Working in 4K UltraHD with the Sony FDR-AX1 | Travel With Your Camera |




Overall, I’m pleased with this purchase.


Looking at the footage from this camera reminds me of my first foray into 1080 HD with the Canon XH-A1.


After years of working in standard definition, the Canon’s 1440×1080 resolution was a breath of fresh air.


Now, after years working with HD, the Sony’s 3840×2160 resolution is quite a sight.


But like the Canon, the general “feel” of the footage is definitely that of a first generation prosumer camera. Looking at the video at 100%, I can see some artifacting and the image seems to be slightly grainy. But again, I may be spoiled after working with larger sensor DSLRs for so long.


But until a reasonably-priced DSLR or MFT camera that can shoot 4K is released, I’m sure to get plenty of use from the Sony.

Via Andre Bontems