Winning With Google+ - How Ferrari, H&M, Cadbury & BMW Reach Millions More Customers | Turismo&Territori in Rete |

Discover how big brands, from cars to candy, are making Google+ work for them by operating like community managers in this post from TopRank Online Marketing.


From cars to candy, big brands are proving that Google+ can be an important part of their digital marketing strategy. There are massive strengths, especially for brick and mortar retailers with both online and physical locations. Those brands that are making Google+ work for them operate more like true community managers.


Social media success doesn’t happen overnight and without effort. For those brands that recognize Google+ represents a social layer of Google overall, it’s a great way to engage fans and promote products, especially, using a multitude of digital content. In fact, that’s what the following brands have in common: the ability to connect visually and viscerally with their fan base...

Via Jeff Domansky