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Dirpy which is currently in beta, is an advanced Internet Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service that lets you record and convert your favorite freely available online media. Dirpy can be used as a youtube converter or a converter for any other media that is freely available on the internet. When you use Dirpy as a youtube to mp3 converter, you can have easy access to your youtube videos without needing to access youtube.

Dirpy offers a variety of useful features. When you use Dirpy you will have access to real-time conversions, ID3 metadata tags, offsets, Support for high quality formats (including HD), and much more.

There are a variety of mp3 converters available, so why use Dirpy? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to find out what makes Dirpy different (and better) than other similar programs. We are confident that Dirpy can do an excellent job with your mp3 converter projects.


Dirpy allows you to record and convert freely available online media to high quality mp3 files in real-time. There is a variety of online media that is freely available and often times Dirpy users will use Dirpy as a way to convert youtube videos to mp3 files. As a youtube to mp3 converter, Dirpy allows users access to their favorite freely available youtube videos, without having to connect to youtube.

When you request a recording action on Dirpy, Dirpy will record and convert the video in real-time, making the recording available for download to the user. Whether you use Dirpy as a youtube to mp3 converter or you use it to convert other freely available media, Dirpy will record your media and save it to your computer.


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