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Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation
Our organisation seeks to locate and document apparent paranormal phenomenon through the application of extensive historical research, scientific methodology and coupling this with knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs and techniques in a professional manner.
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Redrawing the Arctic map: The new north

Redrawing the Arctic map: The new north | Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation |

The Arctic covers around 5% of the planet's surface, but it is capturing a disproportionate amount of attention. With temperatures rising at twice the global rate, the region's summer sea ice is shrinking rapidly, making access easier than ever before. At the same time, countries are racing to claim parts of the Arctic's sea floor and the vast deposits of hydrocarbons that lie beneath it.


Since satellite observations started in 1979, the September sea-ice extent has declined by 12% per decade, and the past 5 years have marked the lowest on record. The ice cover is thinning, making it more vulnerable to warmer temperatures. Forecasts by climate models suggest that summer sea ice will largely disappear in the second half of the century, but the current rate of ice loss exceeds the models' forecasts, suggesting that ice-free conditions could arrive sooner.


Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, countries can claim rights to seabed resources in the Arctic Ocean, depending on their coastline and the sea-floor geology. Dark shading on this map represents each nation's existing exclusive economic zone, which extends up to 370 kilometres from its coastline. Lighter shading depicts extended regions to which countries may be eligible. Russia and Norway are the only Arctic nations to have submitted their bids.

Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald
SPRO's insight:

Incredible stuff...Still believe there's no such thing as climate change?

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NLPI Need Paranormal Investigators

NLPI Need Paranormal Investigators | Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation |


NLPI are looking for Paranormal Investigators  to join our established team.

We are looking for:

Experienced Investigators to assist our existing medium and our three Investigative teams.

1. Must have own transport.

2. Must be able to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

3. Must be off good character.

4. Must be available for at least 6 investigations during a one year period (Saturday).

5. Must be a team player

6. Must have experience of Investigative work (Training available to the right applicant)

7. Must be able to work with our own NLPI Medium.

8. Ideally should be located in North London or 30 mins travel time away.

9. Must be aware that NLPI produce radio and tv Programmes for broadcast and you may be required to participate.

Team Players

Honest and reliable Applicants With own transport - preferably living in the North London area or withing one hours drive.

Applicants will be required to purchase at cost their own ID cards and Hoodies £30. We are a uniformed team and these are required before you attend an investigation.

We require our Investigators to make themselves available for at least 6 investigations a year.

There are many occasions where we hire a venue to Investigate. This cost is split between every team member, Investigator and Guest Investigators in order to keep the cost down.

We also require Investigators to undertake additions training as and where necessary which is usually conducted in the field.

Applicants must demonstrate their ability to work well as a team and respect each team member in turn. Applicants must be aware that we produce regular Documentaries and web episodes and you must shown a interest in being filmed.

We are not looking for:

Applicants who just want to attend free investigations.

Applicants who wish to promote themselves by using us as a publicity springboard.

Applicants who take more from us then they offer the team.

Applicants who are unreliable or unavailable. We can always work around issues but excuses are poorly received.

Applicants who believe that we are Most Haunted. NLPI are a serious Investigative Team.

Via North London Paranormal Investigations
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Can anybody help this team out?

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Listen to performances of the world's oldest complete surviving song

Listen to performances of the world's oldest complete surviving song | Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation |
The Seikilos epitaph is the oldest known complete composition of music in existence, a Hellenistic Ionic song with complete notation likely inscribed in the first century AD.

Via F. Thunus
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9 Apps for Environmental Science - AvatarGeneration

9 Apps for Environmental Science - AvatarGeneration | Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation |

"Environmental Science is an all-encompassing topic, which can make finding additional resources both daunting and fun.  Depending on your approach and the age of your students, you can find a wealth of online and mobile apps to help you demonstrate the science behind environmental issues."

Via John Evans
Rich Schultz's curator insight, January 30, 2015 11:28 AM

Useful to know about this...