The Power of Ideas; Integration Across all Media
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Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it?

Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it? | The Power of Ideas; Integration Across all Media |
Regardless of the merits that the internet has made us less warm –hearted and more impersonal, the grim fact remains social media marketing services (social media marketing 12 essential tips for success

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Alysha Mackenzie's insight:

This article addresses the big question "why do i need to market my business on social media?" . The answer to this is - because we have all become social media addicts. Spreading brand awareness is one of the biggest benefits of signing up to social media. Social media gives access to communicate the vision of your business, what it stands for and it's ideas. This article says that no business can expect to survive and grow if it neglects social media.  I agree with this statement and feel that if you don't take the leap and connect to these sites, you will fall behind competitors and be forgotten about. And after all, who brings out a phone book to find the number or address of a business anymore?  

JianWang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:34 PM
@Anna I like this article for the explain about the social media as it become one of the major communication channels.
Yunqi Zeng's comment, September 26, 2013 11:51 PM
The social media gets into people's lives in everyday, and it is a very useful channel for the marketers to communicate with the target consumers
Ben Beguely's curator insight, September 27, 2013 1:55 AM

I agree with this article as it just shows that social media has just become a need for people. brands and businesses use social media now to attract target consumers and to advertise promptly.It has become a good technique of marketing

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United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' - MediaPost Communications

United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' - MediaPost Communications | The Power of Ideas; Integration Across all Media |
MediaPost Communications United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' MediaPost Communications "'Flyer-friendly' resonated in feedback from our customers and co-workers," said Tom O'Toole, United's senior vice president of marketing and...
Alysha Mackenzie's insight:

Tanya Irwin shows the power of an idea across an integration of media. The new brand campaign for United Airlines features the iconic 'fly the friendly skies' tagline. However, this has been re-interpreted for today’s travelers. United Airlines have used actual employees in there advertising and each advertisement highlights the service, technology and onboard features that the airline offers to its passengers.  Throughout various channels - network, cable, radio, magazine, newspaper, out of home, digital advertising and social media, the powerful idea of 'friendly' is portrayed. Friendly is shown through ideas such as 'leg room friendly', 'Wi-Fi friendly', 'flyer friendly' and so on.  I think this is a great campaign as it takes one clear message that the airline wants to be known for and broadcasts this through so many different channels. 

Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 6:36 AM
@Janessa’s comment, “United Airlines Continues to ‘Fly the friendly skies’” I agree with you that it was a great campaign as they were able to use multiple channels to get across the same message through TV, radio, social media etc. The emphasis in the slogan ‘fly the friendly skies’ shows that they are a friendly business and will do what it takes to keep the consumer happy. Using all media channels was a great way to target a much larger audience.
Danielle Petersen's comment, September 26, 2013 8:00 AM
@Lily I like how this article was based on the experiences of United Airline and how they used many platforms to promote the different aspects to their brand, other than just flying. I like how effectively they appear to have used the slogan “fly the friendly skies”, like you’ve pointed out, Lily. I think that the way they have used their slogan across all of their advertising ties all the efforts in together for easy recognition for the consumer.
DavidShin's comment, September 26, 2013 9:37 AM
@lily Tran, The strategy they have used to describe the united airline was very smart and the slogan "Fly the friendly skies" is very unique and gentle which instantly provides a feeling of safeness and politeness. This was a smart tactic to use to advertise the brand of the airline because USA is a large country so alot of people fly places around the nation, Which means the chances of regular consumers picking this airline is higher