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BaliSpirit Festival 2013 - Celebration of Yoga, Dance & Music invites the passionate and enthusiastic crowds around the world.

BaliSpirit Festival 2013 will be celebrated in two of the most spectacular destinations in Ubud – the impressive cultural capital and the stunning art capital of Ubud.

This year, BaliSpirit Festival attracts the attention of renowned yoga and dance instructors, musicians and healers.  Over thousands of guests overflowing the city for five days and four nights when the festival sets to take place on 20th – 24th March.

Interesting highlights of the festival includes a diversity of daytime workshops ranging from meditation, wellness, holistic healing sessions and yoga. BaliSpirit Festival also features music concerts, which brings together world-class artists for a mind-blowing celebration.

Join the 6th annual BaliSpirit Festival that captures the essence of festivity, Bali’s magical culture and the thriving sense of the community.


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