Dora's recipe: Orange spoon sweet | Neos Kosmos | travelling 2 Greece |


4 large seedless oranges - preferably with a thick skin.
Sugar - the same weight as the oranges after they have been boiled.


1. Wash the oranges and thinly slice off the top and tail
2. Put them in a pan with enough water to cover them and boil for one hour
3. Let them cool and then weigh them
4. Cut in half horizontally and then cut the halves in half vertically
5. Cut the quarters into thin slices - one cm approx
6. Empty the water from the pan and put the oranges in
7. Add the same weight of sugar
8. Bring to the boil and then simmer until it becomes syrup - not too thick. This should be about 30 minutes.
9. Put the hot sweet into hot sterilized jars and save