Domingo Sánchez-Mesa and Concha Gómez offer a 5-day seminar on DIGITAL CULTURES in SPANISH | The UMass Amherst Spanish & Portuguese Program Newsletter |

Oct. 10, 2012. Tomorrow UMass Visiting Professors Concha Gómez (Univ. Carlos III of Madrid) and Domingo Sánchez Mesa (Univ. of Granada) are starting their Five Day Seminar on Digital Cultures in Spanish at Smith College. 

The seminar will encourage critical reflection on the cultural and communication processes behind the configuration of the social & political imaginaries of cyber-culture, throughout the media landscape (cinema, television, videogames, Internet, trans-media, etc.). It will study the evolution of adaptation practices, analyzing the specificity of digital literary texts within the framework of new media (hyper-textuality and cyber-textuality), focusing on the new trans-media landscape as an emerging industry, and a new space of production and consumption of the editorial and audiovisual industries. Students will also be introduced to the roles and oscillating presence of women in the Spanish cinema industry, with a specific focus on the turn of the century context and the digitalization processes of such an industry (XX-XXI).


The event, cosponsored by the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, Smith College; by the Dept. of Spanish, Latino/a and Latin American Studies, Mount Holyoke College; and by the Program of Spanish and Portuguese, UMass Amherst,  is organized by María Helena Rueda (Smith College) and Barbara Zecchi (UMass).

The sessions will take place on October 11th, 18th and 25th, November 7th and 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in Hatfield 107 (Smith College).