed 70 Sunni Tribesmen in Iraq’s Anbar | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it
The Takfiri ISIL group (so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant) executed 70 members of a Sunni tribe allied to the government in western Iraq earlier this week, a tribal leader and the United Nations said Wednesday.
The victims, members of the Albu Nimr tribe, were executed on Sunday in the Tharthar area north of Ramadi, the capital of the western Anbar province, tribal elder Naim Gaoud told AFP.

“These people who were executed were the fathers and brothers of members of the police, the army… and of tribal fighters who are battling Daesh,” he said, using an Arabic acronym for ISIL.

“Daesh executed them by shooting,” he said.

Hatem al-Gaoud, another clan member reached by phone, said ISIL had trapped dozens of tribe members in the Khanzir area of Tharthar since the Takfiri group launched its major offensive in Iraq last year.

“They gathered them outside Khanzir and shot them all in the head,” he said.

“I don’t know what ISIL did with the bodies, but it is likely they buried them in mass graves near the site of the execution,” he said.

The UN Mission in Iraq’s human rights office said it had been able to confirm the mass execution.

“This is not the first attack on the Albu Nimr, since they have been actively opposed to ISIL,” it said in an email to AFP.

Possibly as many as 300 of the tribe’s members were killed around a year ago, when anti-ISIL forces were still holding out in some parts of Ramadi, which is the Albu Nimr’s main hub.

Christian Spook's curator insight, October 9, 4:21 AM

#Islam is essentially a roman catholic invention.

#ISIS is an invention of/funded by the #CIA

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Eight people referred to deradicalisation schemes every day

Eight people referred to deradicalisation schemes every day | UNITED CRUSADERS AGAINST ISLAMIFICATION OF THE WEST | Scoop.it

Between June and August this year, 796 individuals - including more than 300 aged under 18 - were reported to the Government's Channel programme for possible intervention, new statistics obtained by the Press Association reveal.


It comes after new measures were introduced placing a legal requirement on public bodies including schools and councils to stop people being drawn into terrorism, as part of efforts to counter the capacity of groups such as Islamic State (IS) to recruit young Britons.


In July, when the law came into force, there were 349 referrals - a rate of more than 10 every day.


This was a slight increase on the previous month, when there were 327, while the number fell to 120 in August when schools were broken up for the summer.

Some 312 of those referred over the three months were aged under 18 - more than a third of the total.

Channel, which was first piloted in 2007, came under fresh scrutiny last week when it emerged that a 14-year-old boy believed to be Britain's youngest terrorist was referred to the voluntary initiative before he plotted a terror attack in Australia, which was ultimately thwarted.

The new data, provided by the National Police Chiefs' Council following a Freedom of Information request, suggest authorities are identifying potential extremists at a rapidly rising rate.


There were more referrals between June and August than for the whole of 2012/13 - the first year the scheme was rolled out across England and Wales.

The number is more than double the level of referrals recorded in the first three months of 2014/15, while if the current rate were replicated over 12 months, it would mean the annual total has increased by four-fold in three years to surpass 3,000.

Specific details of Channel projects are not made public, but they are aimed at all forms of terrorism, including far-right extremism.

Government guidance states that the programme is "about ensuring that vulnerable children and adults of any faith, ethnicity or background receive support before their vulnerabilities are exploited by those that would want them to embrace terrorism".


Haras Rafiq, managing director at security think tank Quilliam, said the latest scale of referrals comes after "t he lure of extremism has increased over the last year both from an Islamist and far-right perspective".

He added: "There is a symbiotic relationship between the two.

"More effort needs to come from civil society so that we build resilience in our communities so that these numbers come down."

Not all of those referred are subsequently judged as being vulnerable to radicalisation.

Previous estimates suggested that one in five cases were assessed as needing support from Channel programmes, with the rest passed to other more appropriate services.


Hannah Stuart, a terrorism expert at The Henry Jackson Society, said that if the quarterly rate continues for a year it would mean a record annual rise in referrals.

However, she added that it was not clear what proportion of those referred are currently being deemed as requiring intervention.

Ms Stuart said: "Is this public sector workers who have been properly trained but actually these referrals are being judged as needing a different form of support? Or is this over-zealous staff, badly trained and making unnecessary referrals?

"However, if the previous referral to intervention rate of 20% rate continues then in real terms we have a problem."

Security Minister John Hayes said: "As a country, we have a duty to challenge, at every turn, the twisted narrative that has corrupted some of our vulnerable young people.

"Since Channel was rolled out nationally in April 2012, there have been over 4,000 referrals and hundreds of people at risk of being drawn into terrorism have been provided with support.

"Referrals to Channel have increased, but only a small percentage of these go on to require specialist intervention support.

"We have dedicated sufficient resources to the programme to cope with demand and we will keep this position under close review."

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