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Creative Marketing - Learn From The Top Fashion and Retail Brands

Creative Marketing - Learn From The Top Fashion and Retail Brands | Organising for IMC |
Discover what brands in every industry can learn from the creative marketing ideas of high fashion and retailers.

Via Logan Harris
Savanna Steele's insight:

This article discusses aspects of the fashion industry and how brands could learn a thing or two about their online media strategies. It was interesting how they referred to fashion industry that they identify their customers needs so well from colour, life style, bodyshape ect and that brands should look at this example and implement the needs and wants of their customers more direct customised.

Hannah Joy Gaisford's comment, September 25, 2013 5:43 PM
great choice of article Logan. I found this particularly interesting as I am currently working in fashion retail myself. I agree that to be successful companies need to utilise many different platforms as that is what the modern day consumer has come to expect. I found the Diesel example interesting as well. I think, for my own business, developing an app would be a great idea.
Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 10:57 AM
@savannah Great post! Nowadays Social Media has been the main marketing platform. As i read through this article i agree with you Savannah its cool how that they identify consumers needs and wants first in that way it creates a strong bond between consumer and the brand.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 5:42 PM
Good scoop Savannah! This article has a fresh perspective on brand awareness and ways in which to communicate with consumers effectively and how to portray companies brands online succesfully. By bringing a new twist to the traditional online marketing model of marketing a brand, companies can generate revenue as well as create new innovative campaigns online. Interesting read!
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How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement?

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement? | Organising for IMC |
Audience involvement is the process and act of actively involving your target audience in your communication mix, in order to increase their engagement with your message as well as advocacy to your brand.

Via CIM Academy, Elizabeth Anne Dale
Savanna Steele's insight:

This article is great. Really enjoyed the different ways the brands interacted with their audience. In the first step that this article talks about "second screen engagment" I thought was interesting how people become so capivated by having the choice of where an advert should have a time slot during a programme as big as Xfactor to the point where they did not even want to watch the programme but wanted to see where the advert was placed during the show. Furthermore the idea of using the comments the brands audience would leave on their social media pages as a campgion is awesome completely interacting with their audience and creating hype about the brand at the same time. 

Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 11:35 AM
@savanna- This article is interesting. The fact that social media marketing is growing so much its crucial to have your audience involve in communication mix in order to increase engagement. The three different ways which brands can involve their audiences is really helpful. Out of all the threes i believe that Second Screen engagement is easiest ways to involve audience because almost every individual own a smart phone nowadays.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 5:54 PM
Savanna - I found this to be a really insightful scoop. Audience involvement is a really effective way to connect and engage with consumers. If people feel like they're involved and are participating in any sort of way, this will help them develop a connection and feeling of loyalty towards a brand. Social media is a great platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions and to interact with brands one-on-one. Like you said, social media is really an important part of the communication mix for any brand in order to build and maintain relationships between brands and their consumers.
Hendy Han's comment, September 26, 2013 7:14 PM
Nice Levi, this article is really helpful. It helps me alot in understanding how audience involvement able to levitate our brand image. This article give a lot of tools that's very useful to compete in today competitive environment
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Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples

Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples | Organising for IMC |

Open University, Corning and SAP have been killing it with optimized, creative content marketing. Learn from their most successful campaigns. ...Quality rules the day when it comes to content creation. We write often here on the importance of content planning and optimization and Lee Odden offered a complete framework for optimizing across SEO, social media and content marketing in his book, Optimize. Here are just a few examples of brands killing it with great content. Check them out and see what lessons you can take away to improve your own content strategy....

Via Jeff Domansky, Ksenia
Savanna Steele's insight:

This article presents perfect examples of the correct way to implement creative content marketing. I find this article interesting in the regards to how successful the campagions that were used as examples had been so uniquiely different from one another. Again re-enforcing the content that was taught in week 7 in IMC. The means of communication that they use in the examlpes shows that the brands did their homework on their target audience and used creative methods to draw them into the conversation. 

Logan Harris's comment, September 24, 2013 10:54 PM
Another good find Ksenia!
I particularly enjoyed the Corning Glass example – It was an incredibly well done clip which really showed the future hopes and prospects of the brand. While I’m sure they are not the only brand working on technology of this kind, by creating content like this and getting it seen by over 21 million people, they will be the first brand to come to mind for many people with an interest in this tech.
Creating engaging content like this is important as it can do a lot in constructing your brands image and personality, as well as keeping it in the minds of those who will be looking for a product like yours in the future.
Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 11:58 AM
Good read savanna. This reading is almost similar to “12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces you have to see”. In order to be creative you have to be able to have create unique marketing strategies to overcome competitors and also great demonstrating of marketing communications. Shown in the article are the three steps to creating content marketing success.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 6:32 PM
Great scoop Savanna! Like you both mention, using the right kind of creativity in the right way is key for successful marketing strategies, in order to give brands that competitive edge needed in today's comeptitive and content driven consumer market. Reaching the right target audience with their creative messages is also important, through the use of communication and engagement that speaks to consumers.
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12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See | Design Shack

12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See | Design Shack | Organising for IMC |
Reading an article entitled 12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See on Design Shack.

Via Jillian Hor Maelynn, Ksenia
Savanna Steele's insight:

This article has some amazing ideas and concepts that have the wow factor and element of suprise but are simple and easy. These ideas of communicating with their audience in a way that is direct and relevant to the brand and customer. We offen see direct marketing as junk mail that is sent to us, and that we would rather not have it in our letter boxes. However using an approach of these types would be something that I would love to find in the mail box. Creative and different to what we currently see in NZ. 

