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By harnessing the power of the lead generation trifecta, marketers now have the power to generate leads more efficiently than ever before!


I’m always seeking that perfect combination of affordability, scalability and efficiency in all that I do — especially when it comes to marketing. With regards to lead generation — specifically paid media (paying to leverage the power of a channel to deliver a message that drives to another type of media) — I’ve found the lead generation trifecta. Through the use of great content marketing, content syndication and marketing automation I can consistently drive, nurture and qualify high quality leads for our sales team.


Content Marketing

Marketers harnessing the power of content marketing are creating unique content no matter where their consumers are in the buying cycle. They recognize that the type of information a person is looking for changes as they move through the buying cycle, and certain pieces of content indicate greater intent to buy.


Content Syndication

Having great content is just the start. Without a means of getting it to your audience (or getting your audience to it), your content efforts will be all for nothing. Fortunately, with content marketing come content syndication services. These services distribute your content through publishers, email lists, etc. and get your content in front of a wider audience than you ever could otherwise. Due to increased competition, this has quickly become one of the best resources for B2B marketers in terms of low-cost lead generation.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows marketers to analyze prospects’ engagement with your website. If prospects return to your site and visit your pricing page, this could indicate they’re ready to buy. We’ve identified specific pages that have strong correlations with closed deals, which trigger notifications to sales so they can reach out immediately.

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