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Integrated Marketing Communications for Every Sized Organization

Integrated Marketing Communications for Every Sized Organization | Wk-3Understanding integration | Scoop.it
Integrated marketing communications isn't a new concept, but it's more important today than ever before to practice it. Here are five tips to get started.

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Jae Woo Park's insight:

This article talks about the IMC for every sized for firms. Traditional public relation, advertising, media, website, newspaper are dead. Otherwise, nowadays, the entire department in organization should be more open each other and work closely. Also each department has to share information as well. Through these activities, it supports work together and can share the same business achievement. Moreover, marketing communication in organization and of departments working together cohesively is more important now. Lastly, this article suggests fives tips to integrated your efforts within those in other departments

Jessie Shi's comment, August 22, 2013 6:30 AM
From this article I know more about the importance of using integrated marketing communications nowadays. It's not a new concept, but not many companies actually use it especially those small-size companies. This article offered five tips to get started which is really helpful.
Alice Mau's comment, August 22, 2013 7:39 PM
IMC is the process of getting your brand out to the customers using various effective methods. The use of technology/social media these days are very useful not only to deliver one company's product and services to their potential customers but also to peek in to what their competitors are upto and how their brand are being perceived by customers. This will allow them to keep up with changes. IMC is very helpful in the business world.
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This model share somewhat similarity with "Getting Back to Strategy"

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7 Rules of Integrated Marketing Communications

7 Rules of Integrated Marketing Communications | Wk-3Understanding integration | Scoop.it
Integrated Marketing Communications is a Marketing Technique that makes sure that all of your sales, marketing and prootional approaches and communications have been carefully linked with one another to execute your overall marketing strategy....

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Jae Woo Park's insight:

This article talks about 7 golden role of integrated marketing communications. IMC is a technique that all of your messages and communications have been carefully linked with one another. In other words, IMC is great way to communication connecting with potential customers through marketing advertising, campaign and promotion. These IMC tactics( marketing adversing campaign, promotion) will be positive effects on business such as increasing sales, investment and profit in business.

The first step of golden rules of marketing communication is getting senior management because top level management know what is IMC and how to use it then the process will run much more smoothly from the start. Second step is using different management level so everyone knows about communication planning. third step that use guild such as a brand book or design manual to ensure that all areas maintain a standard visual environment for typefaces, colors, logos, etc. four rule is focus on message clarity. Make sure that everyone is aware of the goals of the communications and define your positioning statements. Ensure that every message contains a link to the core values of the organization. Five rule is Begin with a brand new communications plan. Use a zero budget and identify exactly what you need for reaching your goals. he sixth rule is to remember that the customer comes first. Lastly build relationship because strong relationship with customer will help to build up the loyalty and trust of your business and brand. This all steps will help to improve business marketing communication are integrated with each other.



Hendy Han's comment, August 19, 2013 6:43 PM
This is a good article to give an insight to company that want to go to a more advance marketing effort. Some company, especially SMES may take marketing effort to lightly. To create a more effective marketing effort, IMC is necessary and this article provide a good general ideas. Furthermore, enterprises could have a clear design of their IMC programme in a more extensive and structured way.