Scammer by the name of Eric Kuhn!!!! | All about water, the oceans, environmental issues |

This post does not necessary reflect what I usually post, but am sending this out for all e-commerce businesses to read!!!!!


Please all online businesses, read and pass this on!!!


There is a Eric Kuhn supposedly living in New Jersey that is placing orders from all different businesses in the US. He is using as his e-mail address. He is also using my phone number. This has nothing to do with kirkscubagear, and he is a scammer. I have received 3 different calls from businesses about this. He is using different credit cards to pay for his orders. I have had a call from a Florida business and one from New Jersey and also this person has tried to place an order from a online Scuba Site.


Please send this message out to anyone that runs an online business. If anyone has a question please feel free to call me. My number is on