Emily Spring defends her Master Thesis PROTESTING BETWEEN THE LINES: CARMEN MARTIN GAITE’S FRUSTRATION IN WRITING VIS-À-VIS 1950s FRANCOIST CENSORSHIP | The UMass Amherst Spanish & Portuguese Program Newsletter | Scoop.it

In _Protesting Between the Lines_, Emily Spring shows how Carmen Martín Gaite, an author who began her career during Franco’s dictatorship, expressed her frustrations with the restrictions she endured in spite of censorship imposed upon her work by focusing on two early novels: El balneario (1953) and Entre visillos (1958). Spring analyzes Martín Gaite’s novels as works affected by censorship, and search for subtexts and hidden meanings in order to argue for their status as texts that contain a subversive message.


In the photo: Emily Spring (center) with her Master Thesis Committee: (from left to right) Reyes Lázaro, Barbara Zecchi (chair) and José Ornelas.