Feedback Review Lauren Volunteer in Cusco, Peru. Orphanage and School program | "#Volunteer Abroad Information: Volunteering, Airlines, Countries, Pictures, Cultures" |

My favorite memory of this trip was seeing the faces of the girls at the orphanage the day we just got to play volleyball with them. It was difficult because they told all of us they did not want us to go but so rewarding knowing we helped them for at least a few days.

The host family I stayed with was great. They really accepted us as apart of their family. Sometimes it was hard to get used to certain meals but it wasn't necessarily bad but just different. I was surprised at the amount of security on site to protect the children and it was great. Living in a city was a different experience if you are not used to it which can be difficult at first but rewarding once you accept it.

I was surprised by how great and helpful the coordinator was in all situations. I really loved the sites we worked at because it was different. The boys and girls I was able to work with taught me things I may never be able to pay back. It was a completely humbling experience and I would not trade it for anything. The experience makes me want to help more and do more for not just this community but my community at home and other locations. Some days were difficult but this program is something I will never forget.

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