Knowmia for Creating or Finding Video Lessons Across the Curriculum | UDL - Universal Design for Learning |

Multiple means of representation is a fundamental principle of Universal Design for Learning. As of today, there’s a promising new free option for presenting information in a wide variety of ways.


First knowmia is an online site that offers a collection of some 7000 curated videos organized under main headings or searchable using key words.


It is also is a free app for the iPad where a teacher can create video lessons.  You can design each step in a lesson, record illustrations as you draw them, and create sophisticated animation sequences with a simple stroke of a finger. Here are some main features of this app:

+ Build your lesson out of smaller steps (like slides) so it's easy to manage and organize your lesson
+ Create each step of your lesson on a separate whiteboard so you can seamlessly introduce new concepts
+ Record everything that you do on the whiteboard as well as your voice to create the lesson step-by-step
+ Use the shape tool to quickly draw common shapes
+ Type text with any font/size directly on the whiteboard