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the Petralona Cave in Chalkidiki (Western Makedonia) is situated about 1 km to the East of the homonymous village, on the western cliffs of the ancient Kalavros mountain (~700 m height), that the inhabitants of the region call Katsika. Cave’s geographic position is about 50 km to the SE of Thessaloniki, 12 Km to the East of Kallikrateia and another 50 Km to the West of Polygyros – Chalkidiki’s capital, in an altitude of about 300 meters from the level of sea. It was found in 1959 by the inhabitant of Petralona, Mr. Philippos Hatzaridis and it became well known all over the world in 1960, when the skull of Arhanthropos was found by another inhabitant of Petralona, Mr. Christos Sarrigiannidis.