Netflix, Web Video Rule The Cable Show | TV Everywhere |
CHICAGO - [itvt] at NCTA – While major cable operators insist that Netflix isn't hurting the pay TV business, the top over-the-top video provider continued to dominate panel discussions during the second day of industry's annual convention. Time Warner Cable COO Robert Marcus ripped Netflix, which distributes thousands of movies and TV shows for as low as $7.99 monthly, arguing that it doesn't have the premium content offered by cable. "Cheapness and breadth of content really don't go hand in hand," Marcus said. While taking shots at Netflix's programming library, Marcus said the top Web video site also drives demand for his company's broadband Internet business. "Netflix is foremost an example of an app that requires a robust, fat, HD pipe. It just so happens, that's what we offer," Marcus said. Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner downplayed the threat posed by Netflix and other OTT video providers, noting that Web video is a good use for the cable modem business. "The fact of the matter is we have a big, thick broadband pipe that goes into over 90 percent of American homes – certainly 90 percent of wherever it is available to them. Lots of people can do things with that pipe," Willner said.