Poet I.A. Nikolaidis: “I’m in love with Thessaloniki” | Greece.GreekReporter.com Latest News from Greece | travelling 2 Greece | Scoop.it
When you look from the office window of I.A. Nikolaidis, you can see the sun setting down across entire Thessaloniki and immediately you realize why this city is the inspiration for his poetry and other writing. And then there is the huge bookcase filled with all kinds of literature and poetry, his other great love. Mr. Nikolaidis has combined poetry with his work as a scholar and has managed to attain the degree of ”Inspector of Secondary Education”, and he is a prominent member of the ”National Association of Greek Writers”, the ”Greek Association of Christian Writing” and the ”Company of Macedonian Studies.” His poems have been translated into French, English and Dutch. With the occasion of the Book Festival’s homage to the writers and poets of Thessaloniki of the 20th century, Greekreporter.com talks to him about his new book, the educational system and, of course, what makes Thessaloniki the birthplace of so many important people.