Cable asks FCC to halt plans for connected TV standard | TV Everywhere |
The FCC has been working on plans to create AllVid, a new CableCARD replacement standard for the delivery of IP video services and applications to Internet-connected television sets. The National Cable and Telecommunications Association, however, wants the FCC to back off. Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell, now head of the NCTA, wrote current FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski a letter last week urging him to stop working on AllVid. Powell cited the wide array of TV apps popping up on connected TVs, tablets and mobile devices as proof that such a standard is unnecessary. The FCC is seeking comment on AllVid in an effort to merge traditional TV channels and connected devices. The AllVid hardware would act as a universal adapter for all types of subscription TV content, delivered through a wide variety of means, including cable, satellite, VDSL, IPTV and Internet TV. The cable industry flatly opposes the standard. Powell said the growing acceptance of new authenticated TV Everywhere services, as well as cable’s adoption of cloud-based programming guides and user interfaces, are proof that pay-TV operators are rapidly adapting to the challenges of the digital age.