Gynocine: Teoría de género, filmología y praxis cinematográfica | The UMass Amherst Spanish & Portuguese Program Newsletter |

Barbara Zecchi publishes the edited book _Gynocine: teoría de género, filmología y práxis cinematográfica_ for the collection Sagardiana, Estudios feminista of Publicaciones Universidad Zaragoza (2013). The book collects articles by different scholars on Spanish women filmmakers's production (i. e. "gynocine", according to Zecchi's neologism). Barbara Zecchi contributes to the volume with the introduction (Qué es "gynocine") and an article on Women's Comedy.

The volume is divided into four parts. Part I (Los debates) focuses on central topics of Feminist Film Theory, such as Feminist Criticism, Visual Pleasure, Female Authorship and the Ethics of Esthetics, with articles by Carmen Peña Ardid, Susan Martin-Márquez, Silvia Guillamón-Carrasco and Reyes Lázaro.

Part II is on Film Practice, with contributions by film director Inés París and scriptwriter Alicia Luna. Part III is on the Gender of Genre, with articles by Jorge Pérez on the road movie, Barbara Zecchi on the comedy,  Darío  Sánchez-González on the documentary, Eva París Huesca on the thriller and Mario Santana on the western. Finally, Part IV (Las temáticas) completes the volume with contributions on diverse topics such as historical memory  (Sara J. Brenneis), women in jail (Ana Corbalán); women and terrorism (Carmen Arranz), domestic violence (Linda Gould Levine), the family (Maribel Rams) and femenine poetics (Jesús Fariña Busto).