Understanding integration
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Why Small Businesses Need to Integrate Marketing Campaigns

Why Small Businesses Need to Integrate Marketing Campaigns | Understanding integration | Scoop.it
Utilizing lower-priced organic advertising (think social media) and higher-priced direct marketing gives your integrated marketing campaign the greatest consumer penetration with the lowest overall price point.

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Chontelle Ah-Ping's insight:

This article is great as it simplifies why marketing integration is key, why it works and an example of it. Even though we as consumers encounter integrated marketing by brands on a daily basis, we at times barely notice it. Maybe that’s because it hasn’t been done cohesively enough, or because we have already become accustomed to that particular brand’s communications.


Blending the marketing mix to project a united customer-centred marketing message gives the consumer consistency of your brand and a clear image of who you are.Communications through direct marketing need to grab the attention of the consumer, expose the branded image and encourage the consumer to get active in the brand’s social media site. Why? Because brand awareness and attracting new customers is vital for success! It is here that consistent communication across all channels is essential as it again creates brand awareness but it can also enable the establishment of enduring consumer-brand relationships. If a consistent message or integrated form of marketing and communication is not used by companies, they are ultimately not using their resources to their best potential and therefore are not producing maximum results. Therefore understanding and using integration is essential for businesses.


This article outlines small businesses in particular in their importance to take on integrated marketing campaigns. And why not? Businesses, no matter how small, need to be current and involved online and with their consumers.  in simple ways, businesses can unify their communications to send consistent messages, enabling consumers to become aware of them and create loyalty.

Vic Methven's comment, August 20, 2013 12:34 AM
Hey Chontelle, I agree that integrating the marketing mix is vital for the success of a small business. Marketing campaigns in small businesses also make it easier to fully utilise who you are as a brand and the consumers you are looking to target. Communicating in direct marketing and using social media is good in getting consumers involved and also getting the word out on their particular brand. It is harder for bigger businesses to integrate marketing campaigns as efficiently because of the vast types of products and brands under one company, therefore it is good for small businesses to use integrated marketing campaigns to fully utilise all channels for there consumers.
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A must read - content must be platform neutral - 4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Will Die Without Integration

A must read - content must be platform neutral - 4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Will Die Without Integration | Understanding integration | Scoop.it
One word: Convergence.Social media marketers need to harness media convergence and integrate direct and advertising to maximize the impact of their...



Social Media Marketing is often treated as a separaet silo - reality is always that media creation and curation should be platform neutral.


It is easy to get hoodwinked by the new NEW thing but the reality is there is very rarely anything truly new, rather media and communications are evolutionary - there is no end to iteration and innovation - there is also no end to wrong turns so the most secure strategic path is to engage with the new to the extent you remain on message to your target audience/community.

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Chontelle Ah-Ping's insight:

This article stresses the importance of integration in brands’ marketing, especially in today’s world where online activities, and in particular social media, are more involved in consumer’s lives. Integration is particularly important due to the diverse range of communication tools available to consumers and the access to them any time of the day, anywhere. This means essentially that all the brand’s activities and in particular communications, need to culminate to present a certain image and experience for consumers. Integrating social, content and search in an internet strategy is important to build all areas of a brand’s presence online, together considering what interests consumers and relevant topics. Therefore, does it not make sense to integrate in marketing? Especially if it means a higher likelihood of your integrated marketing messages are remembered, with the use of traditional media and direct marketing as platforms. When there are so many ways to communicate with potential consumers, finding a way to streamline and unify what messages brands are sending out, not only benefits the brand in terms of image, reputation and ROI, but also the consumer- mainly in their associations and recall of the brand.

Anna Shen's comment, August 19, 2013 9:41 AM
Hey Chontelle, you have made good points on this article. This article is provides 4 clear steps that tells you the importance of why it is necessary to have integration in marketing. I agree that online activities towards social media are increasingly involved in consumers lives. This is why businesses should consider social media marketing. The main reason the article points out is that we customers are exposed to a huge number of messages a day through a wide variety of diverse media. Therefore in order to stand out from other messages, integrating marketing effort is best and is effective.
Vic Methven's comment, August 21, 2013 5:55 AM
Hey Chontelle, this is a nice article to read. I agree that social media is now such a big part of consumer’s lives and the use of integration is crucial in using a range of communication tools. It is also important that the brand is representing the same image through all of the communication channels, which then backs your statement of the importance of integration in marketing and how, if effective, can be a solid way to communicate with potential consumers and also loyal customers. This article shows clear information on the importance of integration for marketing your business and how it can help to fully reach the potential your business has.