5 $ocial $waps for a More Valluable Day | Social Media | Scoop.it
1: Swap your morning Facebook newsfeed swipe with a LinkedIn contacts

Most of us have a morning ritual, and for approximately 133,833,000
Americans, that means a quick swipe down the your Facebook newsfeed.
Instead of seeing what other people are eating for breakfast, get both
inspiration and attention for your day / business / charity by taking those
ten minutes to connect with someone who can help make your day easier. I
recommend thinking of something you or your business needs help with. Even
if you don’t have the money to hire someone for that church flyer, chances
are much more likely that you’ll hit inspiration looking through colleagues
resumes than baby photos. Even more likely, you will be more inspired to
complete that task today after seeing what others are really up to
(bookkeeping and drudgery just like you) instead of the perfect picture
they paint on Facebook. 

2: Swap your afternoon selfie on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest for a ScoopIt

Most of us (me included) think that a blog post needs to be genius, perfect
and without tipos ;). Newsflash: it can be simple and true to who you are,
or even just sharing someone else’s post. What better way to say “I’m
supporting you” to a friend, than to share their imperfect, ordinary, typo
filled post. Boost them and boost your Klout score all at the same time. 

3: Call someone new for advice:

According to Thomas Corley, author of "Rich Habits: The Daily Success
Habits Of Wealthy Individuals," one clear indicator of a person’s financial
status is how much they pick up the phone. Rich people know that
relationships matter. Most of us have a “girlfriend.” It may be your mom,
sister, fraternity brother, but it’s the person who you can call when you
need your cover letter read at the last minute, or you can’t figure out
what to do about the handyman at your apartment building. Whatever it is,
give their shoulder, ear and phone plan a break. There will always be the
opportunity to share the good news with them that your toilet got fixed and
celebrate with drinks after you get that new job. That friend is the one
that will always be around. Instead develop new trusting business
relationships. What a great way to remind your old manager, from two jobs
past, that you still exist, than to call them up, say how much you
respected them and their brilliant editing and comedy skills, and to get
that second opinion from a fresh source. What did they like about the cover
letter you sent them way back when. Who knows, they might just snap you
back up. After taking your problem to LinkedIn earlier this morning you
will have the contact to call for your afternoon help session!

Post Note: Flattery will get you everywhere. 

4: Set Timers Instead of Reminders

Social media is designed to hypnotically lead you from one post to the next
and then into an article, and then and then and then. Instead of relying on
reminders to bring you back to task, which may be only sporadically placed
throughout your day, break the bondage by setting minute timers for each
task. Whether you have 5 or 20 minutes to spare on social media you should
know and monitor it so that you are kept focused. I like to set 3-5 minute
timers and then each time it goes off I set a new task for the next 3
minutes. It teaches me to feel the passing of time, and value it!

5: Ask It In Public 

Have you ever felt tentative about asking a question of a Facebook friend,
even though you know they could help? I have. If you’ve got a question and
you know someone who will know the answer, ask it in your status instead of
in a message, and then tag the person/people who you think will know the
answer. First, you endorse them as an expert, further supporting their
brand, and second, it gives the other 400 people who care about you the
opportunity to help, as well. This can be a great way to reconnect with
someone who might be in your help “peripheral zone.” Just be careful not to
take advantage of a top tier lawyer who normally charges $800 for their
services. An appropriate and great way to phrase your question and stay in
the friendly zone is to say that you’re choosing between two companies and
does anyone have a suggestion, or you’re investigating options does anyone
know of any articles. Be sure to write a heartfelt thank you note to anyone
who comments or shares, and do it as publicly as you can. This will further
reconnect you for the next questions you have down the road.