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Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners at the Harvard Graduate School of Education - July 9-13, 2012


"Program Objectives

> Study the latest brain research on diverse learners. Consider how scientific discoveries are reshaping our understanding of how individuals learn and what motivates them

> Acquire practical, classroom-based and school-based applications to implement differentiated instruction. Address the diversity of students in the classroom

> Customize teaching and learning using new technologies. Understand how flexible technology compares with traditional print media as a learning tool

> Explore new frontiers in the delivery of curricular content and how these advances will change the way classroom materials are developed and utilized

> Consider national and local policies that affect teaching and learning for all students.Understand how government policies address the educational needs of children with disabilities and how the UDL approach can meet those needs

> Learn how to apply and implement the institute’s framework in educational settings"