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From inov8 Educational Consulting

Welcome to Part 5 of There's A Special App For That series on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps for students with special needs. In this post we round up 5 great mind mapping apps for children with learning disabilities who are visual learners.

Our criteria for mind mapping apps:

Apps for mind mapping are generally developed for a mass market and not specifically for educational use or for students with special needs. With so many apps on the market, we developed some basic criteria that we used to target the needs of a student with learning disabilities:

  • Simple to use for middle and high school students
  • Uncluttered interface
  • Ability to manipulate “nodes” or ideas on the screen easily for those with fine motor difficulties
  • Ability to use graphics instead of text, if needed
  • Multiple options to use varying colors and shapes to differentiate ideas and to provide increased meaning and structure for the student.
  • Ability to export the map into different formats, so that the student can manipulate the map afterwards for the writing process.