Does the pipe really matter? | TV Everywhere |
Every day and every week, people in the TV technology industry talk about Pay TV, Cable, Satellite, IPTV, OTT, Internet TV, Connected TV and all sorts of technical delivery platforms for content. We go to conferences about it where there is much discussion about how one is better than the other because of the special nuances of the particular delivery mechanism. It turns into a war between OTT and PayTV, between OTT and IPTV, between IPTV and Cable TV etc. However the consumer point is being missed. They don’t actually care about the tech. They care about whether it has the content they want, whether it is cheap or expensive, how easy it is to use, whether they can have the content the way they want it, and all other sorts of usage related characteristics. They don’t care if it is IP packets, ATM packets, or MPEG2 packets. BSkyB is successful in the UK because it gets content to the customer in way that is not too uncomfortable, and not because of their Middleware solution or their return path tech, or their forward path capability or lack thereof. Without the content, then Sky would lose customers even with the best tech solution in the world. Content solutions need to be the focus – we need to concentrate on that and not the tech. The tech is a means to an end for the majority of viewers and consumers out there, and we have forgotten that in the rush to new technology. It also helps that all those tech methods are now taking on very similar if not identical characteristics through hybridisation. Is this the Emperor’s New Clothes moment?