Barbara Zecchi at the "Taller de erotismo y cine español", at Harvard University | The UMass Amherst Spanish & Portuguese Program Newsletter |

Oct. 19- Prof. Barbara Zecchi was invited to participate in the _Taller sobre erotismo y cine español_ at Harvard University. The workshop, organized by Santiago Fouz-Hernández (Univ. Durham, UK) was sponsored by the British Academy.

The Taller featured four presentations: Brad Epps (Harvard/Cambridge) talked about 'La mirada morbosa" in the Spanish Transition. Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham) presented a paper on "Homoerotismo y cuerpos masculinos en el cine de Ventura Pons". Tatjana Pavolović (Tulane University) worked on the movie Peppermint Frappé (1967) and 'The Beginning of the Geraldine Chaplin and Carlos Saura Story'. Barbara Zecchi (UMass Amherst) talked about 'Erotismo “invisible”: la mujer madura en el cine español de autoría femenina'. Isolina Ballesteros (Baruch College, CUNY) concluded the workshop with an analysis of the connections between the four interventions. Santiago Fouz Hernández said that the workshop 'is part of a long-term project that seeks to query commonplace characterisations of Spanish cinema as erotic by exploring in detail the mechanisms by which it effects its erotic charge', adding that 'the five presentations and the discussion that followed show that Spanish cinema scholars continue to produce cutting-edge research in Film Studies, contributing to the latest debates in the field, such as haptic visuality or cinematic tactility'.

(Photo: from left to right, Barbara Zecchi, Isolina Ballesteros, Brad Epps and Tatjana Pavlovic)