Alexandra Leeming's comment, September 26, 2013 8:00 AM
I think the ideas in this article are really cool! It is a very good example of companies taking it one step further and creating an interactive marketing piece where it directly relates to the consumer. This helps increase their involvement with the product and they feel a sense of connection to it that allows them to care more about it. In creating packaging that was interactive and the consumer could relate to, I find this such an effective way of direct marketing as you don't have to stop at just words, you can take it that step further as shown in the article.
Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 11:10 AM
@savanna - WOW!!! Each of every pieces in this video is equally amazing. Out of all i liked the Earth Hour and Blood Donations the most. They are both very creative especially Earth Hour. We have to remember that Direct Marketing is about connecting with consumers in a real way and to be able to connect with them you have to come up with unique strategies/ inventive ideas that would draw their attention. Again, these Direct marketing pieces are awesome. Good one savanna
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 5:48 PM
Great article, Savannah. Actually really enjoyed reading this scoop! It's amazing to see just how creative marketers are out there and that he sky is the limit when it comes to using creative techniques for marketing strategies. Like you girls both mention, direct marketing is all about connecting with customers in a real way, and this article definitely shows us how this can be done effectively and in a way that stands out. Couldn't agree with you more on the points that you've made from this article. Such clever, fun ideas to break the boring direct marketing stereotype!
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5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns | Organising for IMC |

Check out these 5 creative campaigns that leverage Pinterest's marketing potential to the fullest.


Via Ksenia
Savanna Steele's insight:

I found this article interesting in regards to their approaches that they made towards this social media platform pinterest. Personal i do not use this media platform and do not know of many people who do, however with saying this, after reading this article it has encouraged me to go check it out. I loved the creativity these brands have used in 5 different and unique ways to create brand awareness and communication across all media platforms. In the example about Kotex sending 50 presents to inspiring women and what response they got back, just shows that brands do not need to spend millions on prizes to get social media interaction responses.  

Logan Harris's comment, September 24, 2013 11:23 PM
Good to read a little more about the usefulness of Pinterest as I was of Elizabeth's opinion that it may be a bit useless!
However reading this article I saw how some marketers were really using it well. The Kotex example in particular is really good as it generated so much coverage! I think it is too easy to imagine those online as being online only! Using Pinterest to divine the tastes of real women and to send actual gifts to them was really clever.
I think for some you would truly have to be an avid Pinterest user to appreciate. For interest I wouldn’t bother visiting Peugot’s Facebook page just to get a puzzle piece to use in further advertising them on my page….would you?
This may be a case where strongly defining your brands target audience is important however – as I don’t use Pinterest I don’t view it as effective, however there may be many who disagree with me!
Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 12:10 PM
@savanna - Great article. Personally, i have not ones heard of Pinterest but i enjoyed watching Kotex example and you're right savanna you don't need to spend much on advertising but the importance of being a creative marketer will definitely receive attention, create effectiveness and earn financial gains.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 6:00 PM
Savanna - I agree with you that Pinterest is an underrated media tool that isn't too popular from what I gather either. However, with all of the other media tools we have at our fingertips, we may just not have the time to use another media platform such as this one. Also because of the fact that it's relatively new and hasn't come to peoples attention. However, this article has shown me that it is an effective marketing tool for creative campaigns! It just shows you that consumers today are so tech-savvy and we constantly need visual stimulation and exciting images to grab our attention.
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Marketing, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV, |

Marketing, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV, | | Organising for IMC |
Marketing, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV,

Via Angelina Singh, Ksenia
Savanna Steele's insight:

Coca-Cola has identified their target market as Teenagers, and then used a creative and interactive approach to capture their audience and make their campaign involve the teenagers to participate. This was a clever move as you know, the best way to get your target market actively engaging with the brand is by encouraging their participation, Coca-Cola has done through their music focused strategy by helping teenagers to be exposed to the world as musicians. This is an awesome way for the teenagers to start as musicians but an even better strategy, as it will be rolled out into over 100 markets. They have also chosen the carefully with media partners they will be using to get their campaign advertised, ensuring that the channels used are teenager focused.   

Scarlett Yeounju Kim's comment, September 26, 2013 6:44 AM
@Holly; In order for a marketing effort to be successful, it is critical to know who the target audience is. Coca-Cola created a new campaign to target teenagers. In fact, Coca-Cola has been beloved by everybody for a long time. It has not been concerned with any demographic: age, gender, sex, income and so on. However, there are many competitors present in the contemporary era. It may be their proactive marketing decision to retain current customers and those who are changing their minds In order to satisfy teenagers they produce 30 second video clips which consist of creative elements. I think, it is a wise decision, because a brand marketer should respond promptly, even to small changes. Coca-Cola detected the change of the market and therefore chose to do proactive campaign. In order to be successful in business, it does not only require recognising the target audience but also detecting the change of market.
Yuhang Wei's comment, September 26, 2013 11:06 AM
@Holly Adams: In this article it mainly highlights the importance of targeting the right market and this is what Coca Cola has done well. Targeting teens is a really smart move and again Coke symbolizes moment of happiness. Thats what marketing is all about is to build relationships with consumers and satisfy their needs and wants. Very interesting article to help understand IMC and how it works
Holly Adams's comment, September 27, 2013 12:25 AM
I thought this was a great article describing a VERY successful world company and how they have used their target market to built that success. By targeting an age group that is all about consuming it starts off with a great audience. Coke have made the drink an absolute everyday need in consumption for many of the target audience is most countries around the world. Coke has been a company since 1896 yet continues to grow and be the most innovative with their products. For example realising new bottle and can sizes as well as marketing a year and names on the bottles. Instantly people want to buy a coke with their own name on it or the year they were born, therefore creating that need to get the drink even if your are not thirsty. When we look at the rival company Pepsi, we can see less innovative ideas as they have stuck to the original bottle size and can. I believe that has lead to a increase in market share for coke rather than pepsi