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Scooped by Peter Rosenberg!

aioTV Joins OATC Effort to Enable Internet Access to Subscription TV

aioTV Joins OATC Effort to Enable Internet Access to Subscription TV | TV Everywhere |
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 21, 2014 -- The media industry organization OATC (Open Authentication Technology Committee) and aioTV will focus on enabling TV content for delivery in all locations.
Peter Rosenberg's insight:

“OATC’s effort to bridge the technology gap in this fragmented world of IP aligns our approach for single sign-on and more importantly normalized meta-data across content owners to truly leverage IP delivered opportunities,”

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Scooped by Peter Rosenberg!

OATC Announces "Online Multimedia Authorization Protocol"

OATC Announces "Online Multimedia Authorization Protocol" | TV Everywhere |

...The OMAP specification will benefit stakeholders in the online subscription content ecosystem:

-- Multimedia content publishers and distributors will reduce unauthorized access to content, share a common architecture to minimize operational overhead and cost and provide consumers with
standardized, secure access to media content over the Internet using their home and mobile devices and client software.

-- Technology vendors and third-party service providers can develop value-added services and commercial solutions to deploy across the entire subscription content ecosystem.

-- Consumers get choice, convenience and a simple and consistent experience, unlike today's proprietary solutions.

"OATC [Open Authentication Technology Committee] is creating the open standards needed to enable simple online access to subscription TV services by bridging the gaps in existing technology with practical and workable solutions," said Glenn Reitmeier, OATC president. "We are very excited to announce this preview of our first of several standards to come that will help MVPDs and programmers give their subscribers more choices than ever before." The OATC is inviting the public to download ( ) the draft specification and provide comments by May 4, 2012.

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